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Apex Publishing Services introduces a new music book for children, How I Praise You! 150 Little Psalms in Song. This songbook has otabinding to lie flat on music stands. There are 150 songs, one from each Psalm. There are teaching tips and links to Psalms-related articles, sermons, websites, books, and music.

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Praises. All the Bible verse lyrics of the 150 songs are printed here.

Songs. Types of songs used in the music book. New! This page directs you to one of the songs to use free of charge.

Apex Publishing Services introduces the book, How I Praise You! 150 Little Psalms in Song. This section includes the introduction to the book, a facts sheet, and 29 ways to use the book. Also included is a news release dealing with music, education, and memory.

Links. This is the heart of this website. Here are links to other websites that focus on Psalms.

Mailing and ordering. This page has instructions on how to order the Psalms songbook.

Subjects index. Look here for themes from the Psalms. If you are teaching a concept (example: anger) or need a Psalm song about a particular word (example: horses), this section will help.

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Donna Moss has taught ages three to twelve in the public schools, youth groups, and in Sunday School. She has been a school librarian and piano teacher, besides publishing music in "Jack and Jill" magazine. Donna most recently worked as reference librarian at a public library in Durham, North Carolina.

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