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For the curious, here is what I would say about myself.

Me: A Biased View

     I greatly enjoy the process of creating, mainly with sewing, but lately with knitting too.  I usually draft up my own sewing patterns from my own design ideas, but I buy patterns sometimes too.  I tend to like older fashions, 40s - 70s, best and you can't find too much of that in the pattern books.
     My friend, Lindsley, taught me how to crochet one summer after college.  The following summer I taught myself how to knit, although it's taken me a long time to get the hang of it.  The book  Stich 'N Bitch really has helped inspire me to work at it more, and provided great tips that make a huge difference in my speed and comfort during knitting.
     I love to cook.  Mainly I enjoy experimenting with dishes from other parts of the world.  I've been quite Asian-centric the past few years.
     When it comes to books I usually end up reading a classic, an older sci-fi or fantasy, or a non-fiction history book.  Lately the non-fiction books have moslty been about Japanese history or culture.
     Other things I enjoy doing are watching old movies and listening to old time radio shows.  We have a shortwave radio and I go through phases of obesession with it.  I especially like listening to foreign language broadcasts.

About this blog

I've decided to start this to keep in touch with my friends that also love to create. (The main impetus, though, was so that I could join in on a Harry Potter knit-along!)  As we all head to different places in life, maybe our projects will be what help me stay in touch with everyone.  That is my goal for this site: to help me keep in touch with my creative and supportive network of women.  It's something I think every women needs.


I've been trying to get Bruce to learn how to use crayons lately.  He just wants to eat them.  I'll keep trying!  To see pictures of Bruce, my little boy, go to Bruce's Website.

"I've never been quarantined.  But the more I look around, the more I think it might not be a bad thing." -George Carlin

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