Certain types of fat people swear on a bible to their thin friends that they really do not eat a great deal of food. This could be true. The reason they may be quite abstinent and still gain weight is that they choose food groups that are dense in calories: flesh, fat, dairy, sugar or alcohol and starch or flour. The fabulous, forbidden five. REASON why GRAIN is so bad, usually vitamin scarse, nothing in it. Except one bad thing: the gut occluding gluten that is in it. 

Another 'never-lose-an-ounce " type maintains that although she eats very little in her three meals she doesn't lose weight. She will usually also confide that even though she sometimes takes in a lean cottage cheese, hard boiled egg diet i.e. 1,500 calories a day of lean food, she's HUNGRY all the time, and has a vicious sweet tooth, hence she simply is FORCED to nibble extra snack items taking her up to 4 or 5,000 calories, so that this perpetual dieter ALSO never loses weight. 

What could be happening is she is consuming diet foods, which have LOW nutritional potency, which leave the body with strong cravings. Meat, cottage cheese, hardboiled eggs, grapefruit and steak are such foods. They create a GRINDING need in one for some carbs! 

The starving dieters who eat these so-called wholesome foods and are still hungry hence snack themselves FAT might well try an alternate diet from the California Health food movement, called "The Sunlight Diet". It's one high in vital power foods which are often 'light' foods but which are packed with vitamins, like high chlorophyll greens, integral grains, sun ripened fruits, seeds, nuts and sprouts all of which FEED our nutritional deficiencies to such a high level that those perpetual munchies (related to hypoglycemia, a syndrome caused by nutritional deficiencies) will be calmed. 

The weight will pour off immediately, and then, as a treat they can have a bite of steak or a little egg, cottage cheese or yogurt, (fairly heavy foods) but only as an occasional comfort food or special treat.

The mainstay of the SUNLIGHT diet is going to be solar foods, veggies, nuts and fruits. You are going to enjoy "eating the sun" as healthy food can be quite tasty; (think of a huge, garlicky Caesar salad, or a cup portion of buttered sesame carrots.)  And when your body is full of POWER FOODS, you won’t crave those beers, that sugar, and you won’t need all that caffeine which cuts your sleep down by a few hours as it’s still deep in your bowel at midnight. And which ages you, leaves you tired all the time.

OK. Start the diet now, after you finish reading this. First thing, hit the grocery. If you really want to drop weight fast, there's a famous vegetable that banishes munchies by magic: FENNEL. You can feel STARVING, take one bite, chew it, hunger goes. Use this licorice scented green chopped like celery in salad, it banishes all interest in food. Can more than help a diet. It will totally drop the pounds that you don't like having on you. And you'll never feel deprived or hungry. IT STOPS HUNGER.

Fennel is found at every fine grocery in the raw salad department. It looks like celery only WIDER stalks, thinner stalks. Used in salads, soups, it works its magic. It is a PANCREAS CALMING, HUNGER BANISHING item. It totally banishes the desire for food yet its pure green cholophyll makes you energetic, ready to work out, be physical. You could be on a really strict diet , work out, and never feel hunger or pangs or cravings.  Grow it in the garden. Looks like DILL. Ferny leaves.  Seed can be bought out of any seed catalogue online. It can grows year round, where there's no freeze so can be planted any time. "Foeniculum vulgare," is its generic name. FENNEL is how it appears in catalogues. FINNOCHIO they call it in Italy.  Biennial or Perennial means it grows for years on end. It lasts in the garden. Then they get big, not just celery height and branches and leaves can be juiced. A few tbsps of juice before a meal and all hunger is banished. Do it in a tisane or tea. Bring water to a boil, lay a few bunches of the herb in pot. Turnoff fire; let steep 15 min. Strain, drink. Or do it in MISO broth or a broth cube. Goodbye hunger. NO SENSE Of being revved or nervous at all. It is not a stimulant.

 Fennel has a strong anise scent in all its parts. Its leaves and seeds are popular in fish dishes. Fennel flavors 'finocchiona,' an Italian salami and the French liqueur, fenouillette. Simmered in vegetable soup the licorice flavor disappears.

