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"Millennium" Anschel 12.1999
Hand drawn, Ink on Paper.
Original is in the permanent collection at The Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas
Awards/ Juried Shows:
  Artslant 2009 Showcase Award winner
  Project publicly juried show
Original Has been exhibited through the following Museum and Galleries:
Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art
Filbert Street Studios
Berkeley Fine Art Studio
Zeta Gallery
Limited Edition Print has been exhibited through the following locations:
The Artist's Alley Fine Art Gallery
Cafe Arrivederci
Aurora Ristorante Italiano
Drawings By Jason Anschel David Shirriff, 2008
Fabrik Magazine- Issue 4, Jan/Feb 2009, page 76


Landscape and Cityscape "Anschel Ink Drawings"

Images of city and country

These ink drawings have been done over the course of the past 15 years or so. Some of the work concepts originated out of the work I did at SCI-Arc 5-10 years earlier during drawing classes and design studios.
The images here are about studying a formal relationship between pen and ink, architecture, landscape and formal geometry.
I was inspired by etchings I had looked at, and a decade ago chose a different medium that was based on my early experience with hand drafting by ink in architecture.
Everything used to be drawn by hand using ink on mylar, vellum , linen and other papers.
The thickness of the Strathmore 100 lb paper which I use for Anschel Ink Drawings gives a sense of carving or etching in stone or the impression of something permanent. There is also a notion of not erasing what the pen first puts down.
These drawings are an extension of those principles with the subject and composition based on the needs of the moment, my curiosity and predisposition at the time for a certain formal relationship in the drawing.
I also wanted to achieve a density and legitimacy in the fact that the ink is permanent, it takes allot of time, and the image does get finished completely so as to stand on it's own for all time.
The primary drive of these images is I want to see what I haven't seen before or am curious to see now. Then I can study the composition and relationships of the line work, color, surfaces and technique.
This is a laboratory for art and architectural study.

"Art Is The Teacher"

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