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I donít get a lot of questions but these are the few I have received and a couple of others that I thought you might like to know.

General Questions
     What's the deal with the name TackyWorld?
     Why Barn Runner?
     How did you make these games?
     I downloaded the game but I can't open the file!

Game Related
     When is the next game coming out?
     Is Evansville a real place?
     Did I just find an easter egg?
     How old is Prick supposed to be?

     I'm stuck. How do I get past this puzzle?
     Why are Prick's shirts so ugly?
     That robot seems familiar...
     Isn't that the song from Chrono Trigger?
     What happened to Cyclone Alley?
     Where is She's So Fine, My AutoDyne?
     What happened to the Field Guide?
     What is the a backstory for Barn Runner?
     Are any of the games still available on Compact Disc?

Site Related
     How often is this site updated?
     Are you just a giant geek?
     Why don't you have a forum?
     Why don't you have a guestbook?

     Why is this site so outdated looking?
     Who hosts your files?



General Questions

Whatís the deal with the name TackyWorld?
My friend Scott Smith created the name and an early version of the logo for a proposed clothing store that would only sell ugly, ugly leisure suits, Hawaiian shirts and the like. I like to think that he was joking.

Why Barn Runner?
Because we loved Blade Runner and we needed an idea for an amateur film way back in 1994. After combining that short film with the plots of several of our other movies, I felt that it was a world suited for an adventure game.

How did you make these games?
Most  were made using Chris Jonesí amazing Adventure Game Studio. The other installments use Mark Overmarsí Game Maker.

I downloaded the game but I can't open the file!
All TackyWorld games are compiled with
WinRar and you'll need that program to "unzip" them before you can play. Before you ask why don't we just use WinZip instead, it's because WinRar packs big game files into a much smaller package that WinZip does and that makes it faster to download and a lot easier on the ol' bandwidth!


Game Related

When is the next game coming out?
The Cop Who Copped A Feel should hit the web in Summer 2007 or thereabouts. However, given the long development cycle of the next game in the series, The Forever Friday, that game may not be out for a while.


What's the deal with Evansville? Is it a real place or is it made up like the Simpson's Springfield?
Arcology 19 (Evansville) is actually based on a real place in Indiana. As for the inevitable question of why I chose Evansville, the thinking is that all the major cities were destroyed in the Big Oops and so the only pockets of civilization left to mankind were the smaller communities. So while San Diego wouldn't survive the withering destruction accidentally focused upon it on during the cataclysm, the not-too-distant towns of Santee or El Cajon might survive. Thus, while Chicago (hometown of Buck Rogers) was reduced to ash, Evansville survived somewhat intact. Also, I needed someplace close enough to the Blue Grass Containment Zone (formerly Old Kentucky) that robots escaping from the Arcology could feasibly walk to it. For the extremely curious, Evansville is not my hometown and I'm not from Indiana or anything like that. It was just conveniently located next to the BGCZ. By the way, aren't the Simpson's supposed to be from Northern Kentucky? I seem to remember that tidbit from that fake documentary "Simpson's: Behind the Laughter." Sex, Lies, Milhouse, baby!

Did I just find an Easter egg?
If you are willing to dig around enough, you can find at least one Easter egg in every Barn Runner game (yes, even the Spatha Owner's Manual!). These are often secret side-quests and are not required to finish the game so they are not covered in the walkthroughs. Just poke around long enough and you are bound to find something. Just don't ask me to point them out for you... cause if you ask me long enough, I'm probably going to put a "eastereggs.txt" file on each game page ;-)

How old is Prick supposed to be?
Of all the questions Iíve received, I was most surprised to see this oneÖ TWICE! Well, Prick is about 37 years old in The Armageddon …clair (though in Arc 19 time, he would be recorded as being about 27). Heís drawn to look a bit older, though, to fit with his Ďhard-boiledí  demeanor.

Iím stuck. How do I get past this puzzle?
Complete walkthroughs are available for each and every game on their respective pages. Use the NavBar on the side of this page to find the game you're stuck on. Select that page and scroll down to the bottom. The walkthroughs are found in the "Free Goodies" section.

Whatís the deal with Prickís shirts? Man, those things are ugly!
Prickís wears those kind of shirts because the person (Scott Smith) who played him in the original short film has an affinity for really tacky shirts.

Isnít that the robot from (insert old movie or tv show here)?
All of the robots in the game are from old science fiction. Itís all a good-natured parody so please donít write in decrying the role I placed Daleks in. And before anyone writes in, YES, I know that Daleks arenít technically robots, per se.

Isn't that the song from (insert nintendo game here)?
You loved that game and you want that song! Revisit your childhood here: Video Game Music Archives.

What happened to Cyclone Alley?
Barn Runner: Cyclone Alley was a 2004 Christmas exclusive available at this website. After the holidays came and went, the game was gone forever. But keep your eyes open for more holiday-themed, limited-released games or game upgrades in the future.

Where is She's So Fine, My AutoDyne?
She's So Fine
, My AutoDyne has finally resurfaced, now under the new title "The Ejection Rejection" (found HERE). So now all of you can stop asking about it ;-)

What happened to the Field Guide?
I planned to bring back the Field Guide but eventually, I realized that it just contains to many spoilers. It may still see the light of day in an abridged form one of these days, but since it was built with an old, now unsupported editor, rebuilding it would be a hell of a lot of work. And right now, all my efforts are focused on school and getting the next few games out the door.

What is the back story to Barn Runner?
People have asked about the Big Oops, The Tobacco Wars, lists of surviving arcologies, and other questions regarding the world of Barn Runner. These will be revealed as the series progresses but for the foreseeable future, there won't be any comprehensive guide to the world made available. Besides, that would spoil the fun of discovering the story as you go along!

Are the games still available on CD?
Sadly, no. For the first year, I burned a little over 300 CDs in all to anyone who wanted one but time constraints just don't allow for that anymore.


Site Related

How often is this site updated?
For those of you who just discovered this place and wonder why I haven't updated in the last couple of days (or weeks), please understand that I only update this site with new content at the end of every month. Since making the games is the first order of business, the website itself has to take a bit of a backseat. Check the date at the top of the home page for the "Next Update" listing.

Are you just a giant geek, afraid to leave your house and sensitive to sunlight?

Why donít you have a forum?
There isnít demand for one. Lastly, even if there was demand, I still wouldnít have one since I don't have the time to look after one.

Why donít you have a guest book?
Because I find them annoying.

Where is all the flash animation? Where are all the pop-ups and java script? This site seems very out-dated.
Like the world of Barn Runner, TackyWorld is very retro. However, I have updated the look of this site quite a bit in an effort to stop the "OMG! This looks like a GeoCities site. Do you need help making a web page?" e-mails that seem to arrive on a regular basis.

Who hosts your files?
For a while, I hosted all the game files right here at TackyWorld but as more people discovered Barn Runner, I thought I'd better get a dedicated host for the more popular files. So now I have a anonymous benefactor who is hosting my files. Also, the fine folks at
Rapidshare are kindly mirroring some of the more "in demand" files for us! (And they do it for free which is exactly the price TackyWorld likes to pay!)

Proof that there is no such thing as a stupid question (just so long as other people asked it before you did).


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