FINE, NOW WHAT DO I EAT? TASTY HEALTHFOODS is the answer. Food you love. It is a fact of life that one's sensual nature craves foods that seem more 'stick to the ribs', which are perhaps aromatic, chewy, meaty, chocolaty, starchy, salty and recreational to bite into. Meat, creamy things, oily, dairy, sugar and starch are fairly low in solar power minerals, fiber and vitamins, (which are more often found in light, beta-carotene rich food), but there's an emotional attachment to their use. However, this love affair with richness is mainly 'mental' and can be broken. The mind is amenable to being trained and re-educated when one reads up on the danger of plaque in the arteries from flesh, fried food and dairy, and when one learns how carcinogenic fats are and that there actually is higher stroke incidence from over-salting fatty food. 

Reading nutritional magazines can help you walk away from those foods, and turn quite happily to healthy foods, which the 'new solar palate' adjusts to and quickly becomes fond of. Soon, a dried, sun-radiated black fig or prune can be the equal of a chocolate bar. A mango beats an ice cream cone, and a hot corn tortilla with guacamole is more superb than a Nathan's Coney Island kosher hot-dog, which has such a big downside: toxic meat, carcinogenic nitrites & NO VITAMINS and none of those unsaturated oils that clean your bloodstream like a whiskbroom which an avocado will do. And when the transition is made, energy is high, physical activity feels natural and one burns off old weight problems easily and one's veins are clean as new, copper pipes! So you have to make this switchover, attempt to clean up the old graveyard. 

There is, however, a fourth kind of 'never-lose' dieter, one who cannot stop his ravenous appetite, no matter how much he struggles to diet, someone whose 'appestat' goes crazy quite frequently, and mysteriously. Nutritional researchers have learned this type may have his problem because there is one organ in the body, which can actually become as addicted to one of the Forbidden Five as a junkie is to heroin, or as an arsonist is to a five-alarm fire. If you crave starches regularly, of any and all kinds, as bread, fruit, alcohol, sweets or baked goods, you may have an addicted pancreas. The yen for carbs is similar to the craving an alcoholic has for his "carbohydrate of preference"---alcohol.

If no matter what you eat in a meal, afterward you tend to crave starch or sweet, you might suspect this to be the case. The appetite for carbs doesn't feel like any normal hunger. It feels like an 'irritation' or an itch which is not relieved by other food groups. Over the years you become less interested in proteins, vegetables or salads. You eat them because you know you should but what you really want is starch.

In such cases, a good "New Age" nutritionist promptly suspects a food allergy. Quite often people crave what they are allergic to. During the 80's, when food testing by needle scratches became popular, the examining doctors found that frequently people who had a chocolate 'positive' reading, (or a red welt on the chocolate scratch) claimed to love and use a great deal of the stuff, yet their body was actually aggravated by it. 

An allergy is a problematic body response to certain foods, which causes other systems to jam up. For instance, the immune system is severely lowered for a while after ingesting the allergen food, wheat and dairy being prime allergens. The lack of an immune system may make body-resident viruses and bacteria get an upper hand. Sometimes other environmental allergies are triggered--to things pets, pollen, and carpets ordinarily don’t bother you. Colds, cankers and cold sores appear. In the wake of consumption of food-allergens, one will also have a fatigued feeling. The thyroid may swell a little, and you'll feel it when you swallow. 

But the "carb-allergy" specifically irritates another organ, the pancreas, which swells up and over-secretes insulin making you hungry again TOO soon. This syndrome is called hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. It is often a pre-cursor of diabetes, for--after decades of over-secreting insulin, one finally will run out of insulin. Diabetes is a very inconvenient disease, causing blindness and gangrene, which then can make amputation of feet necessary. Diabetes also causes kidney failure, possibly due to the massive amounts of animal protein diabetics erroneously eat. In "Reversing Diabetes" Dr.John Whitaker shoots holes in the high-protein diet and gives a regimen, which will take a diabetic off of insulin and restore his health. If Diabetes is reversible, hypoglycemia may be too. 

If we are overweight, can we assume low blood sugar? If we know we are not diabetic, and are hungry too often, we can. (NOTE: if insomnia accompanies the perpetual munchies it may be intestinal parasites. As l00% of us have some parasites, it's always wise to do a 3-week natural herbal cure, which will definitely reduce your appetite.) There are hunger-killing herbs that will help you kill appetite, too. Some people can mask hunger momentarily with caffeine. But a few hours later it comes back three times as strong. Have you ever noticed that when your coffee wears off your appetite comes back in spades? That in the late day and evening, you can eat a huge steak and salad but even that meal makes you ravenous for sweets? If so, suspect an addicted pancreas. 

