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Psalms Articles

Genevan Psalter background and other Psalms topics are included in this searchable website from Spindleworks.

How Long, O Lord, will we Forget? by David Lee in Durham, United Kingdom, emphasizes the need to return to scripture's own songbook, the Psalms, in worship.

How the Psalms Made Folk Music by Nick Rynerson examines how American folk music can be reproduced authentically through Psalms music. Includes five YouTube clips. Permission given by the "Christ and Pop Culture" section of the website

On Singing Psalms by Richard Leach tells the story of the Psalms from Old Testament times through the present, with many helpful tips for singing the Psalms to worship God today.

Our Daily Psalms by Joel Belz centers on the Puritans and their Bay Psalm Book, the very first book published and printed in New England. This article is from the May 8, 1999 issue of "WORLD" magazine.

Psalm history, Psalm settings (print and audio), and more! Worship Map Resources has an excellent page linking to articles on Psalms music. Worship leaders will find other sections of the website useful with practical worship resources and tips.

Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs: A Paradigm for the Church of the Future by Gerrit Gustafson appeared in the September-October 1996 issue of the magazine "Worship Leader."

Psalmody in Contemporary Worship Resources by Elizabeth Liebert of the San Francisco Theological Seminary introduces Anglican, Roman Catholic and African American hymnody.

Psalms Unite the Calvin Community describes an October 2005 weekend at Calvin College. "The older people didn't grumble when they heard the Psalms presented in a contemporary style, and the young people didn't grumble when they heard the Genevan Psalm singers. We really modeled something healthy for the church."

St. Augustine of Hippo: Expositions on the Psalms is an ancient but interesting set of articles. This website has links to 150 different treatises, one for each Psalm.

Singing Psalms in the New Millennium by Lourdes Montgomery, music director at Mother of Christ Catholic Church in Miami, focuses on the Psalms in liturgy. This article was a handout for a June 2000 convention of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians.

Singing the Blues in Church by Hughes Oliphant Old describes how the Psalms can be sung as worship that includes lament, confession, and supplication. This article appears courtesy of Worship Leader magazine. For more information, please go to and

Singing the Psalms: A Brief History of Psalmody by R.C. Leonard of Laudemont Ministries is a good summary of Psalm history. A second article, "Praying the Psalms of Imprecation," is also included in the articles and studies area.

Sunday School lessons on the Psalms. Written by Josh Hunt.

Psalms Sermons

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship has a list of links to sermons on the Psalms. Some are text only; some are audio, video, or powerpoint. In the search box type Psalms sermons.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon was perhaps the greatest preacher in the second half of the 19th century. Here are his sermons on all 150 Psalms.

"A Faith That Sings" is an Easter sermon by Rev. Dr. Fred R. Anderson at The Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City. It is filled with references to various Psalms and music.

"Psalms and the Christian" is one section of Mark A. Copeland's series, Executable Outlines. These are outlines on various books of the Bible that can be expanded into sermons.

Ray Stedman's 23 sermons on various Psalms are clickable for reading.

Sermon Central has over 60,000 free sermons, searchable by category, scripture, key word, or topic. Sermons from the Psalms covered over 130 pages!

The Story Behind the Psalms by Dr. Jack Hyles, pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, from 1959 until his death in 2001. A series of Bible studies from all of the Psalms.

Psalms Music

All Psalms Christian Music features the Psalms set to original contemporary music, including lyrics, sheet music, guitar chords, mp3 and midi download files for all 150 Psalms.

Ashreynu! Jewish Chants for Meditation and Prayer has vocals by Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, Lisa Antosofsky, and Sheldon Sands. This CD includes eight different Psalms in gentle, worshipful chants. Some of the music is traditional Jewish liturgy. Flute, guitar, and keyboard accompaniment.

Bible in Song includes free music downloads from a new CD, Sing Psalms unto Him. Released in March 2004, this 49 minute album features 8 popular Psalms from the King James Bible uniquely composed to music. The website also includes song lyrics, commentary and history of the Psalms, Bible games, and Bible promises.

Crown & Covenant Publications has a comprehensive collection of Psalm singing materials, including psalters, Psalm singing instruction, and Psalms for listening.

Cyber Hymnal features thousands of Christian hymns and Gospel songs from many denominations, lyrics, MIDI files, scores, pictures, history and more. For Psalms music by individual verses from each Psalm, choose "scripture allusions." For Psalms music lyrics in foreign languages, choose "other languages." There is a wealth of information here!

FolkPsalms, the Psalms as prayers of the people offered with folk music by Charles Pettee & FolkPsalm at this address:

Genevan Psalms in 150 midi files, composed by Louis Bourgeois. You can find them on the melody page of this site from the Netherlands.

Happy Are They: Psalms to Sing and Sway By with Steve Eulberg and Owl Mountain Music. The CD has 37 tracks of musical and rhythmical Psalm settings, including 16 rap settings, two barbershop quartet settings, and two songs in Spanish. With guitar, hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, vocal, percussion, piano and didgeridoo accompaniment.

