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For those new to my work, I worked primarily as a sculptor upon graduating from college in 1985. More recently, my journey as an artist has been on a transitory path, however, due primarily to health issues and physical challenges.  While needing to continue to create, and express myself by way of art, I found that I had to find something less labor intensive than carving and hand finishing wood, which was my past process for creating the primary structures of my sculptures.


Changing how I expressed myself was not easy for me to do.  I tried painting, working with pastels, doing collages, etc, but my three dimensional sensibilities were aching for a voice. Doing collages came closest to satisfying my needs, because they give me the experience of layering materials and “building” to create relief surfaces, but still I was working an a flat plane.

I had taken bookmaking courses over the years, and enjoyed the magical process of taking slips of paper and creating a book or journal for my own personal use.  As I added and layered upon the pages within these books (through collaging, drawing, and painting) the journals bulged and grew into forms of sculptures all on their own!  These books have opened me to rethink what a book is, as well as what a book can be.

I now work with the book form as an interactive sculpture.  I create one of a kind art books that are interesting to look at as forms standing on their own, but long to be experienced more fully, by opening and paging through each layer of the piece.  

For me, 

the book is the most powerful expressive art form I have worked in. It can share an intimate journey that allows for close interaction with the viewer and artist.  Each page has the potential to deliver another level of expression, on any imaginable topic, through images, words, and textures.

 Through these pages, I share a glimpse of my creations.

Journal page
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from June 25, 2008


Mixed Up Media
collage book, seen here partially open

This piece started out as a commentary on current politics, 
but became more about the negativity in media, and how prevalent 
the language of fear is used.

The book, as art, 
holds endless possibilities for expression -

personal, political, humorous or playful - may you be inspired 

to create one yourself!

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