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If it's fiber I'll probably be sewing it, knitting it, crocheting it, cooking it, or reading it.  Those are my main outlets right now.  Who knows what else may pop up in time and become an obsession.

4 sep 05

Knitting and reading
Reading has been interrupting my knitting lately.  I'm over halfway through my shrug though.  I've tried reading while knitting which goes pretty well.  It's just hard to find a comfortable position when doing both.  Here's a picture of the shrug so far:
Shrug sleeve one and back
I read Camille by Alexandre Dumas fils last week.  I was really wanting to read The Count of Monte Cristo, but the library didn't have it.  I had seen the old silent movie of Camille with Rudolf Valentino a few years ago.  The book was pretty good.  Turner Classic Movies is showing Greta Garbo's version of it this Tuesday.  I hope to see it.
  I am now reading Learning to Bow by Bruce Feiler.  I'm enjoying it so far. 
I'm trying to figure out what I will knit when I've finished the shrug.  Maybe some socks for Steve. 
4 sep 05 @ 2:39 pm edt


I'll do my best to use this as a way to get some "me" time.  I'm hoping it will help me to see a project all the way through instead of fizzing out at the end.
Feel free to email me with comments or questions at arm_3 (at) earthlink . net, squishing it all together and replacing the (at) with @.

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