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My knitting "history"

I learned to knit from my mother while in grade school. I knit happily through high school but lost interest while I was in college. After a few non-knitting years I stumbled on a nearby fiber arts shop (alas, no longer with us) that encouraged a design-it-yourself approach to knitting. I bought some yarn, Jackie Fee's book "The Sweater Workshop" and never looked back.

After designing for myself for years, I have decided to try to write up some of my patterns. Even with a technical writing background, writing up a knitting pattern is quite a challenge. My technical and typography background allowed me to create a knitting font for use in my patterns which is now available through this site.

Knitting Sampler

Click on any link below to see a slideshow of projects, including projects I designed myself, patterns written by others with some modifications and a few where I actually "followed the recipe."

Shawls and Scarves

Sweaters and Vests


Favorite Knitting Links

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