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Feel free to visit any of these great websites. Iím not partnered with any of them and I donít receive a dime if you click any of the links below. Some of them you may have already heard of, others are  just cool sites that might get overlooked in the increasingly crowded world wide web.


Adventure Game Studio
Chris Jonesí amazing swapware game creation utility. Updated often, vigorously supported and featuring a robust support forum. Many of the Barn Runner games were made with this great program.

Game Maker
Mark Overmarsí equally amazing game creation utility. In addition to Adventure Game Studio, this engine is also being used to create some of my games. Itís not swapware, but it is powerful and versatile enough to justify the small price tag.



RAR Labs
All the TackyWorld games are distributed compressed with this powerful archive tool and you'll need it to unpack and play our games.

Video Game Music Archive
Where old console game .midis go to be forever enshrined.

Just Adventure Games
Reviews of all the classic and not so classic games of yesterday. Take a trip back to the days when games required quick thinking and not a quick trigger finger to complete.

Home of the Underdogs
Packed to the rafters with all the games that made classic adventure gaming so great Ė And itís all FREE! Download some of the greatest games ever published but PLEASE DONATE TO THE CAUSE! All that bandwidth ainít free. Besides, they have the coolest mascot ever and you know you need to buy a tee shirt with that kind of cool printed on the front!

*NEW*Abandonia Reloaded
Reviews of some of the best freeware games available on the net. They gave some of the Barn Runner games great reviews, so you know they have good taste!




Grumpy Gamer
Ron Gilbert's (he of Monkey Island and other classic LucasArts Gaming fame) editorial / rant website. One of the greats of adventure gaming plus he has a fascinating article in the archives about  just how much work and money goes into producing old school adventure games. Well worth the time of any game maker in the making.

A nostalgic peek into the early days of the internet. For anyone who visited a bulletin board system back in the days when BBSs were the only thing you COULD visit, this is the place for you. Just browsing this site makes me remember when War Games was the most cutting edge hacker coolness I had ever seen. I should have linked this site from the very beginning as it is very much in tune with the "retro-ness" TWI is all about.

The Watley Review
A great humor site with a distinct feel. How would the world at the turn of the last century report on the news of the world of today? Go there and find out -- and send them an electro-mail while you're at it. Not updated as often as I would like, but funny, unique and even more retro than TWI is!


No website would be complete with the venerable "links" page.


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