Remember those oilwells on fire in Kuwait? They were set by our soldiers, not Saddam's! Think CBS will cover it? Fox-Cable? Dream on. TRY "AIR AMERICA" A radio station that's in every state of the USA. When I heard that OUR SOLDIERS set the oilwells on fire when they entered IRAQ and did so to implicate Saddam, I heard it on AMY GOODMAN's Show, At the time it was on radio, now it's on television. She works out of BOSTON, on 800 stations now, I think it's the most solid, best radio show ever, listen online AMY GOODMAN, the woman  beats all.

Most MAINSTREAM broadcasters toe a PARTY line. Just HOW much do your leaders lie to media and thru the obedient talking head puppies, to you? Adolph Hitler opined famously: "make the lies big enough, everybody will believe them." Last night, L.A. heard a G.I. confess what his squadron was told to do. Set fire to alot of oil wells during Desert Storm.

The fact that Bush Sr. LIED to you should not surprise you. Hitler's own Gestapo was hired to run our CIA and has been CIA since 1945. When it was OSS. Super Nazi Reinhard Gehlen came to America after war as part of an OSS PROJECT to grab all nazi spies who could work with USA against RUSSIA. Gehlen himself was instructor in a course that all Alan Dulles propaganda geniues, special op and deathsquad operatives had to take! His best student was Ted Shackley of PHOENIX PROGRAM, Vietnam, a ONE MAN GESTAPO rottweiler forthe CIA.

So the correct answer to the LYING question is, YOUR GOV lies like a RUG.  Remember, this GOV is not AMERICAN in nature, not Jeffersonian. Not moral or true. It is GERMAN. KRAUT! NAZI. NOT American. Hitler admirers are currently IN POWER. They lay down with dogs thinking the Nazis had all the goods on the Ruski and commies. And they got up with fleas. RACISM, GENOCIDAL capacities, EXPENDIBILITY of small groups, for PROPAGANDA purposes, the explanation of why they let 911 happen.

 FEB 20, '03, Last night all of LOS ANGELES found this out -- a US Special Operations soldier was interviewed on L.A's FM radio station, KPFK, 90.7 FM. He came forward of his own free will and accord, and was not paid for the interview. He stated that he was part of a group of U.S. Special Ops forces, operating on specific orders, who were the ones who ignited the oil wellhead fires in Kuwait, in order that THE WORLD would blame Saddam Hussein for the horrendous fires.

This G.I's specific assignment was to start fires at four wellheads, while each of the other soldiers in his group were assigned a similar number of fires to start. He further stated that no one from Iraq had anything whatsoever to do with the oil well fires in Kuwait. There were numerous additional details, adequate to show that this particular soldier had not made up any part of his story.

L.A's KPFK -FM is part of the nationwide PACIFICA radio system that you can get right now on your PC!  Fab shows, caviar radio for fried egg price! Try FREE!

These FM stations and the chains that supply them with matrial are public supported with fund drives where L.A. pours forth the cash, millions on each fund drive. Their employees are all screamin' radicals who volunteer their time. Nobody loses a job if they go to far, so THEY GO TOO FAR!

NO VESTED interest. So these employees freely thumb their noses at GM, FORD and carry all the RALPH NADER interviews the guy does! They spit on G.E, WESTINGHOUSE and have all the anti- WAR TOY HELEN CALDICOTT interviews you could want in a lifetime. They spit on POST and KELLOGS and carry shows by Gary Null that would make you switch to raw oats before you'd eat another packaged cereal.

As you can imagine, no commercials on the. None are needed. No corporation owns their butt. Where the dollar isn't SOUL IS! Where the mind isn't SPIRIT IS!

So make a vow to capture its signal! ON YOUR PC! YES! Catch Radio PACIFICA in your area by hook or crook. On the radio in the kitchen, makes a great delight and you can happily wash a stack of dishes soaking in your local station. In L.A it's  90.7 FM, but whole PACIFICA chain of staions can be listened to across the nation, (outside the station's signal area) using Real Audio on the internet -- go to or search on radio pacifica at
and grab their cybersignal..

Why I bring this up is that no Cable channel on TV will ever give you that kind of PROPAGANDA-FREE veracity. The list below will.

I AM NO TEKKIE. But I figured out how to download the REAL PLAYER cuz the station's webpage made it so easy! So you want to go to any radio station online, download REAL PLAYER in five minutes flat, and then tune into NET RADIO! Many to chose form. I adore as its book shows are fab, the greatest historians, authors. The Patricia Cornwell Jack theRipper Caught show was amazing! It's still available there online as an archive show. Then, RADIO VILLAGE VOICE is great, lots of music, New Yorkish Kulture. I love Randi Rhodes..  she is centrist, slightly left and very progressive.  Then AIR AMERICA ... AM radio. Ron Reagan Jr used to be on afternoons, he's terrific.  Now the best radio talk show host in America? You can be surfing, answering email and writing files and multi-tasking, all the while listening to the real skivvy you can never get elswhere.

