NEW AGERS don't pay taxes
cuz they gotta FEED their kin
no plastic overmaxes
no remembering a pin.

never lamb nor chops
Mostly they live simple
'pon the IRS a pox!

They pass the info on,
their teachings always free
cuz from Supreme Commander
they take their salary!

But if they earn from stocks
or interest on accounts
the gotta pay those taxes babe
or the I.R.S would POUNCE!

KNOW WHAT YOU ARE UP AGAINST. BANKS have to toe the NEW LAWS, which GOV placed on them related to your banking information. It triples cost of your opening an account, for them, they hate it. No longer 7 costs but 22$ cost! READ up on the kind of info that BANKS MUST GET ON YOU!

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Offshore Corruption; Toxics & Race

According to John Christensen, offshore tax havens enable elites to evade
taxes, depriving the nations of origin of badly-needed revenues. He also
discusses the complicity of multinational companies in this largely
unregulated world of secret bank accounts and trusts. And Robin Saha
co-authored a new environmental justice report entitled "Toxic Wastes and
Race at Twenty: 1987-2007."

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