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How I Praise You! 150 Little Psalms in Song

Author: Donna Moss
Arrangers: Nancy Aasland & Donna Moss
Publisher: Apex Publishing Services, Pub. Date: November 29, 1998
Price: $7.00; Music/Juvenile/Religion
ISBN: 9780966380927
Binding: RepKover Otabind (lay-flat softcover)
Format: Acid-free paper, 240 pages, indexes

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Apex Publishing Services
30 Folkner Trail
Apex, NC 27523-7317 USA
email: apex_ps@earthlink.net
ph: 919-363-0007

What exactly is this book?

This is a musical resource for camp directors, teachers of ages 3 to 12, homeschooling parents, youth leaders, choir directors, children's small group leaders, piano and guitar teachers, and any parent, child, or grandparent who loves to sing and play! Adults and children can praise God together and memorize verses as familiar tunes and Biblical text are interwoven.

In addition, it has 29 uses, 150 songs (one for each Psalm), 42 line drawings, 18 fillers, 1,368 guitar chords, 8 Bible versions, 145 piano arrangements, 150 tempo notations, and more--all carefully arranged and indexed (types of songs index plus a subject index)! To download a PDF song example from the book, click here.

Tell me more about the author/arrangers of the book...

Donna Moss has taught ages three to twelve in the public schools, youth groups, and in Sunday School. She has a master's degree in library science and has been a school librarian and piano teacher, besides publishing music in "Jack and Jill" magazine. Donna most recently worked as reference librarian at a public library in Durham, North Carolina. In her free time she swims, hikes with her husband, and dreams about Mount Rainier.

Co-arranger Nancy Aasland has a music degree as well as thirty years of teaching/playing experience in vocal and instrumental music, including handbells. Nancy leads a handbell choir, enjoys playing piano, and bikes the North Carolina backroads with her husband.

What are people saying about this book?

"What a neat idea! With 150 little psalms in song, it is an excellent source of new songs to praise the Lord using God's Word. Throughout my years of homeschooling my children and teaching music, I have been amazed at how quickly a child can learn material when you put it to music and sing it aloud. This book is a creative way for a person of any age to learn Biblical principles in an easy and fun way."

-homeschooling mom & piano teacher

"The 29 ways to use the book will be very helpful to the busy teacher who desires to incorporate more scripture and thus content into his or her teaching. I'm excited to give it to my teachers (and grandkids)!"

-Sunday School superintendent

"We try to teach our youth to more than just read the words of God, but to make them come from their hearts, to meditate on them, and let their souls cry them to God. Whether your church is traditional or contemporary, this book will be a useful tool for creative and meaningful worship."

-youth pastor
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