Rocket Conceptual Design Studies



CD004_013 - A flyback booster design study

CD005_003 - A VTVL booster design study

Quarter Pounder - A 1/4 pound to LEO design study

QP_SYS_001 - A different approach to the 1/4 pound to LEO design study (this one is currently being implemented but these preliminary results are made available for discussion).



These reports are attempts to explore different aspects of rocket designs which are suitable for low-cost access to space by amateurs. These designs focus on less than 10 pounds to Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

Since I have little money to develop rockets, and I want to learn about them as much as I can, I engage in design studies to focus on and development my skills in various aspects of rocket design. There are likely mistakes in these reports but I think there is value in putting down ones thoughts in a complete and coherent fashion so that one can learn from ones mistakes.

 Hopefully these designs will be entertaining, educational and interesting to you. I welcome any comments or corrections. I'm willing to make any of the design details available on request if someone wants to try to refute aspects of these designs. I will publish corrections when identified.


Ed LeBouthillier