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Despite my best efforts, sometimes TackyWorld games sneak out the door with a bug or two. If you ever discover one of these nasty critters, please e-mail me so I can fix it.

Listed below are any and all patches I have ever released for any of the currently supported TackyWorld games.

These patches are compressed with WinRar. If you don't have that utility, click HERE to get it

Patches For
The Armageddon Eclair

Useless Trivia: Laura Ingalls carried her books to school tied with a belt.

Upgrade to Version 2.1
(63 Kilobytes)

This small patch fixes a rarely occurring bug that could create a "walking dead" event in part 1 of The Armageddon Eclair. (FYI, a "walking dead" is when the game can no longer be won but game play continues anyway.) This bug was later fixed in version 2.1 of the game so this patch is only for people who downloaded The Armageddon Eclair prior to May 7, 2005. If you're not sure just what version of the game you have, it is listed under the comment tag of the "EclairComplete" RAR file and also in the game directory when you unpack it.

NOTE: Applying this patch to version 2.1 or higher will not affect the game as later versions ship with the bug already squashed.


Useless Trivia:The Rolling Stones Once Released An Album With A Real Zipper Fly On The Front.

Arcade Timer Patch
(150 Kilobytes)

This small patch extends the timer for a key arcade sequence in part two of The Armageddon Eclair. This makes the game easier for those players who don't like (or aren't terribly good at) action puzzles. It has been tested with versions 1.0 through 2.1.1 and works fine on all of them.

NOTE: This patch should not interfere with any saved games.


Patches For
The Forever Friday

Useless Trivia: The First Computer Game I Ever Made Was A Driving Game For The C-64.

Hidden Content / Adult Mode Patch
(10 Kilobytes)

This small patch unlocks hidden adult content in part two of The Forever Friday. However, it is not the sort of adult content you really want anything to do with, trust me. Life for an adult is boring and tedious and this patch gives you the "adult" experience that other games claiming to be "adult" never show you. Real adults with bills to pay and retirements to worry about know what I'm talking about and they play games to get away from being an adult. For everyone else, click here for all the details.

NOTE: The Forever Friday is still in development but you can go ahead and download the patch now. Just save this for later and when the game does come out, you can use this patch to act all grown up and suck the fun right out of it!

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Of course there are patches for my games. Pobody's Nerfect.


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