A powerful NEW-AGE "MONEY HEADTRIP" that can be taught !
also, a 'Rich Man Poorman' Study group.

This website will teach you everything you ever wanted to know ABOUT GELT but with a BUDDHIST underscore. Is it possible to make the RAKING IN OF DOLLARS sacred and holy? Yes. Pursuing what the BUDDHISTS call a DHARMIC LIVING will make you the wealthiest man in HEAVEN. This single page here, plus the LIVE LINKS that it leads you to in CYBERSPACE are a full PROSPERITY 101 seminar by the MASTER JULES who was a self-made, multi-millionaire and his student who did the FREE websites/ seminars/ trainings.

You already are a lucky soul  because you have come to an online seminar which is free to all! The METAPHYSICS OF MONEY can be taught,  the MASTER JULES DID IT at -- many of his audio tapes are transcribed there. HE had the HEAD TRIP of the prosperous man. And he was assiduous in passing it on, WEALTH Tech 101. The entire BOOK will soon be online for you and your family to read, free. No registering, no fees! Send each article you read to the pal who needs it. HIGHLIGHT its URL, slip it in an email.

The FIRST SECRET of wealth is availing yourself of team energy, HIVE spirit, i.e. using 'chumclusters;. Pursue a cottage industry as a team, a family or pals, and share the work. This generates ENERGY. It also makes falling by the wayside hard. We tend to 'KEEP UP' when a gang is along for the ride.

SECOND SECRET: Creating networking events, parties. Living room groups where folks bond twice a month. This student and transcriber of the MASTER JULES teachings used to give "the Los Angeles SCREENWRITER's CO-OP" meetings. We talked shop over snacks and punch and eventually became like a family. Use SINGLES PARTIES also to  meet people. I used to go to the VEGAN SINGLES. Great group. We all need to meet new people to wipe out the effect of the OLD PEOPLE! NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A LIVING ROOM GROUP study (party)  NIGHT!

THIRD SECRET-ORGANIZE your OFFICE. PERFECT YOUR BUSINESS/ CLIENT STROKE. Double sell your services.  HOW else does one learn the POWER RULES? The ones that enable HIGHER SELF to NOT FEEL FEELING OF LOSS, of being 'short' on something....or delayed...PAIN, RAGE, EGO, fear of not getting what we want, and then of course not WORKING on the PRACTICE of getting NEGATIVES OUT of daily events which were attracted by the NEG-MAGNET of negative thinking.

GURDGIEFF and OUSPENSKY told us we can only progress with SCHOOL FORCE. So read the SEMINAR then create a living room group dedicated to linking with the HIGHER SELF. Creating study / life habits will DELIVER a NEUTRAL POWER MIND. You can CHANGE the METAPHYSICAL MATRIX OF YOUR basic DESIRE-MIND, (THE EGO that punishes us, makes us semi-ineffectual) & transform your reality that way.

THE MASTER JULES studied with all the great masters and would frequently give an ad hoc hour lecture prompting his students to grab tapemachines. We nailed 200 of his spoken talks.

We are transcribing into written files also planning on converting them to CD's. We transcribed a hundred or so into typed LESSONS and COMPUTER htm FILES. Not all have been edited and formatted for the NET. But the ones that were put up reveal the TRUE POWER PATH that he walked. VERY RICH, very competent, connected in Hollywood, Jackie Bisset (brought him almond milk she made as his last meal,) she had been his sweetheart when both were younger. He was romantic (married my best gal pal in the 60s, ) yet he was a true GURU at the same time, talking about themes like: PROSPERITY, wealth, DEVELOPING one's talent, creating FOCUS out of attentiveness to the HERE AND NOW...and much more.


INCREDIBLY POWERFUL, no? JULES truly gives you THE SECRET! Now, many more like it, click on masterjules DOT net the website that his students put up. The central zeitgeist of his "HOW WE CAN GET THE POWER " doctrine is found by clicking on the MASTER JULES WEBSITE which has many lessons. Several of his students built this website for him when he passed FREE files on HOW TO LIGHT THE ambition "FIRE IN the BELLY" for those who want power, fame, wealth and find their ambition somehow flagging. HOW to duplicate the ambition found in very successful rockstars, film stars, producers, directors, but without the obsessiveness. You can do it without sacrificing your spirituality, nobility & BUDDHIST 'centeredness listening to the MONEY GURU, JULES. I'm betting you will be surprised what happens in your life when you start to incorporate & practice these RULES for living and thinking. Some people go right out of their MIND with delight when they switch on to auto-drive. And if you practice all the time, you can stay that way. What happens is-- you replace the mind's usual MIND-yammer with positive affirmations like. "BOY this work I'm doing is really going to get me a higher salary or an agent and a gallery." etc.

MANY practical, PRACTICE-ABLE tips like this that get you in CHARGE of your mind, and these magic tips are given in his trainings. ALL are transcribed by a student and are free, online. JULES BUCCIERI was a man who went to every guru in the world and he practiced what they taught. And synthecized it, He said our EGO is out to do one thing...kill us.!! So he devised The owner Operator's manual for the mind. SAVE these few files TO CACHE. SEND THIS page to YOURSELF BY EMAIL so that it's in your BROSWER! Send it to pals, too! Start a living room group; SHARE the 200 free files with your pals and one day your children! JUles studied with all the CALIFORNIA MIND TECHS going, Vedanta, hatha yoga, kundalini gurus including YOGI BHAJAN of DELHI, also with Asian teachers, European. Travelled the world. DId Agni Yoga, did 'the work' of Gurdgieff, Ouspensky. Did EST with Werner Erhard, Was a trainer. Did AGAPE CHURCH. YOU GET ALL THIS for free!