Intoxicated On Life has a list titled "Ultimate list of Bible memory songs." The list includes over 1400 songs. A large group of these songs are from individual Psalms and will help children learn the Bible verses. In the search box type "Psalms music" to reach this page.

Judy Rogers uses the Psalms in her beautiful guitar music, especially the CD, "Never Be Shaken."

Music of the Bible Revealed incorporates Suzanne Haik-Vantoura's work deciphering the original meaning of the musical notation in the Hebrew Masoretic Text. This includes melody-only scores of all the Psalms in MIDI format. Click on the word "Shalom" to access the complete index.

prayerbookproject is a blog by Brian Moss, who has begun writing a song for each of the Psalms. His first CD, "prayerbook, no.1: new songs inspired by the psalms," may be purchased on this website. Each of the first 15 Psalms are available for free download.

Psalm Hymn Index is an excellent chart, downloadable with Adobe Acrobat Reader. In order to facilitate psalm-singing, an extensive list of psalms and psalm-based hymns in several readily available hymnals appears in An Index of Psalm Hymns on this website.

Responsorial psalms and canticles for church worship. Written by David Lee, musician in Durham, United Kingdom. Includes MIDI and Adobe Acrobat formats for listening to the Psalm settings and printing out sheet music.

Rahel Music includes music programs for babies and young children, therapeutic music, and a 2004 CD, "Tikkun." TIKKUN (pronounced "tee-koon") is verses from the "Tikkun HaKlali," the ten healing psalms revealed by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov z"l put to music and sung in Hebrew to beautiful original melodies by singer-songwriter, Rahel.

Searchable Psalms music from GIA Publications. Excellent site for finding the right song or arrangement. Choose "sacred music" or "music education" when entering the site.

Sing the Scripture uses exact words from the Bible (KJV) as lyrics. Psalms verses are included. Memorization aid.

Music Associations

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship for the study and renewal of worship. See Psalm resources under "Resources" including publications (featuring a new book, "Voicing God's Psalms"), liturgical arts, and worshipping communities.

Choristers Guild is an ecumenical organization for directors of children's and youth choirs and a publisher of music and resource materials.

Children's Ministry Resources

Bible Kids' Fun Zone is a storehouse of crafts, devotions, coloring pages, and activities for young children.

Children's Bible Lessons presents Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments. Free printable study sheets and tests. has been serving the Children's Ministry community since 1998. They specialize in networking children's ministry leaders with resources, conferences and other leaders.

ChristianCrafters.Com and the Sunday School Teacher's Network provides crafts, games, skits and object lessons. Many of the ideas within the site have been contributed by Christian educators and parents from around the world.

Fishers of Kids offers free curriculum ideas for Sunday School, children's church, etc. Includes puppets, skits, games, and music.

Kids4Truth is directed to children ages 7 to 13 and their parents, teachers, and leaders. It points to answers to questions about God, done in creative, multimedia format.

The Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM) is a consortium effort to provide educators with quick and easy access to the substantial, but uncataloged, collections of educational materials found on various federal, state, university, non-profit, and commercial internet sites. is a kids ministry website providing 100% free kids ministry lessons and articles. Just click on the preschool link at the top of the page or use their search box and type in what you're looking for, such as "Psalms music" or "memorize Bible," etc. A wealth of information here! features a tab specifically for children's choir. This section includes a list of graded pieces for children's choir, techniques for playing the piano by ear, and practice rehearsal tips.

Psalms Art

The Museum of Psalms This video features the only museum of its kind, the Museum of Psalms, which is located near Jerusalem's Old City and was founded in 1995. It features a collection of King David's 150 Psalms rendered pictorially by artist Moshe Tzvi Berger. Admission is free.

Psalms Books

A Case for the Psalms: Why They Are Essential by N.T. Wright. ISBN 978-0062230508. HarperOne, September 3, 2013. An Excerpt: "All of us need to find ways of allowing the hymnbook God has given us to be the means of personal and communal transformation, renewal, and growth. God is renewing his creation and his people. The way he is doing this is by turning all his creative energy into a human being, the man we know as Jesus. The Psalms, which Jesus himself sang and within which he was formed in his vocation, not only describe this transformation but are part of the God-given means of bringing it about. The great surge of God-given song is moving forward, and the best thing we can do is join in."

Liturgy of the Hours website sponsored by Universalis Publishing Ltd. includes Psalms readings and prayers for different times of the day according to time zone.

Psalms Websites

Metrical Psalms focuses on contemporary metrical settings of the Psalms which can be set to familiar hymn tunes and used in worship services.

The Psalms Place includes excellent commentary by Charles Spurgeon and Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown. It also includes links to Isaac Watts and the Psalms, music, and other archival material.

Psalms in the Bible

Last, and most important, two searchable Bible text websites:

Bible Gateway search tool in 10 languages

Blue Letter Bible Database of Bible texts, including Hebrew and Greek. Includes cross references, commentaries, concordances, and maps. New musical feature: Over 2,700 Hymns now available, indexed to the appropriate Bible verses. Look for the notes and staff button next to over 1,400 verses in the Bible.

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