It's a good thing. Now, here is the promised LIST of great stations


     Akron, OH - WARF-AM 1350 AM

     Ann Arbor, MI - WLBY-AM 1290 AM

     Asheville, NC - WPEK-AM 880 AM

     Atlanta, GA - WWAA-AM 1690 AM

     Bennington, VT - WBTN-AM 1370

     Binghamton, NY - WYOS-AM 1360 AM

     Boston, MA - WKOX-AM 1200 AM

     Boston, MA - WXKS-AM 1430 AM

     Brattleboro, VT - WKVT-AM 1490 AM

     Buffalo, NY - WHLD-AM 1270 AM

     Burlington, VT - WVAA-AM 1390 AM

     Chapel Hill, NC - WCHL-AM 1360 AM

     Charlottesville, VA - WVAX-AM 1450 AM

     Chattanooga, TN - WDOD-AM 1310 AM

     Cincinnati, OH - WSAI-AM 1360 AM

     Columbia, SC - WOIC-AM 1230 AM

     Columbus, OH - WTPG-AM 1230 AM

     Detroit, MI - WDTW-AM 1310 AM

     Grand Rapids, MI - WTKG-AM 1230

     Greenfield, MA - WHMQ-AM 1240 AM

     Huntington, WV - WRVC-AM 930 AM

     Ithaca, NY - WNYY-AM 1470-AM

     Key West, FL - WKIZ-AM 1500 AM

     Miami, FL - WINZ-AM 940 AM

     Montpelier/Barre/St Johnsbury, VT - WDEV-AM 550

     New Haven, CT - WAVZ-AM 1300 AM

     New York, NY - WLIB 1190 AM

     Northampton, MA - WHMP-AM 1400 AM

     Petoskey, MI - WWKK-AM 750 AM

     Pittsburgh, PA - WPTT-AM 1360

     Portland, ME - WLVP-AM 870 AM

     Poughkeepsie, NY - WKZE-AM 1020 AM

     Rochester, NY - WROC-AM 950 AM

     Sarasota-Bradenton, FL - WSRQ-AM 1450 AM

     Springfield, MA - WHNP-AM 1600 AM

     State College, PA - WBLF-AM 970 AM

     Washington, DC - WWRC-AM 1260 AM

     West Palm Beach, FL - WJNO-AM 1290 AM


     Austin, TX - KOKE-AM 1600 AM

     Baton Rouge, LA - WPYR-AM 1380 AM

     Brainerd, MN - WWWI-AM 1270 AM

     Chicago, IL - WCPT-AM 850 AM

     Corpus Christi, TX - KCCT-AM 1150 AM

     Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX - KXEB-AM 910 AM

     Davenport, IA - WKBF-AM 1270 AM

     Duluth-Superior, MN - KQDS-AM 1490 AM

     Ely/Hibbing, MN - WELY-AM 1450 AM

     Iowa City, IA - KXIC-AM 800 AM

     Lafayette, LA - KEUN-AM 1490 AM

     Little Rock, AR - KDXE-AM 1380 AM

     Madison, WI - WXXM-FM 92.1 FM

     Marion/Carbondale, IL - WINI-AM 1420

     Memphis, TN - WWTQ-AM 680 AM

     Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN - KTNF-AM 950 AM

     New Orleans, LA - WSMB-AM 1350 AM

     San Antonio, TX - KTXX-FM 103.1 FM

     St. Louis, MO - KRFT-AM 1190 AM


     Albuquerque, NM - KABQ-AM 1350 AM

     Denver, CO - KKZN-AM 760 AM

     El Paso, TX - KHRO-AM 1650 AM

     Phoenix, AZ - KPHX-AM 1480 AM

     Santa Fe, NM - KTRC-AM 1260 AM

     Sheridan, WY - KYTI-FM HD 93.7-3 FM

     Taos, NM - KVOT-AM 1340


     Albany, OR - KTHH-AM 990 AM

     Eugene, OR - KOPT-AM 1600 AM

     Eureka, CA - KGOE-AM 1480

     Fresno, CA - KFPT-AM 790 AM

     Los Angeles, CA - KTLK-AM 1150 AM

     Monterey-Salinas-Santa Cruz, CA - KRXA-AM 540

     North Bend / Coos Bay, OR - KBBR-AM 1340

     Portland, OR - KPOJ-AM 620 AM

     Reno, NV - KJFK-AM 1230 AM

     Riverside, CA - KCAA-AM 1050 AM

     Sacramento, CA - KCTC-AM 1320

     Sacramento, CA - KSAC-AM 1240 AM

     San Diego, CA - KLSD-AM 1360 AM

     San Francisco, CA - KQKE-AM 960 AM

     San Luis Obispo, CA - KYNS-AM 1340 AM

     Santa Barbara, CA - KIST-AM 1340 AM

     Santa Cruz - Monterey, CA - KOMY-AM 1340 AM

     Seattle, WA - KPTK-AM 1090 AM

     Spokane, WA - KPTQ-AM 1280 AM

     Victor Valley, CA - KSZL-AM 1230 AM

     Anchorage, AK - KUDO-AM 1080 AM

     Honolulu, HI - KUMU-AM 1500 AM

     Kihei, HI - KAOI-AM 1110 AM

     Lihue, HI - KQNG-AM 570 AM