TO ANYONE WHO IS A "MINISTER, a MEMBER OF a RELIGIOUS ORDER, OR CHRISTIAN SCIENCE practitioner." according to IRS standards, you don't have to endure fica deductions! Ever again! That may be relevant to you on several counts..... you do not have to pay any self employment withholding tax, ever again. And if you paid UNEMPLOYMENT taxes on wages you earned as a minister, in the last three years, file a FORM 1040 X to claim a refund on taxes you paid.. Overpaym'ts from past can be refunded if claimed "within 3 YRS from the due date of the return to which it relates, or 2 years from the date it was paid, WHICHEVER is later."

 In addition "if your religion is religiously, conscientiously opposed to public insurance, i.e. FICA deductions, you can ask for an receive an application to the IRS for exemption from FICA withholdings, done with FORM 4361 called  "Application for exemption." Request that no FICA deductions be taken from your earnings as a result of an exempt status pursuant to your religious convictions."

Gov. will write back, thank you for the form you filled out,  ask for verification and do a reality check. They'll ask if you understand this exemption also includes public insurance that provides services for medical care. They ask you to inform your church or the group that salaries you that you are opposed to such insurance. .

EXEMPTION only applies to earnings from services as a minister, member or practitioner under section 1402 (e) of the IRS code. Henceforward, you won't be entitled to SS benefits from that work." I wonder if that means that you will get SS benefits for the rest of your income at an earlier date, the job you lost perhaps in the 2009 meltdown. If you are JOBLESS and start a church, you will survive. But say you still have your job, if you're a PC programmer for 75% income, ....? You want to check this out! That job has to give you SS benefits and you have to have FICA deductions on it. But check with your tax man.

"THIS ELECTION cannot be revoked once approved. Until you get the approved copy of your application you must pay self employment tax on your net earnings of 400$ or MORE per year both as minister and/or from any other self employment activities."

So, 400$'s the minimum dharmic job earnings cutoff point. heck, I know partime yoga instructors who'd waay waay surpass that sum each year. So if that's all it takes to qualify, the IRS is  most generous. This means that everyone who teaches YOGA or does Emotional Release work, or runs a LUCK IN LOVE SEMINAR,  with a glitzy title like MOTHER MARY's SEMINAR...can get out of taxes for life! You want to check if that's ALL taxes or just taxes on the teacherly earnings.

When you write them regarding this always give them your telephone number, your hours, cuz Uncle Sam pays their phone bill and they want to work on phone. Typing takes effort! So here's the deal. IF YOU FEEL you will never need a public hospital or emergency room, are wholistic enough to take your body to its drop date without public doctors, go for this tax exempt zone. Withholding taxes will be a thing of the past along with FICA deductions.

Oh boy, this is gonna start a whole spate of religions with exotic new tenants in them. Like no usury, no fica deductions, no underwriting of war, no paying taxes to govs that indulge in free and licentious war for frivolous reasons related to third world resources maybe? So look at this file as a prod for all religious groups to grab hold of the IRS (read USA's) shortest hair, the conscientious objection to what GOV intends to DO WITH OUR MONEY.

AND YANK IT AWAY FROM THEM! Use it to create businesses that feed and employ and serve thousands. Use it to give your grandchildren a start in life. To start community centers for after school fun and classes.