There are people out there who feel poor, not only in comparison to you, but in all ways, they feel life and luck abandoned them. These kinds of negatively wired folk will feel justified in compensating for their poverty by stealing 'little things' from you. They will justify borrowing, also. They will convince themselves that what they are taking is 'stuff' you don't even use. There is simply one answer to this problem. NEVER let them in the house.
However, I know you're big hearted and all of them will find a way of getting in! And you'll let them and they will steal and you will never know it til years later! The problem is, you accuse other workers, fire other servants, put your kids in psychiatric analysis, never knowing that it was some person you trusted, years earlier. So these thieves spread misery in ten directions. It's important not to let them in your life without utmost monitoring as you contribute to misery if you let them steal.

WHO ARE THE BRIGANDS? The usual suspects.

THE MAID- Cute and smart though she be, if  your servant drives a car she has a getaway vehicle. To load with loot, booty, your treasures. She also is left alone for hours every day, Ample time to load it with those cashmere sweaters you stored in the garage with mothballs. She's not stupid. She knows what those boxes in the garage marked WINER CLOTHING are. ANTIDOTE: YOUR GARAGE must lock. There must be no entrance from the kitchen or back porch INTO that storage area. No lock that can be picked as most can be by her boyfriend whom she invites over.. Your husband's fishing rods are worth big bucks. His guns may be stored there.

If the maid has a big purse, she will daily snatch costume jewelry, silver forks. *(Sterling pieces even mismatched are Highly pawnable for big money). Go, take one fork to the pawn shop. Show yourself

If your servant has time alone in your house, time when you are in another room, even. she will figure out how to unlock your bedroom door and get into your jewelry box.

IF YOU HAVE CD's in the den, DVD's, stack them so tight that not one can be removed without being noted, and not one can be added. Put a small post it next to each shelf w. exact count, 99cds.

HANDYMEN- FIXIT GUYS - They earm well with Dept of water/power or CABLE or contracting firms but guaranteed, they make twice their annual income fencing stuff they got hold of. HOW? They take note of the TV, SOUND EQUIPMENT, CD COLLECTION, the doors, windows, the burglar alarms and if they like what they see, they come back. Or don't you watch CSI. Half those families murdered is some sweet fix it guy who has some guypals. Hiring BONDED agencies will not assure you that their employees aren't part of the GANG.

It is required that you have high tech burgular alarms on your home if you are going to have fixit guys coming in.

THE HOUSE GUEST- They're your bosom buddy and you're kind enough to let them right into your life and in your back bedroom, but here's they thing. Though they LOVE YOU,  they love your CD's and your BOOKS, your extensive vitamins better. They may adore your hospitality, that you launder their sheets and give them cable but they also may LOVE your make up bar, your scented soaps, your bath oils. They're lesser income, they figure all that crap is nothing to you. So snatch away. I had a frequent house guest who helped herself to my books which she sold at local used book shop, first editions. Salmon Rushdie SATANIC VERSES today worth l00$, she got 4$ for it as she didn't know what she was doing.  She got so in the habit of that that one day she found $320 in cash on my desk ready to go to landlord and she purloined it. A year later, we watched while her little boy put a watch we'd removed for a swim in his bathing suit. She denied he was stealing. Five years after that, her son needed a place to live. I came home and found him going through my drawers so like mother, like son.

THE FRIEND OF A FRIEND- My pal Suzi had a closet sale. Her galpals brought or sent other pals. Suzi had to go to the bathroom for a second and watched from the bathroom toilet while an elegant, famous actress (STANDING INSIDE  the HUGE WALK IN CLOSET, THINKING SHE WAS ALONE) whipped a DIOR dress off a hanger and stuffed it in her purse. Shocking? My children watched a pal of mine do that in my bedroom. Also a big purse. Not a Dior.

THE REAL ESTATE LOAN INSTITUTION - tells you about banks that set you up for a fall. We can see what damage they've done to the world with the 2008 DEPRESSION, triggered by the Mortgage meltdown.

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