WE MOVED the "SECRET OCTUPUS HIDDEN IN US GOV" ARTICLE to ANOTHER WEBHOST as EARTHLINK felt it got too many readers. EARTHLINK is AN HORRENDOUSLY TRICKY WEBHOST/ SERVER or ISP.  AVOID THEM. I would if they didn't have my best EMAIL addie astrology at earthlink dot net tied to their server.

This was a fine article about
HOW EVIL THE US GOVERNMENT is, their secret operations, assassinations, false flag ops etc. The good ole USA is About 60% numb knuckle BAD. That is the PART of the BUDGET spent on murdering left wingers, scholars, teachers, activists and civilians in RESOURCE RICH 3rd World COUNTRIES.

Just in our last few decades OUR MILITARY, Homeland Security, Paranoid CIA/ NSA spent 12 TRILLION TAX PAYER DOLLARS on MURDER, both proxie wars and overt wars ---costly, ugly FALSE FLAG OPS, PROPAGANDA, SMEAR CAMPAIGNS & LIES. That war has murdered twenty million people, all innocent, good people.
  Want a list of their OTHER crimes? WE PUT THEM ON A BIGGER WEBSITE BECAUSE LIST GOT TOO LONG. And then we found SOME MORE and put them HERE: http://www.masterjules.net/bushsins.htm

SCAN them, keeping in mind, AMERICANS elected these crooked cowboys.  BUSH Pop was a CIA MONSTER. SON A DRUNK.
WHY IS THE ARTICLE NOT HERE? Earthlink my webhost wants double the money from me, not 40 but 80 a month to let IN my reading audience . A HOLD UP. They are not GYPSIES, they are bank robbers, crooks.

HOW EVIL is earthlink?


                                                                                                    But today let's concentrate on the SECRET BUREAU OF DARKNESS HIDDEN IN THE
                                                                                                                       US. GOV MILITARY and SPY ESTABLISHMENT , the one responsible for a lot of the dastardly deeds that brought USA to bankruptcy.