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If it's fiber I'll probably be sewing it, knitting it, crocheting it, cooking it, or reading it.  Those are my main outlets right now.  Who knows what else may pop up in time and become an obsession.

28 apr 05

progress and seventies style
I was making a lot of progress on the sock, until I began trying it on and realized it was barely fitting me.  I think I will finish it, but am not sure if I will make a second one.  My older sister Julie is the only person with smaller feet than me that I know, and I don't know if she would wear these colors.  I've really enjoyed working on it.  I'm just taking a break until I figure it out.
argyle sock
I've already done all of the hard stuff on it - intarsia, heel flap, heel turn, gusset - so we'll see how long it takes me to decide what to do and finish it.
I've started working on a baby blanket that my hometown church will use to give to the new babies in the church.  I think I'd really rather it go to more needy families, but it's a step.  My aunt Nancy is heading up the small group of women in the church to make them.  I told her I'd try to get one completed before we move into our house.  It's going rather quickly.  I based the pattern on the "Big Bad Baby Blanket" pattern in the SnB book, but I've made a few changes.  I found a TLC yarn that is a cotton/acrylic blend.  I like it a lot.  It feels great. This picture shows half of what I have done so far. 
part of baby blanket
I few months ago I went to the Cumberland County Friends of the Library book sale.  They have some great things there.  I picked up a few needlework magazines from the late seventies.  Som eof the projects are truly tacky and laughable.  For example, these crocheted Christmas stockings in the shapes of legs with various shoes.
tacky stockings
They say that teens will love them.  I prefer the little apple and smiley mittens underneath them.
One of the magazines has some great sweater patterns in it.  I like this cover model's sweater best.
1979 brown jacket
I love the texture on it.  I may make this one at some point.
Here is another project that you shouldn't be surprised if you see it in my house one day.  Creweled Roman soldiers.  I'm so drawn to this one for some reason.
Crewel soldiers
This last picture is something I would never make, but I love the picture.  She looks so Great Gatsby-ish in the pink mohair. 
pink mohair
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11 apr 05

Long time, no house
I thought I would catch up on all I have knitted and not posted due to road trips to Graham to work on our house.  Riding 3 hours in a cars a few days a week really gives you time to knit.  I've gotten much better about knitting in the car and not feeling carsick.
First: Andes hat for Bruce that turned out too small.  It is too small because it won't stretch.  It won't stretch because I pulled the yarns too tight when I was switching between colors.  I based the pattern on one in the book Andean Folk Knitting: traditions and techniques from Peru and Bolivia by Cynthia Gravelle LeCount. This book is in my local library - how lucky!  I also used the designs that were charted in the book.  I love the hat.  I've learned a lesson.  It will just have to sit around and look pretty.
Andean Hat
Over Christmas I made the dog sweater in the SnB book for my brother-in-law's new dog, Selma.  Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture so just image a little part Jack Russell terrier in a rusty-orange sweater.  I also made Michael the Hothead hat in the SnB book in the same yarn so they could match when going out together. (Sorry, no picture of that one either!)
Next is my Harry Potter Prisonar of Azkaban scarf in the book colors of the Ravenclaw house.  I love this scarf.  It is amazingly warm.  I wish it was colder more often around here so I would have more chances to wear it.
Ravenclaw ScarfPardon the sideways shot.
Third is the Fuzzyfeet pattern from Knitty.  These are great!  I learned about knitting socks on big needles with quick and warm results.
Last is my current project, Classic Argyle Socks (pattern no. 7206) from Graphic Knitting Patterns.  I'm enjoying these, though the multiple colors and small gauge add a bit more time.
Sock cuff
My two full circle skirts have zippers in them and waistbands halfway on.  I've got to get to the ironing board to finish them up.
Maybe those will be finished before we move in.
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I'll do my best to use this as a way to get some "me" time.  I'm hoping it will help me to see a project all the way through instead of fizzing out at the end.
Feel free to email me with comments or questions at arm_3 (at) earthlink . net, squishing it all together and replacing the (at) with @.

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Hope your days are tangle-free!

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