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If it's fiber I'll probably be sewing it, knitting it, crocheting it, cooking it, or reading it.  Those are my main outlets right now.  Who knows what else may pop up in time and become an obsession.

4 jul 05

No pictures, but progress!
I finished up the lace bookmark from Piecework.  It looks nice, but that was a lot of little stitching.  My eyes were hurting after working on it.  I hated the purling 2 together in the back of the loop with such small thread and needles.  That was hard.
I found another bookmark pattern that is really great.  The Book Thong.  I've already made one and love it.  It's easy.  The beads are fun.  It's fast.  It looks cool.  I'm going to make a few for those that will be meeting me for the new Harry Potter book release. 
I'm without camera right now, or I would share photos.
4 jul 05 @ 5:09 pm edt

1 jul 05

Baby Blanket #2 complete!
I finished the second baby blanket.  I'm really happy with how the pattern turned out.  I'm glad I adapted the stitch pattern to something I find more appealling.
Here is a shot taken at an angle so you can see the stitch pattern better:
Triangles at a slant
I've started making a lace bookmark.  It uses small crochet cotton thread.  I thought it might make a nice present for someone who shall remain nameless at this time.  I'm using size 00 needles.  I don't have any 0 sizes on hand.
It's interesting to see how all of these weird stitches make their patterns.
It's my first lace project!
Lace Bookmark
In between all of this I have made curtains for our bathroom window and curtains for a set of french doors in Steve's office.
I have curtains for the kitchen, and drapes for our bedroom, and Bruce's bedroom next on the priority list.  The fabric is already purchased for all of them.  It's just a matter of making the space and time for them.
1 jul 05 @ 3:56 pm edt


I'll do my best to use this as a way to get some "me" time.  I'm hoping it will help me to see a project all the way through instead of fizzing out at the end.
Feel free to email me with comments or questions at arm_3 (at) earthlink . net, squishing it all together and replacing the (at) with @.

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Hope your days are tangle-free!

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