SUCCESS IN LOVE SEMINARS, headed by Anita SandsThere are unimagined ways to make a terrific living, (ahem) all cash & UNDER THE TABLE. And when your enterprise gets huge,then you let the GOV know that you exist and you pay your taxes. The idea is to get a GOOD START. You will want to read THE SECRETS OF GUERILLA CAPITALISM AND THE MIND SET FOR PROSPERITY which  I HAD TO MOVE TO MY OTHER WEB PAGE (ISP/ SERVER FELT IT GOT TOO MANY VISITORS) MORE VISITORS THAN MY SERVER WOULD ALLOW, ---I HAD TO MOVE IT TO ANOTHER SITE, IT IS HERE.

WHY I did this is because my ISP or SERVER ....EARTHLINK ---felt I SHOULD PAY THEM MORE MONEY when it attracted surprising amts of  visitors to my site which was one of the TEN FREE SITES THEY PROMISE YOU (they lied, only let me get THREE.) When you have over l00 visitors they CLOSE IT DOWN til end of month saying sorry you have surpassed the BANDWIDTH . They told me I paid only 40$ a month ergo NO BANDWIDTH.  IT IS EARTHLINK'S BANDITRY but I GOT MUCH BETTER TREATMENT from a cheaper WEBHOST, DOMAIN MONGER, a WEBHOST that does no lying, no bulging TUMORS on the bill and they have great LIVE tekkies.. 24/7 ...and you can park BIG ARTICLES and get BIG AUDIENCES ... SO I PUT THE SUCCESS in BUSINESS ARTICLE  THERE !