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Because Aprilsound products are completely custom designed and built from scratch, there is no catalog that can accurately describe all of the options available to you when you want to create your personal home audio system. To give you an idea of what is possible, here are a few Aprilsound products that have found their way into the homes of some very happy listeners.

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Aprilsound Bronze 50 Mono-block Amplifiers

This single-ended, interstage transformer coupled, monoblock amplifier uses the legendary "50" directly heated output tube, as well as the finest Tango and Nature Sound iron. This beauty was prominently featured in a Sound Practices magazine cover article. The amp's circuitry is housed in a visually stunning (and massive!) solid bronze chassis. The power supply uses a GZ-37 rectifier tube, while the driver is a 7119 high transconductance dual triode, with the first stage DC coupled to the second stage, which is then coupled to the 50 using a Tango NC-20 interstage transformer. All power supply capacitors employed in the amp are ELNA Cerafine or Nichicon Black Gate, while there are absolutely no capacitors in the audio signal path. The output transformer is the Tango NY-15-3.5 with nickel permalloy core. This amplifier is capable of reproducing an astonishingly high level of the subtle inner details present in music, with a power output of 8 watts in class A2. It is an absolute joy to listen to, and a real eye-popper too!

Note: This amp can be converted to use the Western Electric, Sovtek or Vaic 300B tubes with only a minor modification. Contact Aprilsound for details.

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Aprilsound Bronze Stereo Preamplifier

This beautiful, custom-designed product was made in cooperation with a professional sculptor. The three-chassis design allows for super-quiet operation while providing a convenient to use volume control at the listening position. The volume control itself is a custom-wound autoformer on a nickel core, providing the utmost in ultra-wide bandwidth and clean transient response. The power supply uses a GZ37 rectifier tube for slow warm-up of the B+, maximizing tube life. The audio circuit is super-simple—each triode section of a 5687 medium-mu, high-transconductance triode is run deep in Class A operation and without negative feedback, and is coupled to the outside world using a Tango audio transformer. The combination of rich, transparent sonics and gallery-ready good looks creates an unequalled aesthetic and musical statement.

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Aprilsound MultiValve 45 Stereo Amplifier

Here's how to make your old Conrad-Johnson MV-45 sound like you always wanted it to sound... rip out its guts and convert it to 45's! This complete re-design uses a 5687 dual triode driving a pair of 45's in a parallel single-ended configuration, into Tango's "budget" SE transformer, the U-808. The result is a truly exquisite sounding 3.5 watts per channel, pure Class A amplifier at a very reasonable price. Discover why some folks swear there is no better sounding output tube than the venerable 45. You can also use this amp with a single 2A3 as the output tube, with no other modifications; hence the name "Multi-Valve".

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Aprilsound SE 2A3 Stereo Amplifier with Input/Volume Control Module

This is a classic 2A3 single-ended amplifier with an external input switching and volume control module, all housed in beautiful handmade, polished cabinets of curly maple and gleaming chrome. A real class act! The amplifier circuit uses a three-stage topology, employing selected 5687 twin triodes to drive the 2A3 output tubes. Only the highest quality parts are used, including a mil-spec power transformer and Tango output transformers. Rectification is accomplished using the latest soft-switching HEXFRED rectifiers, providing a sound simliar to that of a tube rectifier, but without the extra heat and inefficiency. Coupled with a speaker of sufficiently high resolution and efficiency, this stereo system will play your music with the real, live, palpable presence that can only come from directly heated triodes.

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