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Knitting Font Version 2.00/1.04

New in version 2.00:

  • For Mac users, font should now work on both Windows and Macinstosh systems.
  • Added left and right leaning slash style symbols for ssk and k2tog on the backslash and shift-backslash keys respectively.
  • NOTE: Version 2.00 is not reliably compatible with earlier versions of the font! While Excel files created with the old font version seem to load fine, Word documents may need to have the symbols re-entered.
  • New users, Macintosh owners and those wishing to upgrade should download this version.
  • This version is no longer a symbol font, it is a unicode font.

New in version 1.04:

  • Added left and right leaning slash style symbols for ssk and k2tog on the backslash and shift-backslash keys.
  • This will be the last release of the font in the old, non-Mac compatible format. It is made available as a courtesy to users who have many old Word documents they do not wish to convert.
  • This version (and documents created with it) is NOT Mac compatible.

This True Type font contains a selection of knitting symbols.  Individuals and self-publishers are free to use this font to develop knitting stitch diagrams for personal or professional use without royalty payments to the font designer.  Commercial publishers and software publishers, please contact Aire River Design at ardesign@earthlink.net and be sure to include "Knitting Font" in your subject line.

Read the following information and, if you agree and accept the terms, click the "I accept" button to go to the download page.

By downloading this font and the associated materials you specifically agree:

  • The font designer is not liable for any damages you may incur by downloading, installing and/or using this font or any files associated with it.
  • This font is copyrighted by the designer.  You may not change or edit it for redistribution.
  • You agree not to distribute it to anyone else unless you provide them with the entire zip archive, as you received it from this site.
  • If you find this font useful and would like to make a contribution to defray the cost of development, you will follow the instructions in the file License.doc
  • If you want to include this font as part of any commercial software, shareware or freeware you develop for anything other than your personal use, or if you are a commercial publisher, you will contact Aire River Design at ardesign@earthlink.net to negotiate terms of use.
  • You will not provide my email address to spammers.
  • When you click the "I accept" button, you agree to and accept these terms and conditions.

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