If you wake several times during the night, hungry, unable to sleep. And wander to the fridge and eat some cheese and then, sleep soundly, suspect the pancreas. If three hours later you're up again nibbling milk or toast and all this eating ---with no fasting ever---ultimately stresses the stomach, damages the liver and kidneys, aging us by leaps and bounds and that's only what we KNOW over-eating can do,---there are probably other, worse results---suspect the pancreas! And if you suspect the pancreas is sick, the most important thing you can do right now is CURE this organ. 

How? Conventional medicine has no answer, but holistic healers suggest you give your pancreas a trace mineral called chromium, herbs like: golden seal, juniper berries, uva ursi, mullein, comfrey root, yarrow flowers, garlic bulb, cayenne, dandelion root, marshmallow root, buchu leaves, huckleberry leaves, dried root of licorice, and freeze dried adrenals, (avail at HFS). For special healing foods, eat fennel (finocchio) in your salads along with Jerusalem artichokes or sunchokes and for dessert: BLUEBERRIES. Use hot castor oil packs over the pancreas. Wet a rag in castor oil, get a hot water bottle and apply the pack, then the bottle to the area under sternum bone, on the stomach. If you really want to heal pancreas, do the compresses several times a week. 

The perpetual munchies dieter should then follow a pancreas healing dietary regimen. You have to swear off carbohydrates all together. After a week of no carbs at all, carb lust fades and the pancreas is restored to health. As carbohydrate is contained in so many foods required for health---fruit, vegetables, grains---it is hard to get the susceptibility to fade. But toe the line and avoid this food group, aiming for 95% abstinence and if you hit 95% you can get the low-blood sugar syndrome to fade into the background. 

Some research sources (Atkins Diet, Enter the Zone by Sears) feel the carb addict can have a little bit of a natural, unrefined carb (brown grains, fruit, beans) as a reward for staying on a non-carb diet. This is a question the dieter must decide for himself. Atkins says 14 gms of carb a day is maintenance. Zero carbs causes you to go into ketosis and lose the chub, the fat. Zero means no bread. 14 gms a day means one slice of Whole grain bread and that's it. No corn, no potatoes. No carrots even. One can try NO carbs, no toast in A.M. just proteins and greens all day. Grapefruit as a treat, or strawberries, the low sugar fruits. You will go into ketosis. Bad taste in mouth as you lose your fat, or burn it off. Live off it. This is hard on the liver so you must stop drinking coffee while you do it. It may be a difficult regimen but when carbohydrate addicts go on this zero carb diet they find that the fat and the real weight peels off. So you might be motivated to go high vegetarian proteins for a week or two, and no more than once a day, ANIMAL proteins like fresh fish, which rarely IS fresh these days so why not stick to our vegetarian meatloaf. (recipe below.) 

ANIMAL PROTEIN VS. VEGETARIAN---PROS AND CONS. New Age holistic health food healers believe that proteins are necessary, and they recommend avocados, millet, tofu and lentils/beans as there's such a severe downside to frequent use of meat. Meat is high in saturated fats, cholesterol, hence harder on the liver than veggie proteins. Meat is high in a substance called uric acids that stress the kidneys and which holistic healers believe cause arthritis, gout and compressed nerves. Even conventional doctors tell us that high-protein consumption causes excretion of calcium hence osteoporosis.

If that doesn't dissuade you from eating corpses, Hindu Yogi mystics tell us of the sensitivity and intelligence of cows raised by humans from childhood. This is a conscious animal. Imagine the fear and panic of a friendly, trusting person penned near a slaughter house, then dragged to a bloody spot and butchered. Imagine eating that flesh so full of fear and pain hormones! Then imagine the karma of eating this kindly creature, and participating in this murder. Enough is enough. Go veggie. 

Because we're making a week-long experiment in a new food technology, for the sake of vitality and youth, instead of doing the conventional high protein diet, (steak, boiled eggs, chicken, which is mainly un-vital, highly cooked foods to which they add a little white-colored salad, and pasteurized grapefruit juice), let's do a California Vegetarian health food high protein diet. 

This regimen will be easier on your kidneys than meat diets. Animal flesh puts uric acid 'puff' on our faces over the years as a kind of edema builds up. The proof is that meat-eaters all have faces like round meat pies at age 60. You can see no resemblance to the person they were at 20, whereas vegetarians keep the facial contours of a 20 year old until they are 90. Meat and eggs also give the breath and body an unpleasant smell that mirrors the condition of the bowel. As vegetarians tell us 'food should smell the same way going in as passing out!' And for them, it does! 

