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If it's fiber I'll probably be sewing it, knitting it, crocheting it, cooking it, or reading it.  Those are my main outlets right now.  Who knows what else may pop up in time and become an obsession.

7 nov 05

Changing places
I've decided to try out Blogger and see how I like it.  Due to space restrictions I have had to start deleting some pictures here on my Earthlink site. The new address for this blog is now http://ifitsfiber.blogspot.com.  Please link over there and see what I am up to now!
7 nov 05 @ 4:05 pm est

1 nov 05

Almost finished!
Shawl without edging
I've done all but the lace edging for the shawl.  This picture makes it look so small, like a doily.  It really it bigger.  I'm wearing it on my shoulders right now.  So I'll knit up an edging, then block it and It will be complete!
1 nov 05 @ 6:45 am est

Final Monsterfest Report
Our Monsterfest came to an end last night.  There were many more movies I would have liked to have gotten into our viewing lineup, but there are only so many days of monster movie watching in a row that I even I can stand.
Here is what we have watched/listened to since my last post:
Dracula (1931 Bela Lugosi)
Frankenstein (1931 Boris Karloff)
Godzilla Versus Mothra (1964 - I love Mothra)
Bride of Frankenstein (1935 Boris Karloff)
House on Haunted Hill (1958 Vincent Price)
War of the Worlds (Orson Welles' original radio broadcast - fabulous!!!)
Night of the Living Dead (1968)
That was it.  While I did really enjoy, it I'm glad our Monsterfest is over.  We usually only watch tv on the weekends for a movie night.  Watching every night has made me remember why we don't watch tv very much.  I miss the radio shows.
But ... I am looking forward to next year's Monsterfest.  I already have quite a few lined up!
In the last post I think I left out a movie.  The second movie we watched was "The Giant Gila Monster". 
Until next year!
1 nov 05 @ 6:32 am est


I'll do my best to use this as a way to get some "me" time.  I'm hoping it will help me to see a project all the way through instead of fizzing out at the end.
Feel free to email me with comments or questions at arm_3 (at) earthlink . net, squishing it all together and replacing the (at) with @.

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