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If it's fiber I'll probably be sewing it, knitting it, crocheting it, cooking it, or reading it.  Those are my main outlets right now.  Who knows what else may pop up in time and become an obsession.

7 nov 05

Changing places
I've decided to try out Blogger and see how I like it.  Due to space restrictions I have had to start deleting some pictures here on my Earthlink site. The new address for this blog is now http://ifitsfiber.blogspot.com.  Please link over there and see what I am up to now!
7 nov 05 @ 4:05 pm est

1 nov 05

Almost finished!
Shawl without edging
I've done all but the lace edging for the shawl.  This picture makes it look so small, like a doily.  It really it bigger.  I'm wearing it on my shoulders right now.  So I'll knit up an edging, then block it and It will be complete!
1 nov 05 @ 6:45 am est

Final Monsterfest Report
Our Monsterfest came to an end last night.  There were many more movies I would have liked to have gotten into our viewing lineup, but there are only so many days of monster movie watching in a row that I even I can stand.
Here is what we have watched/listened to since my last post:
Dracula (1931 Bela Lugosi)
Frankenstein (1931 Boris Karloff)
Godzilla Versus Mothra (1964 - I love Mothra)
Bride of Frankenstein (1935 Boris Karloff)
House on Haunted Hill (1958 Vincent Price)
War of the Worlds (Orson Welles' original radio broadcast - fabulous!!!)
Night of the Living Dead (1968)
That was it.  While I did really enjoy, it I'm glad our Monsterfest is over.  We usually only watch tv on the weekends for a movie night.  Watching every night has made me remember why we don't watch tv very much.  I miss the radio shows.
But ... I am looking forward to next year's Monsterfest.  I already have quite a few lined up!
In the last post I think I left out a movie.  The second movie we watched was "The Giant Gila Monster". 
Until next year!
1 nov 05 @ 6:32 am est

25 oct 05

Crocodile on the Sandbank
My friend, Stephanie, gave me a copy of Elizabeth Peter's book "Crocodile on the Sandbank" to read a few weeks ago.  I have finished it and really enjoyed the read.  I usually stick to classics, sci-fi/fantasy stuff, or nonfiction, but this book was right up my alley.  Victorian times, Egypt, archaeology, and a strong, intelligent female protagonist.  I didn't know this when I read it, but this is the first in a series of books concerning the adventures of Amelia Peabody.  I think these will become my fun reads to break up my usual fare. Like a roll of Smarties.  Luckily, Stephanie has many of the books, so I can continue to borrow from her!
25 oct 05 @ 9:20 pm edt

24 oct 05

Our Own Little Monsterfest
We don't watch TV much.  Not usually.  But for the second half of the month of October we have had to make some exceptions.  We have been having our own Monsterfest.  We watch old monster movies almost every night, and listen to a few Halloween-ish Old Time Radio Shows.  Since October 12th we have watched the following:
The Lodger (1926 Alfred Hitchcock silent)
The Atomic Brain (1964)
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - The Screaming Skull
The Abominable Dr. Phibes (I highly recommend this Vincent Price film)
Dementia 13 (Francis Ford Copolla's directorial debut - 1963)
Phantom from Space (1953 B-grade, gotta love it)
Scared to Death (Bela Lugosi)
Werewolf of London (1935 Henry Hull & Warner Oland - I love this one)
The Crawling Eye (One of our favorites)
The Last Man on Earth (Vincent Price - good idea, disappoointing ending)
The Mummy (1932 Boris Karloff)
We've also listened to "The Bed Sheet", and episode of "The Black Museum"
So we have eight days left and 5 movies, 2 TV shows, and at least 2 radio shows to go.
Some of these we've seen before, others are new to us.  I'll report on more as Halloween draws closer!
24 oct 05 @ 3:23 pm edt

Shawl & Vest
Here's a picture of the circular shawl.  Please note that I have knitted much more than you see in the picture,  It's just tucked under on the circular needle.  I only have 20-some rows to go and then I've got to figure out how I will end it.
Circular Shawl so far
While waiting for the 40" circular needle I need for hubby's socks, I've also begun knitting this 1962 Weskit.  I found the yarn for this many months back when Patternworks was having a sale.  The color is "Deep Pine"  It's exactly how I pictured the vest in the picture looking.  I'm just a few inches along on the back.  The rest of the yarn for my shawl came in today, though, so I'll be putting it to the side for later.
Weskit Beginnings
24 oct 05 @ 3:08 pm edt

