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Custom-made, high current, pure Class A, zero negative feedback amplifiers and preamplifiers built to order

Phono Supplies

Berger–Morrison phono preamp

Denon DL-103 moving coil phono cartridge
The most popular MC cartridge in Japan, the Denon DL-103 is one of the great bargains in hi-fi! Super-smooth and extremely detailed with excellent tracking. You'll hear top-notch reproduction of your LPs - especially when coupled with one of our high performance phono preamps like the Berger-Morrison preamp described above. Or choose the classic Loesch preamp, or a completely custom design using the new Russian "super tubes" like the 6C45-Pi or 6N30-Pi...

The Nature Sound line of audio transformers from Japan

Nature Sound transformers are made with Permalloy cores, described here in the words of Herbert Reichert:

"Permalloy is an alloy of nickel (40% to 80%) and iron that has an exceptionally high magnetic permeability (B/H). High permeability transformer cores are more sensitive and responsive to low-level audio signals. Permalloy is more expensive than more commonly used materials, but must be used if the highest quality output transformer is required. Permalloy output transformers typically have better transient response, greater information retrieval and are generally more vivid in their presentation of music."


Model Watts Pri. Imp. (Ohms)  Sec. Imp. (Ohms) Freq Response Applications Price/Each 
(47% Permalloy)
8 3k 4, 6, 8, 16 20Hz - 70kHz 300B, 2A3 $430.00 
(47% Permalloy)
8 2.5k, 3.5k, 5k, 7k 4, 8, 16 20Hz - 50kHz 300B, 50, 45, 2A3, PX-4, PX-25, etc. $430.00 
Model Inductance Current Rating DC Resistance Insulation Price/Each
CH – 1020 10 Henries 200mA 135W DC 1KV $240.00
CH – 1515 15 Henries 150mA 170W DC 1KV $230.00
Model Watts Pri. Imp. (Ohms)  Price
Nature Sound  NS-70SE 8 2.5k, 3.5k, 5k, 7k $430.00


Tango audio transformers from Japan

We regret that Tango went out of business in August of 2000. Aprilsound has a very few Tango items remaining in stock, but the complete line is no longer available. Please email or call for availability and pricing.

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