Squirrels and Birds just don't get it. Cats are pint sized but they think like TIGERS. They can soar upward in a single, lethal swoop,  with ONE claw curved gently at the wrist to catch that bird up in that tree, reaching as high as the top of a man's head and do a great job of bringing anything up there down with that wrist action. They could catch for the Yankees. Make great backfielders. No flyballs go uncatched!

A cat can shoot up a tree like an Xman, invade bird nests and make a ham and eggs breakfast out of a lot of  fledglings. But of course, they don't have to climb as all fledglings seem to take their first flight out of the nest as a DIVE to the ground. Then, they fool around in the garden in low bushes, yelping for their mothers. Cats have amazing earsight & once they locate the fool fledgling squawking for his ma,  know no pity.

Cats will chase squirrels up a tree way up into the smallest tiniest, branches and twigs. Woe betide that cocky rodent if he can't leap to the limb of another tree. He is TOAST.

So what I'm saying is, YOUR CATS ARE MURDER on wild life and it is incumbant upon you as the owner to figure out how to protect innocent wild life from cats' polymorphous gourmandism because you care. You revere LIFE. Right? And Hell, you spend a lot of money on petfood! What's this urge for BLOOD?

The fact is, Cats need bells on their collars though wildlife isn't always smart enough to hear a bell and know what it means. But give it a try. Kind hearts recommend bells. Only thing is: Cats strangle on the collars that hold up the bells as a collar can catch on a limb though there are some cunning designs that break away like stripper duds that fly off at first tug. So chime the little guy up although, you could also make a perfectly sane cat very testy having this bell going off 24/7 right near his face.

There are 24 hours in a day and you're not there all that time. YOUR FELINE has time and place to get into mischief.

So here's what you do. When the felines start stalking that baby squirrel, adopt the squirrel yourself. When he's old enough, let him loose in a neighbor's tree so it'll take him a while to come home. And put a lot of nuts and raisins and fruits in that tree for him. If you havea  lot of cats, place him in a tree ten houses down, where there are no cats.

Also, adopt the fledgling bird. If he can't fly, don't be careless & kid yourself that his Mom will find him. SOMEBODY's MOM will find him but she will have whiskers!   Don't let the bird out of the cage. Soft fabric in bottom, a water cup. You have to feed him. Chew bible bread, open his beak, stick small wad of chewed bread in, hammer it down his throat with a Mom-beak shaped object. Feed fledling  many times a day. Do not leave the cage door open until you are certain junior can fly. His mother will come to the cage and do other feedings, so hang it in a tree at the height of a man's head. Every day, bring cage in at night. Set it where cats and ants cannot find it. 6 am, out it goes. Door locked, so high cats can't get on it. Shade half the cage with a fabric pinned on. Naturally, it' sin a tree on a branch cats can't climb down, that tree makes some shade. Remove all chairs from the areas as cats can stand on chair, then leap up on cage. Read up on bird predation by cats.