Last week scientists issued a bulletin which I heard on TV news. "You're only as senile as your synapses are slow. NEUROTRANSMISSION is the thing. If the spark of a thought can't leap from the tip of one nerve (the synapses area), across the void to the other nerve,  you're dumb as soup. Somebody stole your mind in the night and you didn't even feel it. Unless of course you have felt that un-leapy spark stalling lately when you tried to put two thoughts together and make your tongue work at the same time. If the motor car of YOUR speeding mind and thought stalls on some mysterious, muddy back road in your skull, that's the beginning of  senility, the encroaching dum dums.

MUCKED UP SYNAPSES is what stalls most seniors so they get that brain dulling like an old knife, tongue can't pronounce what it doesn't get sent and simple words and memories don't come when the button is pressed. That's NUBBY NERVE ENDINGS approaching, so hunker down in the war bunkers and arm for ALL OUT BATTLE. Hit the Online suppliers for supplements that assure your synapses will sparkle plenty! And dose the kids and the family dog while you're at it.

The SPARK OF LIGHT SUPPLEMENT COMPANIES that show up on my Googling around on words like 'senility + synapses + neurotransmitters are:
Chinese herbs we westerners cannot imagine, may work.

MIX'EM ALL TOGETHER .....It's ALIVEEEEEEE It's ALIIIIVVVVVVVEE! Your brain will come back to life. Your speech and thoughts will be quick as a kid's. Of course, THEY'RE DUMB AS SOUP because they haven't lived as many years as you --or read as many books ---or attended as many classes, so get those neurotransmitters lubed and tuned!