So, hoping for all these new levels and areas of non-toxicity, we are going for a full on California Health Regimen of steamed veggies and grains, lots of raw foods and certainly some nice, New Age all-vegetarian (low uric acid) proteins and plenty of hi-vit dark green salad! And let's add a few health food store herbal preparations which (like STP type fuel additives) can really rev you up and create super-vitality and youth. You may not have heard of them before, but if you go to good health food store you will find them for sale. 

FOOD COMBINING is another trick to eating more food and still losing weight. If you want an inspiring book on this food combining concept, go to:,,gzkd-p,00.html is the best diet that ever existed. Judy Mazel’s BEVERLY HILLS DIET. You can get book on it used for a buck at This diet stresses FOOD COMBINING. You can eat larger amounts if you combine correctly.

THE SUNLIGHT DIET MAKES USE OF THE POWER OF VEIN-CLEANSING MINERALS The high mineral content of the foods you will be consuming is said to create natural 'chelation'. In other words, the organic minerals penetrate and sweep away the inorganic minerals trapped in your arteries and plaque. High-min raw juices are especially effective. When your veins are clean, you will drop years, rejuvenate, and as you lose weight, FIRM your body again! 

Rejuvenate with vein CLEANSING OILS - Lecithin, Evening Primrose Oil, Kyolic de- odorized garlic, Vitamin E. Omega Fish oils. Use all of these with fatty meals. On top of food, use fresh garlic mixed with cold-pressed oils purchased at health food store, which will not become thick when cold. Do not fry or heat any oils; don't sauté with them. Put small amts on top of your cooked food in the way you used to dress vegetables with melted butter. A little clarified sweet butter is alright, too as it banishes hunger like magic, making vegetables the equal of meat. Use no Salt- Small amt of low-salt soy sauce can be mixed into the oils we use on food. Toasted sesame seed 'gomasio' is also fine. 

THE MAGIC OF CABBAGE- Drops those pounds off!

THE MAGIC OF ALMONDS! Get a pound bag of almonds. Raw almonds. Store in fridge. Soak some (15-20) at bedtime. Nextmorning, while you eat breakfast, peel them and eat them chewing well. STEAK ON A TREE!Oprah’s secret. YOGI BHAJAN is the one who told us about peeling them, soaking and peeling as skin is so astringent it’s not good for anything except closing pores! ONCE you soak and peel, eat right away OR store in fridge, peeled. (Fridge will RE-adhere skin, that’s why we peel it before storing.)

THE REGIMEN --BEFORE BREAKFAST (on empty stomach) L-salivarius (a beneficial bacteria like the one in yogurt). Potassium, (for muscle strength) preferably liquid form, magnesium, chromium piccoliniate. Cayenne capsules for 'glow and arterial flow!’ and JUST BEFORE BREAKFAST-Electrolytes (minerals in solution). Take one or two capsules of INCREDIBLE ENERGY PRODUCTS, "Herbal Energy Boost" which kills appetite, makes you active. 800-808-1259 for a bottle and samples. You then start dealing it to pals and yours is free. Formula is Fo-Ti, Chromium, boron, beet powder kelp or bladder wrack, hawthorn, kola, saw palmetto, sida cordifolia linn, ginkgo, zinc, white willow if you want to make your own. Remarkable stuff. 

BREAKFAST - If you can sleep nine hours without hunger awakening you, this can be your carbohydrate meal. The items you use will be whole grain, but they still may create mid-morning hunger later. If this is the case, take note---you are a probable carb-allergic. You have to go on a total-protein breakfast. If you have mild hunger reaction to grains/fruits in a.m., you can use SPROUTED SEEDS later in morning, to sooth the ragged appetite. Eat a big fistful of soaked, peeled raw almonds. Take raw pumpkin or sunflower seed SPROUTS at l0 a.m. Or soak your almonds overnight, they plump up if they’re fresh, raw almonds, and you peel off the astringent skins and wow, it’s steak on a tree! This is a 'stick to your ribs' protein snack. If you handle grains well in winter time, use fruits in spring and summer. We make them into a fruit shake. (No dairy or soy, just plain fruits.) Add bee pollen, rice bran syrup, any brand blue green algae and flax seed oil. In cold weather, steamed or hot, baked fruits or whole grain cereals. (no milk). Dairy foods are slightly mucous forming as well as not combining with starch as well as fat, so it is better to have a small amount of pure unpasteurized cream. Sweeten with rice syrup, tupelo honey or genuine maple syrup but in miniscule amounts. To sweeten grains causes fermentation in your stomach, which we want to avoid. And NO CAFFEINE as it gives you a morning high, but followed by afternoon/evening LOW with munchies, not EVEN energy. 

