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To view a picture, either click on the links to the right, or in the room of your choice on the floorplan below (mouse pointer will change shape when you can click the floorplan to get a picture). You can also see views of the land surrounding the house at the bottom of the page.

Floorplan of 1st and 2nd floors, see text to the right for links to jpg's
Second Floor

Twin Bedroom
North Bedroom.
5-Sided Bedroom.


Approaching the House.
North Side of House.

First Floor

Living Room.
Dining Room.
Master Suite.
View from Porch.

VIEWS from (Click name or picture for detailed look):

Front Porch Kitchen To South Out Back Hammock Garden
Front Yard S. Coast N. Coast Winter


Note (1): Sorry, no picture of the bathroom is available for viewing, as it would probably not be in good taste. Also, just because it is a relatively small room, a picture of the entryway is unavailable for viewing. We regret any problems this may cause.