THE TALE OF THE MAGIC TOMATO - AN INSPIRING STORY FOR those who cannot afford the new, insanely high COLLEGE TUITION fees.

A method also for THE NEWLY graduated who can't find jobs, who are waiting tables. Also for those who THINK they might be jobless any day soon!

READ these brief paragraphs AND YOU WILL HAVE THE SPIRIT to create WEALTH, NO MATTER WHAT COMES to the planet in the way of overpopulation, joblessness, homelessness, desperation! THE simple LESSON OFTHE TOMATO VENDOR!

By Anita Sands Hernandez astrology @

A WICKED STAGFLATION has come to roost in AMERICA. Cereals, Fruit, meat, milk have all DOUBLED IN COST OVERNIGHT. Rents have doubled!A two room apartment in Los Angeles now goes for $2,200.00!! Eggs were 99c, now they’re 3$. Houses 189thousand, now theyre 300 thousand. This kind of galloping INFLATION is more than a sign of RECESSION, itshows that we are being strangled by our OLIGARCHS as they pull all the wealth into their own hands until we are in an actual DEPRESSION. Economic PARALYSIS has come to our shore! MASSES of college grads are waiting tables, sloshing coffee, picking oranges. Most are JOBLESS. The UNEMPLOYMENT figures don’t even begin to show the truth.The reason for corporations not being their old vim and vigor selves? THEY AREN'T HERE IN AMERICA but they took their factories, workers and earnings abroad. Then there's the Enronization  of all the cheating corporations and those CASINO BANKS on Wall Street, and the endless American Wars designed to fill the pockets of war toy manufacturers and keep spinach salad on the shoulders of the military. Wars against a pitiful, under-supplied, third world, sandal-shod cave swelling soldiers.) Sounds like they'd be easy peasy but they are costly. Try 9 billion a month, total so far TWO TRILLION DOLLARS drained out of US coffers, last few years, for Bush Cheney Rumsfeld pals who run Halliburton and Bechtel and BlackWater and all those mercenary War Toy corporations, so is it any wonder that the AMERICANworking class (like the proverbial Lobster,) is feeling the water begin to boil. JUST before the 2008 PARALYSIS hit, we began to have huge inflation, skyrocketing food and rent costs, nobody could buy a home as interest rates went weirdly sky high high and banks stopped lending.A family home in the poorest zone of any big city today costs $330,000, (down from a half million in 2006). Amazing levels of joblessness appeared. Tuition surged, no college educations for anyone unless they wanted a lifetime of incremental punishing inescapable debt. Illiteracy keeps high schoolers out of college scholarships, which almost don’t exist anyway. 90% of the kids don't get any college. 50% of our college grad kids are unable to get the job their diploma qualified them for.  A quarter of our adult men are in PRISONS and CEO's were given free rein to export the manufacturing sector with CLINTON's TRADE TREATIES, NAFTA AND GATT. And now China has invented a little pretty thousand buck car! The Gilly will be the last nail on the coffin of Detroit!

All these are lethal situations. So --as a society, --we have to regroup. We are forced to make little adaptive nips and tucks to our INNER head trip about money!

Having come from two RECESSION epoch parents, (The Great Depression)  and two separate sets of Great Depression grandparents,-- may I share Some Great DEPRESSION type stories. Like the old "you kids think you had it bad, why in our day, we walked ten miles to school…"

First, My grampa and grandma in GERMANY had to pay for WWI *(the way we pay for Iraq) with some serious INFLATION. In those two decades between WWI and WWII, there was this period where you had to BRING A WHEELBARROW full of marks to get a loaf of bread. The mark had gone to pfennigs in value, inflation was towering. (This happened recently when the world bank squeezed poor BOLIVIA for debt. INFLATION shot to10,000% per year there meaning a kilo of the staff of life there, beans, went from a dollar to ten thousand dollars. That's scary if you're landless, in the slums, maybe & can't grow beans which take a lotta space. Name another food group you can survive on that's cheaper if you live in a landlocked country with no fish or clams on a nearby beach cuz there isn't one. )