ALTERNATE BREAKFAST- If you wake several times during night with distinct hunger, you are not ready for a starch breakfast. You must have protein drink. Soak 4 oz almonds in water at night. In the morning you will be able to peel off skin. Blend 1/2 cup of blanched almonds (FRESH MADE, never store bought!) in spring water or soy or rice milk, add rice bran syrup or tupelo honey (l tsp), 1 tbsp bee pollen, and 1 tsp good liquid algae, flavor with almond flavoring and banana or 1 tsp unsugared cocoa. (and take algae capsules on the side. GARY NULL recommends chlorophyll powder, sez it gives you the power of fifty lbs of veggies in a cup! He also adds ANTIOXIDANT fruit powder. Have no idea what it is but go ask clerk at HFS.  Also, find out if your HFS  stocks spirulina or blue-green Klamath Lake algae.) You can learn to make great 'milk' shakes out of mixtures of fresh coconut, raw, soaked peeled almonds and even cooked soybeans or better is silken tofu. For shakes get the delicate, not firm. To flavor, add almond or vanilla extract, or Sanka for a coffee flavor, or Cinnamon/nutmeg and banana, or carob for a chocolate flavor, and SOME milk or fine YOGURT to give it the dairy flavor you love. I love ALMOND flavoring in mine! Nuts about that bitter almond essence! I Always get the big jug of Persian yogurt $1.99 for 32 oz. Hindus, they know how to do it. Full fat. IF YOU USE TOFU,  you get B VITS which are rejuvenating. IN fact, get used to high vit B tofu stuck into foods as often as possible, because this diet is about POWER FOODS. SUPER FOODS. Algae is very tasty by the way, as it's totally tasteless and then they add APPLE juice concentrate to your drink. Or there is algae in a bottle with eye dropper. 

BEFORE LUNCH - Digestive enzymes, if no money, use a bitter leaf, dandelion works fine. Herbal supplements: Mucus- reducers like de-odorized garlic, cheapest, or if you can find Mullin, Marshmallow, Fenugreek, (Arab or Iranian, Jewish markets sell it in bulk fresh, great for tea) diuretic Kidney herbs like Uva Ursi, Juniper Berry, dandelion). 

LUNCH DIET: Steamed or raw vegetables, broccoli, (beets are grated. If starch is wanted, parsnips AND carrots replace potato. If pasta is wanted go for SPAGHETTI SQUASH which makes noodles too, replaces pasta made of stuffy, inert, mucus forming flour.) Raw salad, soup, whole brown basmati or regular rice, never white. Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes) in salads to provide insulin to even out hunger pangs. Licorice in the form of fennel (finochio) cut into your salad to kill appetite. Find a tea called weightless, available everywhere. Drink with meal. Very tasty, diuretic. NO SALT. It holds water on you. 

1/2 HOUR AFTER LUNCH- Digestive enzymes, herbal supplements. 

LITE SNACK - If hungry, corn tortilla, avocado made into guacamole. If you are smart and want to peel back the years and look younger, drink home-made, fresh raw vegetable juice. (Carrot, beet watercress, celery, cuke, kale best.) Raw milk, goat being best. ALMOND milk (soak, peel almonds, grind, strain; add almond extract. Use nutmeal for face.  A big ripe tomato covered with garlicky olive oil, a single slice of toasted bible bread, greens on top, like cilantro. Arugula.

BEFORE DINNER Herbal Supplements. Herbal-Minerals, Kidney mixture, whatever you feel you need. Menopausal Women should use estrogen replacement herbs like fo-ti-tieng with raspberry tea. 

DINNER DIET- Raw Greens, protein which should be vegetarian, (Veggie meat loaf, hummus, tofu.) Vegetable soup, steamed or baked vegetables, 1 or 2 digestive enzyme capsules. 

BEFORE BED Sleep-aid herbs. L-salivarius 1-3 capsules and an herbal laxative capsule, chromium, magnesium. 

