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Barn Runner 5: The Forever Friday


Adult Mode Patch
(10 Kilobytes)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has proven that hype generates sales and TackyWorld needs that kind of media exposure! In order to make the upcoming Barn Runner: The Forever Friday rife with the sort of controversy that will guarantee higher downloads, TWI is pre-releasing this patch. Just slap this baby in your Forever Part 2 directory and you can unlock the adult content hidden in the game! But don't say we didn't warn you!

This patch will unlock adult content hidden in part two of The Forever Friday but DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT because nobody wants you to see adult content! Especially the sort of content this patch unlocks. Be warned, if you install this patch, you'll be exposed to all those terrible adult things your parents are trying to shield you from! Feel like being late for work because you were stuck in traffic for half an hour? Well, most games never show that sort of thing but with this patch, you'll experience it! Can you even begin to comprehend how utterly boring it is to spend your day off doing your taxes and desperately trying to find one more deduction to lessen your payment to those blood suckers in the IRS? Well, if you download this patch, you'll know that horror! Want to spend a day in traffic court fighting a bogus ticket? Now you can! Think you may have fallen arches? Then spend the day in the doctor's office waiting to find out! And let's hope the co-pay doesn't require you to clean out your meager checking account!

There's more to being an adult than no-stings-attached sex, kids. And this patch will unlock the entire, boring adult experience! For the love of God, DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS PATCH! It might give you an ulcer... or even male pattern baldness!

The "Read Me" file is here, if you need specifics.


Download in RAR Format
(10 Kilobytes)

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(This patch is compressed with WinRar. If you don't have that utility, click HERE to get it.)

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