My grandma had been raised in Vienna and learned to make Vienna Torte cakes (Late waiting out the war in Provence, Frane, she'd make counterfeit tortes out of carob tree pods as chocolate was too costly). But in the 20's and 30's I can imagine how they ate well in Germany during that inflation period as my grandparents were very well employed in the Opera. He conducted, she sang.When Hitler was elected (by the German people), things went wacko. The government arranged to set fire to the City Hall so they could pretend the Communists did it. Then they went after the Commies really hard, making Britain and America love them! Especially royalty, rich bankers and CEO’s….Americans too, like BUSH AND HARRIMAN. They adored the Nazis.

REICHTAG FIRE: Setting fire to your own stuff and blaming it on some liberal group is an old Nazi trick. AFTER WWII, Dulles brought the best Nazi spies over here, and ever since, we’ve noticed little REICHTAG fires inciting the American people to war, whether it’s OKLAHOMA or WACO or WTC 911, it appears after a scary tragedy, it’s OPEN SEASON on some wild, dissenting group.

Anyway, we’re talking about depression. Gramps had books he’d written burned in a bonfire, by the government. He walked away from their house, took a ship to the south of France, never learned to spell holocaust, had a great rural life until 1945 when they moved to New York and that is when they found out what really happened to their kind who'd stayed behind.(!)

MY OTHER grandma and grandpa Fraser were in San Luis Obispo California for the Great Depression. Granny's mother REFUGIO Esquer Childs had to open a BOARDING HOUSE in their home. All the women slept in one bedroom and all the other bedrooms went to male strangers! The girls cooked meals for all, got a little extra that way and were able to keep the big house in the family 'til my GRANNY Elena Childs met Grandpa Edwin Fraser. She didn't marry until she was 39 years old and then she married Eddie the roomer! His income was more up to the standards of the time so they could stop taking in strangers. Point is, I come from penny stretchers who saw the hardest times of recent history and rolled like rubber balls and let hard times make everything good happen in their lives. Spinsters without hope married smart and funny boarders, emigrants in flight from Hell ended up living in Provence like Kings alongside Gertrude Stein and Alice B Toklas who made hash brownies. You can't get better than that.

There is a similarly joyous Internet story circulating, also about hard times. It goes like this.

THE WISDOM OF THE TOMATO - A factory worker is suddenly jobless when the factory is exported to Guatemala. He has four sons and four daughters so they're in danger of starving, his wife peels off her last ten spot and says honey, your pants are torn, go get a decent pair of jeans, then go to that big corporation and ask for a job Instead of buying new jeans, he goes in as he is.

They see his rags and say "the only job we can give you is entry level, 6$ an hr, you can sweep floors. The man is downhearted, drives home. Along the road, he sees a farmer picking a fine crop of tomatoes. "Mr. Farmer, those are the prettiest tomatoes I ever saw. Could I buy a box. This is my last ten dollars. The farmer says, that will get you two boxes." They load the car. "Anytime." The farmer says happily, waving the ten spot.

The jobless man turns around, goes back to the city, sets up on a corner and sells three for a dollar, the two boxes yield roughly 200$. Next day he goes to the farmer gets 40 boxes of tomatoes. He has his son sit on the corner with 2 boxes, takes the other 38 to all the markets he sees, unloads them all. He does this all summer long. Winter comes, he switches to oranges. Spring comes, he switches to strawberries. All year long he sells something. Now his other son turns of age to drive, Dad buys each of them a ten yr old truck, sends him to another nearby city. They now work two cities, twice the markets and corners. They put their boys on the corners, their girls do the bookwork and billing as now they're billing markets for thousands of crates of tomatoes, berries, oranges, everything.

