This well known, brilliant anti-war, political Author is really writing about a THEME PARTY. "The PRESIDENT BUSH FAMILY FORTUNES" (his DVD) WATCHING party. He writes; These events are fun, informative, and empowering. If you want, you can even turn the event into a benefit for your local candidate or democratic organization.

GIVE A HOUSE PARTY, traditionally  an event that takes place at someoneís home. But you can hold a party wherever you can get permission to use a TV and DVD player.

Here are some additional ideas:
Dorm Room
Nursing Home.
Apartment Building Common Area.


1. Select a date and time (Use a conference call). Use an astrologer and pick a Venus/Jupiter or Uranus trine night. Or afternoon on weekend. NO SATURN days!  GOOD STAR FILE.

2. Add your event to our list of nation-wide house parties. Email us at with your town, state, date and time of party (provide more information if you want to make your party public).

3. Buy the Bush Family Fortunes DVD locally (ask your retailer to stock it if they donít have it already) or ONLINE --NOTE: Much as I know his complaints about how BUSHES make MONEY thru war toys, these days and thru Nazis in former, earlier times.....are valid, I'm not making an ad for him, so you can google that if you want. He just happens to be the only guy on the internet that tells how to give a neat party.)

4. Decide what you want to get out of your party/what type of party you want (for instance, casual, theme, fundraiser, public, private).

5. Invite family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc. Use these postcards.

6. Is your party open to the public? Hang Posters or distribute Flyers. Describe your event and setup an RSVP This can serve as a way for you to stay in touch with those attending your event. The site allows people to find events near them, by entering their zip code.

7. When you contact us with a confirmed party, we will provide you with instructions on how to:

a. Instant message your questions to Greg Palast for the nation-wide conference call.

b. Connect to the conference call with Greg Palast.

Tools for your house party:

Print cool stuff for your party. Invitations, phone pole Posters,
Flyers and postcards are available for your events.

GET STAFF/ PALS to do the EMAIL TREES. Do an HTM invitation and a TEXT invitation.
READ THE WEBINDEX to figure out which is which, and how.

Discuss the event / get ideas from others

Make your party open to the public. Organize / plan / via some WEBSITE/ SOME GROUP.

So JOIN GROUPS in your city!