The Toxic Pantry -- especially THE TOXIC TIN CAN!

RECENTLY I thought I'd make myself some healthful tofu burgers, give myself a little breather from chicken! Besides celery and onions, I needed the crunch of water chestnuts, and the creaminess of canned creamed corn. (It's an old recipe of mine.) I took two cans out of my emergency pantry, the millenium, apocalypse pantry, cans easily five years old. Creamed corn and water chestnuts.

I creamed the corn into an half box of cornbread to make a batter, added the tofu, added sauteed onion, garlic, chopped celery for crunch and the water chestnuts for extra crunch, and a half cup of toasted, chopped almonds. I made a loaf, baked it. I ate a slice and within hours, fell ill. I had a fever, horrid headache, a chronic mild, inflammation in my tooth became very painful and my shoulder bones and hip bones swoll up in a fit of arthritis!

Any toxic insult to the body can create the body's weak areas going into full inflammation to the point of setting off joint pain and fever response. My jaw, gums throat and left cheek were on fire. But the body had created a fever everywhere! Aches in odd places, even in my heart, I thought. As I lay there feeling into crevices of my nervous system, I thought I felt a dull angina throbbing away down there.

I wondered if I could blame a  weak body on a single, chronically bad tooth. The skin over my entire body had that achey fever feeling, when even your night shirt feels like it was made out of sandpaper. Every area of the body was painfully sensitive and logy. I ran a temperature. DId an infected tooth do that? I knew that certainly it was a tooth that needed extracting. The nerve inside it always reacted to heat, sour foods like lemon juice, with a jolting shot of pain. But as I felt the many pains, one of the biggest was a dull throbbing ache from temple over cheek, down jaw, to lymph gland on that side of the neck..

However, a tooth couldn't cause the rest of the stuff and there were other, weak areas being heard from. My chronically bad shoulder joints got doubly and instantly swollen, and worse,  the hip joints which my family has always had as a problem were ringing like church bells in a painful, throbbing ache. (At age sixty five I was forseeing that by age eighty I'd need hip replacements like my aunt and father.) But now, the family's bad hips had swollen up so much that it was painful to walk.

A pal said, "hit the dentist, your TOOTH created that whole syndrome. "No, I said, the tooth was secondary. Hip bones were secondary, too. The real deal was that I had poisoned myself with some food allergin. I knew what I'd eaten just before all the inflamed parts went nuts.

ALLERGINS really can do bad things. My immune system was compromised and the fever started whichis a natural body reaction to any invader.....and that made me FEEL the tooth and when there's an allergin, bones do swell up and that is painful. A cow can't tell us how she feels after she eats a potato plant, but she's hurting. She just doesn't drop dead. She hurts first. (Over decades, I'd noticed potatoes did that to me, too.  Google the word 'nightshade.')

The insult to the immune system was primary. That was what I had to address. What allergin was in the water chestnut, an innocuous food, right ? But for five years, THE CAN had soaked into that absorbant little chestnut. Cadmium, lead, tin, aluminum and God knows what else. I ran to the can. MADE IN ASIA! OUCHEY! God knows what metals they used there! THAT they didn't list!

Heavy metals and Toxins can displace the immune system and even kill. Long ago, farmers learned that a cow who ate potato tops would drop dead. Who's to say a food allergin or a heavy metal allergin can't create inflammations and infections

When an inflammation goes crazy, pus forms, probably at pus sites there in the body already. I KNEW my tooth needed extracting soon. It was on my "TO DO" list. And I knew I was playing with fire not pulling it as pus high up in body would always drop down to the heart valves and scar them.

Many people get heart diseases, valve infections and then murmurs from pus in teeth or throat. In fact,  I was always warned by dentists that I should take antibiotics before an extraction. Good Dentists won't  just do extraction work on people who have damaged heart valves without a few days of antibiotics before the surgery. I knew I had them, conferred in childhood from a sore throat.

A toxic insult or allergin may even swell the joints which are suceptible. If I eat a potato, overdo peanut butter, eat too much eggplant, tomato or bell pepper, I also get swollen hip bones right away. Bones seem to respond to toxic insults for some reason. The heavy metals of ancient cans was just more of a jolt than a potato or PEANUT!

Those five year old cans were very eroded and the metal leeched into the absorbant foods. The insult to my immune system let the chronic, resident bad tooth problem flame up and create a fever. A friend offered to mail me antibiotics her dentist had given her. I refused, saying I truly believed there was a downside treating infections that way. The body could be assisted to handle any infection or toxin.

I went online and studied the cure for fever, toxic insult, heavy metals. Three separate cures. I did them all.

For inflammation, I started with IMMUNE SYSTEM KICKERUPPERS and HEALERS: VITAMIN C dose several times a day. I kept buffered ascorbic acid powder on hand. Now, I threw it into real, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. Drank it between meals. (We can pick up dozens of grapefruits a week. off ground under trees here in California).  I amped up its magic with real, rose hips, going out into garden to seek the dark RED fruits on the rose bushes. Now in January, I found a single orange hip on a Mr. Lincoln bush. In another two mos. that would have been red and better for one. BUt I chewed it for a while, spitting out seeds and sucking the juice out of the fruit. I spat out the pith.

An online website (I give it, below) recommended the HEAVY METAL CURE as being  cayenne capsules, Tumeric caps, Vit C, algae, garlic, and a few more things you'll see in that URL. As the fever had my hands and feet like icecubes, I took all of those twice a day. A half hour after ingesting that cayenne, a collateral benefit:, my hands would warm up. Cayenne is known for its warming effect. Until I saw it on a heavy metal cure website, I didn't know it also had a detox ability, too!

VIRUS KILLERS: In case viruses were using the insult to spawn, I took viricides like garlic, encapsulaed olive leaf, (*extract would have worked,) echinecea, goldenseal.

End result: In two days, I was well.  My diagnosis was right. There were old tin cans in the mix. They'd created havoc in several parts of  the body. So if you get germed, environmentally polluted, you just do a three track cure, the IMMUNE SYSTEM KICKER UPPERS, the heavy metal de toxifyers and the viricidal herbs. Their synergistic effect is to cure you quick!

But this will not happen to me again. I told my paranoid son so I know when he returns home, he'll throw out my food stash for apocalypse, all of it in tin cans, which I'd bought well in advance of the Y2k, preparing for  the millenium riots, which now in 2007 are forgotten, but now my mind is on the KILLER QUAKE or the big RECESSION headed our way......meriting CANS. TONS OF CANS so I'm still staring up at them in the pantry,not planning to eat them, but too frugal to throw them away. Maybe the beans are still good? There are fifty bucks worth of canned beans there!

THE CITY/ STATE seems to know about toxic tin cans. The group Environmental Advocates is working to defeat S 5399, the "toxic tin can" bill. This bill would enable manufacturers of packages and packaging components containing more than the current statutory limit for lead, cadmium, mercury, or chromium to apply for two-year exemptions from the provisions of the law. So they know, but they don't care. They're aware, but their laws are token laws. Read: which has the specific toxins and what to do to DETOX if you ate them. is about tin cans.

More about heavy metals, symtoms,

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