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Thistlewood Manor


Welcome to Thistlewood Manor!  This is the abode of Antonia Stefani (Deb Thompson), Zack, Rachel, and Ethan (her children)  and her sewing and embroidery studio.  We are members of the SCA and enjoy history and reenactment of all kinds.  We also hope to begin merchanting this summer and will be selling our wares at SCA and mundane events.

We'll use this site to tell you about ourselves and the things we make.  Soon we hope to add pictures of our products and tell you alot more about ourselves!

Our wall tent at St. Augustine's Faire

The Russians are coming!

Antonia and friends

We hope you'll come back and see all the new things we plan to add soon!

You can e-mail us at:
Thistlewood Manor

A bit of the past in the present.
1758 115th St. Geneva, IA 50633