IN SUMMATION: The NO CARB diet is easy to research, shop for and carry out. It is, however a radically new way of eating. Will the pleasure of being thin and loved outweigh all the garbage you used to put in your mouth? What do you think? The diet allows you nut butters, and moderate use of whole grain starches, delicious dishes like waffles with maple syrup or tupelo honey, healthy fruitshakes even cheesecake made of cottage cheese, sweetened with apple juice concentrate in a rich NUT crust. Avoid processed foods with shelf-life (meaning they're dead!) empty calories. Eat full calories. Nutritional Natural food. Everything has to be ALIVE. That way less of it is required. Most of our hungers are vitaminosis-related! So try LOW Protein, Low CARB, high NUTRITION, eat all you want of delicious food (chosen from SUPER FOODS ONLY) and GROW super active, and super THIN.


HUMMOUS- This is a middle eastern protein food like western types of party dip, (I use it for that) which YOU will use as sandwich spread as it's thick like chicken salad. It's very satisfying and the highest food you could find in calcium due to sesame, hence it replaces cheese & milk. All bean-based dishes sour in 4 days so we will freeze half of the finished product, making a lot at a time as it does take a few minutes of work. 

HAVE ON HAND: One jar/Can TAHINI, (a kind of peanut butter only made w. sesame seeds, avail at Israeli, Iranian, Armenian, Arab grocery stores.) Dry raw garbanzo beans, onion, soy sauce, pckg untoasted sesame seeds, garlic, lemons, 1 sml. can chopped olives, cumin, curry powder, Cilantro, Chile-Sesame oil, (oriental section.) Pickle/relish optional. 

METHOD- SOAK beans over night. Boil in crock pot until soft. While beans cook, toast sesame seeds in iron skillet, stirring until they pop. Cool. Reserve most of liquid in beanpot for tomorrow's soup, leave 1/2 cup remaining liquid while you mash beans into a paste. Add 1 part tahini to 3 parts beans, mashing with finely chopped onions, lemon juice, soy sauce. Add toasted sesame seeds to the bean/tahini mix, add a few dashes of chile sesame oil, your spices, cumin, curry, lots of crushed fresh garlic, olives, cilantro and lemon juice. Freeze what you can't eat in plastic, not foil, as there's acid in hummus and aluminum leaches out of foil. Later, hummus thaws good as new. Serve with fat free baked all corn chips or in sandwiches w. pickle/ lettuce/tomato. Kids will take this to school quite happily. 

VEGETARIAN MEAT LOAF- ON HAND- 1 cup of your CHOICE OF GRAIN* (soaked 2 hrs. at l00 degrees), garlic, chopped onion, oil, thyme, oregano, chopped celery, celery seed, mushrooms, 1/4 cup soaked, almost sprouted nuts: may be mixed sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, hazlenuts. Other ideas: bell pepper, tofu, cooked lentils or garbanzos, tahini, Salt/pepper & vegie broth. Use a good grain from health food store like millet, brown rice, quinoa, (COOK GRAIN, or, if bulgur wheat, soak in hot water 30 min.). Grind nuts. (Almonds must be soaked overnight in water, then skinned) METHOD- Sauté onion, garlic, red or green peppers, stir in the other ingredients: GRAIN, nuts, spices, until you have a burger.n top. Then, you can then shape a patty, dredge in flour and sesame seeds, fry lightly in butter, olive oil, then bake, last 15 minutes. Serve with a little cheese, tomato sauce, olive on top. U also can bake in meatloaf shape. Freeze 3/4 of patties or slices. NOTE: Reason we pre-soak grains, sprout nuts/seeds is to inactivate PHYTIC acid which prevents mineral assimilation. 


HOME MADE BREAD- Let pckg dry yeast rise in 1 tsp sugar, 1/2 cup of warm water. Make 3 cups vegie broth by simmering vegies that you perhaps plan to eat for dinner. Add 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1 cube butter. COOL. Throw 3-4 cups whole grain wheat/mixed w. rye flour into broth, (a little millet flour is good if you can find it,) and a tsp of gluten (avail. at health food store) for each cup of flour. Stir so it's very soft, then add, stir in the yeast which has proven it's alive by getting a thick scum on it. Stir more flour into dough until it's mushy verging on firm. Let rise in bowl in warm spot in kitchen, FOR MINIMUM OF 2 HRS, like open oven on super low. 2-hr yeast raising period is to inactivate phytic acid which is pronounded in whole wheat, and inhibits our assimilating our minerals. When doubled in size, turn on dusted board, and knead, as you do, adding several oz. of toasted sesame seeds and salt to taste. Put on buttered floured pizza pan, or four loaf pans, set in warm place until it doubles. Bake at 375 l0 min, then lower to 300 until brown. Cool, Cut into 4 loaves, freeze 3. A slice is all the carbs you get! Toasted. THIS unfortunately is flour bread. If you want a good for you bread, go with BIBLE BREAD, made of soaked grains, rinsed, triterated, found only at healthfood stores, though in CALIF we have EZEKIEL bread in super markets.