20 oct 05

Completed Shrug
Shrug BackI love the way this ended up looking from the back.  The lace inset makes great horizontal stripes that become vertical on the sleeves.  Here's a view of the front:
Shrug frontI also like the way the collar goes around my neck.  Overall I'm pretty happy with it.  This was my first project that I designed.  There was a lot of ripping until I found that lace pattern I liked, but I am glad I found this one.  The alpaca feels so soft.  It's great to wear with the strappy tops.
I've fianlly decided that I am ready to begin again on a pair of socks for Steve.  I went to my lys to get some needles for them and they told me about "The Magic Loop" technique (booklet published by Fiber Trends).  I took a 40" circ. needle home and tried it out. WOW.  I thought that using two circulars was easy.  This is easier.  I knit up a test swatch (knit in the round) using 20 stitches on size 2 needles in no time.  I wish I had known about this long before now.  I don't think I will ever purchase any more dpns.
So as soon as I finish the circular shawl - only 20+ rows to go - I will begin on Steve's socks.  I've done most of the prep work.  Maybe I can have them done by Thanksgiving.
20 oct 05 @ 2:36 pm edt

4 sep 05

Knitting and reading
Reading has been interrupting my knitting lately.  I'm over halfway through my shrug though.  I've tried reading while knitting which goes pretty well.  It's just hard to find a comfortable position when doing both.  Here's a picture of the shrug so far:
Shrug sleeve one and back
I read Camille by Alexandre Dumas fils last week.  I was really wanting to read The Count of Monte Cristo, but the library didn't have it.  I had seen the old silent movie of Camille with Rudolf Valentino a few years ago.  The book was pretty good.  Turner Classic Movies is showing Greta Garbo's version of it this Tuesday.  I hope to see it.
  I am now reading Learning to Bow by Bruce Feiler.  I'm enjoying it so far. 
I'm trying to figure out what I will knit when I've finished the shrug.  Maybe some socks for Steve. 
4 sep 05 @ 2:39 pm edt

21 aug 05

Settling in, knitting away
We're getting more settled into our house now.  I've been knitting at night while Steve and I listen to old time radio shows before we go to bed.  I've finished the Chevron Tank, and have been figuring out how I want my shrug to be designed.  I've had it 1/4 of the way made many times before ripping it out.  I've been having a hard time deciding on a stitch pattern.  I've also been working on the circular shawl from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitter's Almanac.  That's been fun.  I've turned to that when my shrug designing has befuddled me.
Here's the tank:
Chevron Tank
The circular shawl is on the left and the shrug is on the right.  Both are works in progress.  The yarn is alpaca.  It is so soft. I look forward to finishing either of these before it gets too cool.
Shawl and Shrug WIPs
Last for today, I found the very first knitting project that I tackled 7 years ago.  It was packed away and I discovered during this move.  I used Red Heart acrylic yarn.  It feels horrible.  Especially after working with the alpaca.  I can't decide whether to save it just because it was my first finished knitted project, or give it away because I KNOW I will never wear it.
First Shawl
It's just a big ol' seed stitch triangle. Nothing fancy, just a lot of stitches to practice my knitting.
Maybe I'll keep it for a costume box.
21 aug 05 @ 3:47 pm edt

4 jul 05

No pictures, but progress!
I finished up the lace bookmark from Piecework.  It looks nice, but that was a lot of little stitching.  My eyes were hurting after working on it.  I hated the purling 2 together in the back of the loop with such small thread and needles.  That was hard.
I found another bookmark pattern that is really great.  The Book Thong.  I've already made one and love it.  It's easy.  The beads are fun.  It's fast.  It looks cool.  I'm going to make a few for those that will be meeting me for the new Harry Potter book release. 
I'm without camera right now, or I would share photos.
4 jul 05 @ 5:09 pm edt


I'll do my best to use this as a way to get some "me" time.  I'm hoping it will help me to see a project all the way through instead of fizzing out at the end.
Feel free to email me with comments or questions at arm_3 (at) earthlink . net, squishing it all together and replacing the (at) with @.

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