How to make SOY CHEESE.

This is very easy. HOW MANY of us have bought costly two quart box of soy milk and it went weird. Yeah, the stuff WILL start to coagulate at some point. But that's OK as fermented tofu or soy products are the ONLY GOOD ones. And even in fridge, sealed in SILK box, it will clot a bit. At that point, you have a jelly lump, but softer. No problem. Wash off your cheese cloth, put inside a medium or large plastic mesh strainer, drop the clump of soy milk in, cover top with cheesecloth, tuck it so top is covered. Set a  heavy round plate on surface. Set strainer above anything, dish rack, a pot. Liquid drains out. In an hour set a heavier thing, a jar of beans on top of the plate. The heavier weight makes the cheese compact somewhat. A few hrs later, take out your cheese, flop into a bowl, add toasted sesame seeds, chile sesame oil, smashed garlic, minced onion or green onion, dried onion flakes or ONION SOUP MIX & stir. WOW set that on your bible bread toast? You'll think you're eating cream cheese! Kids will take it to school in a sandwich w. lettuce, radishes, wolf it down but I don't tell kids it's tofu or soy. I call it cream cheese. Wash your cheese cloth in sink, it's delicate, hang on line. Bring it in dry, put in a baggie in a clean corner til next day as that clotted milk is still in fridge, right? In the SILKEN box? OKAY. Kids are gonna want a repeat! shows a commercial version, its ingredients