BEATING SQUAMOUS CANCER IN YOUR PETS!  And on YOURSELF.  I'm  passing on on what may be a great discovery for you and your animals. HOW TO BEAT SKIN CANCER! Seek Cansema UNGUENT, Compound X, it has dozens of names, and is online everywhere, 15-50$ for a jar, can be bought online for your own squamous cell cancers and those of pets. This all started when a PET ACTIVIST in Woodland Hills CALIF WROTE THIS:

"To all of you have have animals with cancer, my family and I have been using the topical human application of what has come to be known as the Black Salve with great success. Several years ago someone I knew quite well who had been using the salve for years, took the Black Salve (which was at that time being used for topical application only for skin cancers) orally and was successful ( according to her ) in killing the cancer cells in her uterus. She claims she takes it orally once a year as a preventative. So, I  decided to take it orally as a preventative. The reaction was to say the least, 24 hours of nausea and extreme dizziness. It felt like the morning after 20 martinis and a trip to Iraq in the mouth of a camel . When I was finally capable of talking, I told her how I reacted to the dose and she was perplexed, since that was not her reaction. Well, when I explained that I took it after I had fasted for a 24 hours, she laughed and said I was supposed to take it on a full stomach which mitigates the reaction. I also probably compounded the problem by taking too much.In this case, less is better than more. Still, I didn't die and that's the good part and I suspect that what ever might have been lurking in my body, took a quick exit. (That is what OTHER BLACK SALVE COGNOSCENTI report, SEE BLACK SALVE FILE.) I know if I was a confused rapidly replicating cell, I would have searched for a more congenial host. Since then I have learned that others who have ingested the salve ( carefully ) said it was a monumental success in eradicating their internal cancer. Of course I only had their word for that...but now that I see this company has an INTERNAL application ( carefully measured with instructions ) so  I may consider doing it again just as a preventative. I pray I never truly need it."

I googled around using these search terms: "black salve" in quotes + itch + pain + keratin and found sites that dealt with precise usage instructions. And sites which recommend also using ANNUAL WORMWOOD extract or artemesinin.

This writer continues "I tripped on this site only because my original supplier of Black Salve in Fla had passed away (from obesity ) and I was at a loss to find the equivalent of what I had been using so successfully on my white white skin (that spent too much time in my callous youth roasting in the sun). Imagine my surprise when I hit this website with testimonies regarding the successful use of the salve and it's ability to be taken orally for both humans and animals.The name is different but the compound is the same. It is a big HEALER for PETS and is now called CANSEMA. Google them see if you can find their online store. Of course, you will be the final judge on whether you want to use it on your pet or rescue animal but I felt it was important that I at least pass the information on. I must admit that I am much more aggressive in experimenting with myself than with my animals but having a cat with cancer of the ears and a prognosis from our vet that entails cropping the ears down to the skull with no guarantee that the condition will not return, which has motivated me to consider this remedy. The problem I am faced with is the discomfort that accompanies the application ( for humans ) and the usual fear of the unknown. My cat's cancer is also not fatal but it is annoying and unsightly and of course growing. It's is a decision I must consider but still it is encouraging to know that something other than Radiation, Chemo and death an alternative.

I called one of the people listed as living in L.A. who gave her testimonial regarding her using it on her 2 cats with amazing results. You might want to contact Pat ( can't remember her last name but she has a pet food line featured at "Pets Naturally" (818) 784 1233 on Ventura Blvd in Studio City) about the product. Pat has personally used black salve successfully and may have some recommendations for you regarding your animals.

I'm sure I will get some letters telling me that I am being  very irresponsible in sending this out and perhaps giving false hope to pet rescuers and stewards, and that if people do not exhaust all the allopathic mainstream approaches to cancer first, I will have been responsible for putting their pets and themselves in jeopardy. Frankly, I believe that we are all adults and are given the free choice on how to  make whatever decision is best for our animals and ourselves.Unfortunately, we are not always privy to the many options available. Now your are! You have the information and the rest is up to you.

P.S. The second website ( Two Feathers Healing Formula ) was given to me by someone else. I went to it as well, and will order the product because I was told about 10 years ago that this formula ( slightly different ) orginated with the American Indian and I want to compare it with the Cansema." signed a happy user.

 How Elmo the Cat beat squamous cell cancer

I am passing this on because I have used the Cansema over the years with great success..even took it orally. I have never used it on the animals because it does hurt ( probably less then when they go to the vet to be lanced or drained for some reason) but I could never make the move. Here is someone who has and I wanted you to know about it. Cansema salve is no longer for sale thanks to our FDA which is "protecting us". FROM NOT SPENDING MONEY! However here is at least one alternative, and also search for something called Canex black salve on the web. (Note I looked on web and found many salves, many names, many manufacturers)

I have used Cansema salve myself, and know of others who have used it. These salves are extreme, but so is cancer, and so is chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

THE ELMO TESTIMONY. At 14 years old, Elmo could have easily died from an extensive squamous cell carcinoma ... With the help of Cansema and his tenacious owner, that fate was avoided.

