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On a walk in one of the parks
One place to take a walk is at the Holbrook Island Sanctuary .
About an hour and fifteen minutes away by car is beautiful Acadia National Park.
The National Park Service also has a page on Acadia National Park.
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There's no need to travel to a preserve the great outdoors though -- there's plenty of seashore to walk along without ever setting foot in an automobile, as seen in the pictures below.

Walking by the ocean
This picture was taken along the coast, by Barred Island (Click on the picture to go to the maps page. Barred Island is indicated by the purple square).

Canoeing by Barred Island
You can go canoeing in the relatively placid waters, as seen here-- with Barred Island in the background (so called since the island is only an island at high tide).

For the budding craft-workers in your family, the respected Haystack Mountain School of Crafts ) is an easy drive away.

Deer Isle's year round populace includes a large number of artists, whose works are available for viewing (and purchase) in many galleries located around the islands. You can get a good idea of the number of galleries by looking at the Deer Isle - Stonington Chamber of Commerce listings for galleries. To see it, click here.

For nature lovers, and those in need of breath taking views from rocky cliffs, a ferry ride (about three-quarters of an hour) from Stonington to the Isle au Haut may be just the ticket. Whale watching and fishing trips are also easily obtainable, and can be quite good fun.

For those interested in golf or tennis, the Deer Isle Country Club (348-2379) is also fairly closeby.

There are two museums of note here, the first being the Salome Sellers House, a restored and furnished house built in the 1830's, and the neighboring Museum of the Deer Isle-Stonington Historical Society. The second is the Deer Isle Granite Museum, which details the granite quarrying process a hundred years ago, with a large, working model of the operation then.

There's plenty more to do and see (and of course, eating lobster is a must) and in the future we will add as much more detail as is feasible (namely more phone numbers). The Deer-Isle Stonington Chamber of Commerce maintains a useful calendar of the special events that take place over the course of the summer, such as boat races and parades.