VEGIE CHOPPED CHICKEN LIVERS-(or party dip) Ground sprouted Walnuts, pecans, pre-soaked lentils that have sprouted, so over night or more, rinsing several times. Final rinse and dry before adding. Cheddar cheese, garlic, soy sauce, lemon juice all blended together. YUMMY! Sandwich spread, too. Pre-soak nuts to sprout them to inactivate phytic acid. 

SALAD - THE ULTIMATE VITALITY FOOD- IF YOU CAN DOWN ENOUGH GREENS A DAY TO EQUAL THE WEIGHT OF PROTEINS AND GRAINS YOU EAT, you'll lose weight. The only way you can do it is to make a salad dressing that is absolutely enchanting.

DREAM. DRESSING-  YOU HAVE TO GET ANCHOVY paste. no good dressing can fail to have this! Small smidge of an amt inside your dressing really is fabulous! Use: Olive oil, never canola, dangerous to body. Use lemon juice, not vinegar. Use crushed real, fresh garlic, oregano, a little dry mustard powder or wet, 2 tbsp crushed avocado and slices of onion, soy sauce for salt, and always anchovy paste if possible. A TUBE of it keeps forever in the fridge door. ALSO use WORCESTSHIRE SAUCE, fabulous in dressings. And no salad dressing should fail to include a small amount of honey. It will not be noticeable as what it is… just you hit the right amount of sweet is all

Wash romaine, watercress, spinach, but not head lettuce. Get all dirt out of crevices. Put in colander to chill while you make dressing. Be sure to buy enough greens to last for a week. IF YOU WASH greens, DRAIN, DRY IN AIR, then refrigerate in a big zipper bag, those

Greens will be fresh and crip every day for a week or more! So go into your bag, REMOVE your daily two cups of chilled greens, Mix arugula, etc, spinach, romaine, maybe some head lettuce, but don't make it the main large, wooden salad bowl, put special toppings where else? On top. TOPPING- sunflower seeds, avocado slices, raisins, mushroom slices, hulled pumpkin seeds (only avail. at HFS as must be fridged for weeks while on sale), broccoli florets, jicama or sunchoke slices, diced green onions, fresh basil, cilantro or arugula herbs. SERVE with stacks of hot, corn tortillas in a basket. Make soft 'tacos' of salad. GOMASIO- Toast 1 3oz bag of sesame seeds on heavy skillet until golden. Cool. Put in blender with 1/4 tsp salt, whiz l second only. Store in CLOSED jar in fridge. Use in place of salt on all savory foods. SPROUTED SEEDS AND NUTS- As beans, seeds, tahini, nuts and whole grain breads have phytic acid, which inhibits assimilation of minerals, as you start to use them to take the place of MEAT, SOAK THEM. Beans will be soaked overnight, water thrown away. Nuts should be soaked also, changing water a few times, until they start to sprout. Seeds should be soaked until they sprout and whole grain flour should 'rest' 2 hrs in the dough stage. Phytic Acid is the Catch 22 of healthfooders. Whole wheat products can cause rickets from phytic acid causing calcium lacks. GET FLOURLESS BREAD at HFS, toast w. butter and garlic clove gets rubbed on them. (IN A.M. serve it toasted with homemade, sugar free jams sweetened with grape juice concentrate. Or a great peanut butter covered  snack with bananas, raisins). 

SWEETS- Make 'Pinatas' and store in jar in fridge. Each colored paper cone is filled with ribbon-chopped dried cherries, apricots, peaches, raisins, home-blanched almonds, homemade peanut brittle, and dipped chocolates (fruit center) all made w. no sugar. 

MARZIPAN- Larger dried fruits like dates, figs R-stuffed w. nuts or homemade marzipan. (Grind dates, walnuts, blanched almonds, lemon juice, lemon rind, coconut in blender, add almond extract.) INDIVIDUALLY wrap each ‘ball.’ STORE in sealed jar in fridge.