When Elmo our 14 year old cat was diagnosed with squamous cell cancer on his face our vets suggested black salve. The type they sold was $300.00 They are very kind and said if I can find it somewhere else to do so. Your site with the pictures of other pet owners was very helpful. I gave me confidence that if Cansema helped other animals it would work on Elmo too. I feel it is my obligation to share Elmo's story and subsequent victory with others. The Cansema was applied topically in December and the cancer within 10 days decavitated and came out. The cancer was size of a dime. I thought all was well. In June of this year the cancer returned or more likely we never really got to the root of it. I applied the Cansema topically 2 more times. Each time more cancer was removed in different areas on his face. We did not realize there was more than one tumor. The last decavitation was spreading down his nose and across his face yet still when this huge escar came off the main tumor was still bloody and red beneath. We knew even though the tumor was still intact it was severely reduced in depth simply because when Elmo touched it the bleeding could be easily stopped. Conversely before the Cansema was applied topically the tumor bled profusely. One time it necessitated going through a bag of cotton balls and handfuls of paper towels even a dish rag was soaked in blood. We wondered if Elmo could bleed to death from a skin cancer. We decided after this last application that we would wait and receive the capsules you recommended and watch it closely and allow Elmo's foot to heal from the application of the pain patches. Each time before we applied the Cansema salve our vets put a duragesic patch on his leg.The pain patch is taped on after he was shaved. I waited 24 hours to apply the salve giving the pain patch an opportunity to release pain meds in Elmo's system. We also supported him with Noni Juice, Liquid Minerals and Colostrum and a patented product that releases oxygen from his body's water called Oxygen Elements Clinical studies of the Oxygen Elements showed patients who had chemotherapy and radiation didn't get nauseous and lose weight while using this product. These products aided Elmo to keep his appetite and kept his weight at a good level. They allowed the immune system to be strong and allow the herbs in the Cansema capsules to go to work. My vets use and recommend the Oxygen Elements.

We gave Elmo 1/3 capsule of the Cansema in his food and quickly worked up to 1/3 capsule twice a day.  August 27 Elmo's cancer was gone. This happened differently then the decavitation. The tumor got drier and smaller and receded and fell off. There was no decavitation, no hole as when the salve was applied. I welcome you using this information to help other pet owners. I without reservation recommend the use of Cansema topically and internally. Make sure you have a vet who will work with you to aid in pain relief. It may also necessitate a tranquilizer. We gave Elmo one tranquilizer about 10 hours before application on the second application simply because if he even brushed the Elizabethan Collar with his tumor he would knock off the ointment and start it bleeding. The tranquilizer allowed us the 24 hours that were crucial  to get the Cansema applied topically and to start the isolation of the cancer and beginning of the decavitation process. I can't stress enough the Cansema salve is painful and you must work with a vet. Our vets would apply the pain patch and I would apply the Cansema as I said 24 hours later at home.

TWELVE YEAR OLD, note S.C.C inside the right upper mouth. My vet gave her a death sentence and said there were no conventional treatments that could help. I went on line and consulted with an holistic animal practitioner in Australia, I ordered the natural product to shrink tumor, some of which include 5 mushroom extract, blessed thistle, pau de arco, sweet worm wood and aloe also an herbal vitamin C. I don't see much improvement, (no wonder, it's inside the mouth so she eats the ointment off the wound site,) but she still has a good appetite. (Wormwood will worm a pet can't hurt, right?!) My question is can this salve be applied inside the roof of the mouth?

I didn't go back to that website to find the answer. I asked my pet loving pal to send me some for my keratinosis and he said "My dog owner pal (who by the way is sending me the CANSEMA salve said "after applying to clean area, cover with a bandaid. The next day, remove Cansema with alcohol and cover with bandaid again. If you do have a malignent area, it will get itchy and red and get worse over period of time. Remove band aid every couple of days as the wound weeps the poison out. Sometimes the area gets bigger then the small amount you applied, that's because their is more cancer under the skin then was shown. As the eschar begins to form, do not pull it off. It will fall off on it's own. Try not to get the area wet until eschar (scab) is off."  We can use this kind of bloodroot SALVE ON HUMAN squamous cell CANCER and there are capsules that go with it to solve the problem. Good luck.

UPDATE: MANY of these websites 'died,' so I imagine gov got after them. But I (the poster, Anita Sands Hernandez from the HOLISTIC PET INDEX), personally removed a skin cancer, on space between my eyes at top of nose.. (red, flaky wouldn't heal for years on end). Cansema left a hole (called cavitation,) which filled in and healed slowly. The keratins all over the rest of my body where it has been exposed to sun -- could not be penetrated by the salve, only the cancer which erupted and scabbed up at Cansema's TOUCH.  Good nuff! SEE "HOW TO REMOVE KERATINOSES"

2013 UPDATE - Gave my cansema to a guy with sick dogs, that was four years ago when I wrote this. Now I'm out. And it's super costly. I am covered with keratin spots from So Calif. Sun, but when I had the stuff, saw it didn't affect KERATIN GROWTHS while PLANTAGO leaves grown and picked in Spring, rather than the summer leaves which didn't have enough juice to do the job --DID REMOVE keratins.  So I collected seeds, am working with this leaf (crushed) at this time. If it's spring when you read this, write me for a bag of seed, astrology at earthlink dot net. Put PLANTAGO SEED in subject line.

IN RESEARCHING,  I read that all cancers love iron and whoops! I have used seasoned iron skillets, exclusively for forty years. I guess I gotta stop, go to thrift store find a teflon skillet without scratches. Best is Revereware copper clad stainless steel.....but try finding one of THOSE at a thrift.