His rap is a poly-glot mix of all spiritual practices. But the magic is how the synthesis of a thousand years of metaphysics gives YOU a PLOTTED COURSE for YOUR MIND in daily life, one which creates prosperity, luck, bliss consciousness. He describes the hazards, obstacles and tells us WHAT NOT to do! LIKE inner yammer. Like desire mind. DO THE CREATIVE CHORES, THE VOWS but not desiring. That's like admitting you don't have what you want! HIS RANT is such good stuff that I put it on a website after he died, for folks to find FREE. NOBODY PROFITS but the reader.

Even in CALIFORNIA where we've heard all the schools of thought, people see the ancient metaphysics in this new, useful, modern form. I feel anyone can create the MASTER JULES study group in their living room, maybe off a page on your website, or by sending his chapters to your personal email list... or even as a group in a church basement or in a yoga class group. We supply the files, no cost. This student and transcriber here, who is putting up the ad, was his typist/file transcriber and knew him for 40 years. We want the world get this resource in cyberspace, filtering down to the world as it gives peace, bliss and riches! You can start the living room group THERE by the way. We supply these files. You should also get the COURSE IN MIRACLES online, the free book they offer, and use that as a study tool. One does a chapter each meeting, of theirs. Or Jules lovely,  amazing words. THE J FILES ARE YOURS!

Don't miss this opportunity as it is life transforming, MIND TRANSFORMING. THE PATH TO RICHES, BLISS and BEING UNTOUCHED by suffering, EVER and it is most certainly something you can program kids with (drop by drop) so they to handle life from their own POWER CENTER.

EVERY training at the websites is totally free and in that spirit,  we hope that you folks will PAY IT FORWARD by giving the INFO to kids/ students. It isn't just JOB trainings, it's also MIND TECH! JULES was a PROSPERITY GURU, a self made MULTI MILLIONAIRE who put YOGI BHAJAN on the map, by giving his WEST HOLLYWOOD antique shop to BHAJAN in 1969. Friend of the celebrities of HOllywood, he was their student sometimes or mostly, their guru. JULES describes dozens of GUERILLA CAPITALISM IDEAS that our group has followed and we've seen these ideas make millions in Calif or NYC. Maybe you'd want to create a 'living room group' (could be church basement) where folks discuss DOING COTTAGE INDUSTRIES with their own CHUM CLUSTER, Sharing experiences of same. To see what I'm talking about, just go to our website where hundreds of free, inspiring articles are posted and learn about many, newage, different, quirky independent (not tied to us ) MONEY MAKING ideas that have worked in Paris/ London LA/ NYC. THE PROSPERITY and GUERILLA CAPITALISM SEMINAR is online. TOTALLY FREE! Hundreds of articles on this field. The concept of starting a group is, not only NETWORKING to find new pals but groups are inspiring and free. Read the training seminars by clicking on the GUERRILLA CAPITALISM URL

The MASTER JULES was a self made MULTI millionaire, friend to Bisset, Streisand, Jon Peters, Yogi Bhajan, (gave Yogiji the antique shop for his yoga school) close to Johnny Rivers, he was a philosopher as well as a prosperity coach -- a man who wrote and lectured creating dozens of files on HOW TO ACHIEVE WEALTH. (His students built him a website, posthumously. He is no longer with us.) Read his words on MONEY and how to attract it metaphysically, MEANING that there is a HEADTRIP which creates wealth.

NEXT, STUDY the FRUGAL LIFETSYLE WEBSITE, which OPRAH also talks about.... the
"LATTE FACTOR" she calls it. and

Don't FORGET THE MANY INTERESTINGART FORMS we can do as a COTTAGE INDUSTRY (fashion, boutique, jewels, home decor, etc.)


The path has been mapped! The teachings on GETTING FIRE IN THE BELLY levels of AMBITION is

The article on being a SUPER TYCOON is

Send this page to your pals who maybe could use an INSPIRING,MOTIVATING impetus toward a lucrative cottage industry or something to add a little CASH to all your lives! Create the living room group, Put flyers up around the neighborhood.

USE THE FILE ON WRITING A PROSPECTUS so that 1 in every 3 people you give the DEAL MEMO to will buy in, fund your business idea!

How never to need a doctor, rejuvenate our energy, never have medical bills. CALIFORNIA HOLISM!

and THE ONLY JOB IN SHOW BIZ WITH SOUL, if you love MUSIC: being an FM
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- WHAT comes IN UNDER THE TABLE goes out the same way. Start planning your dream vacation, home and car, the kiddies education as the GUERILLA CAPITALISM training includes a ULTRA SECRET section
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WHAT VOCATION WILL YOU PURSUE? has a list of HOT new age careers that you and pals can ponder.


EMAIL this page to yourself to peruse it further at your leisure, and so you can send it to pals. Do a biz with them. Any questions at all, write us. People need not only jobs, they also need the motivation, inspiration that this teacher provides to start their own business now, run it until the economy improves.You can take any file and email it to pals. Start a FREE LIVING ROOM GROUP (we let you, we train you, that's free, too! It teaches average people to double their EARNING POWER.

signed, his student for 40 years, Anita Sands Hernandez, Astrologer to the stars of HollywoodSTUDENT OF THE MASTER JULES