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Barn Runner DataLink 2

The Ubiquitous DataLink!

Spatha Owner's Manual
(1.0 Megabyte)

The world of Barn Runner is a place where people depend wholly on technology that often fails them spectacularly. This DataLink file showcases the weapon that officers in the Robot Crimes Division must rely on despite the danger it represents to both them and the people they are trying to protect.

When Douglas Adams' classic novel-turned-movie The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy finally arrived in theaters, I put together a interactive book of my own in tribute to a work that was very influential on me when I was younger. While not a fraction as good as that book, I hope it will bring a chuckle or two from anyone who reads it.

To download the full length game, right-click the above link and select "Save As". Once downloaded, double click the file to install the game.

Click Here To Download
(1.0 Megabyte)

Hosted By
Owned by a Scientologist! Hi, Tom Cruise!

(This game is compressed with WinRar. If you don't have that utility, click HERE to get it.)

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Spatha Owner's Manual

DataLink 2 Easter Eggs

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System Requirements

* Win 95/98, 2000, ME, or XP

* 64 MB of Ram

* DirectX compliant sound and video cards

* 500 MHz Processor

* 6.5 MB Hard Drive Space


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