He gets a fleet of new trucks, soon he is the biggest produce wholesaler on the West Coast. One day he and his wife and eight kids are dining in a fine, French café, he in his jeans, but with a French silk shirt, his wife in her Cashmere sweater set and designer linen skirt. He sees BILL GATES at the next table and goes over, saying 'Bill, like many in this world, I owe my fortune to you!" Gates is intrigued. "You like Windows, do you?" "I think my daughter uses it, the man replies, but it's this. Your personnel manager offered me a job sweeping floors so I opened FINE FRESH FOODS, you're eating my tomatoes right now, and so is the entire west coast. Thank you for that."

There is one, last story. I like to tell my yuppie clients "don't buy convenience foods. Save your money. That pckg of frozen corn succotash at WHOLE FOODS is $2.89. Instead, get four ears of corn on sale, when they're 20c, make that succotash dish yourself, with a pair of dime carrots and home grown limas (peas are not avail in summer when liimas and corn are.) You take the extra 2.39$ and put it into buying CORN SEED to grow a field of corn. Get a free plot from the city. Plant your seed and when it is up, Sell the 400 ears of corn in AUGUST for 50c each and take that 200$ and put it in 99c store stock, then your 200$ becomes nearly 600$. NOW TAKE that 600 and make a downpayment on a LOT in the countryside, where some farmer is dividing his back pasture. SO THAT PCKG of corn you DID NOT BUY bought you a piece of land which you can sell for 50 thousand one day. Or buy Chinese, Vietnamese or Malaysian oil stocks.

Those stocks will turn into hundreds of thousands. Another way to gois to buy land, farmland  in a group, with friends, relatives. BUILD a farmhouse on it with kids and you pouring foundation and you can sell the cottage there and the land make 150 thousand or if you wait ten years, probably a quarter mil so with very little effort NOT BUYING ONE BAG OF succotash produces enough money to buy a mansion in town or if you're smart, a commercial bldg which you can rent so that you make a million a month from it renting spaces at 100$ a square foot! All from a bag of succotash!

FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS, LATINOS, OTHER ETHNICS: It is a known statistic that ethnic women can get high paying jobs especially after college but at any time. CEOs just love having them around. However their men rarely get employed; (or have job luck at HALF the rate of females.) A penalty of this situation of men without money is that ethnic women rarely get married! Or if they do, they get punished, abused for their success and despised for their cash raising ability. However, it is possible to fund a smart, strong fiancé in a business and pray that he forgives you as men do not like to RECEIVE from women. No man really has gratitude for any help, money, loans or burger money from a woman he’s involved with

NO MATTER WHO you are, what education you have or don't have, your instructor-writer has researched dozens of easy start-up biz concepts and put them down in the LEGACY WEBSITE, or the GUERILLA CAPITALISM SITE, ideas likeAIR REPAIR, or DRIP GARDEN WATERING SYSTEMS and  FARMING even in the ghetto, on a vacant lot.LET THE RECESSION COME! You're about to be REALLY ready for it!

ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ (this lady above,) spent the last sixty years raising four children as a single mother and doing astrology in West Los Angeles. (No alimony, hubby left behind in Mexico.) Anita survived by renting big houses with gardens, and a kitchen table for doing clients' horoscopes. She has worked for thousands of California entrepreneurs (charging only 15$ an hour for the first few decades, 25$ for the next few and now is 30$ an hour. No psychic cheaper this side of Manila!  Call 818- 774-1939 any time, no phone ever wakes her, she unplugs them at nite.) She's the most helpful woman in HOLLYWOOD. This is proven. Very inexpensive too as she is interested in the advancement of long-suffering humanity by repeating the experiences of.....well of those successful people. So after the ritzy client leaves, she writes down all their methods for SUCCESS and this series of articles was turned into this very same ' LIFE 101'  Webinar you're reading now.  (Anita does her own homespun website work, posts all this, at least 10,000 files,  for YOU to read. Click on any of the live links here and you'll enter a maze of webpages. When you've read all ten thousand, (POVERTY 101 to WEALTH 101, you'll be rich. By the way, there is no "registering" rigamarole ever. No leaving your name, no being spammed with ads. Her real life Sucess studies of PROLETARIAT MONEYMAKING will inspire you to the heights. See that below there? JUST HIT CLICK! HIT ENTER.