Dying of old age is a MYTH. NOBODY gets to old age anymore. Get real. MY 83 HONDA may get to old  age cuz everything that goes wrong inside it, I promptly get a new one. So far, MOTOR. TIMING belt. HEADS, GASKETS, VALVES bored out. Tires, Batteries. Shocks. Two thermostats in recollection in five years. First, five yrs ago, when not working made the heads burn out. So sickpart ONE hits sick part two.

As I keep replacing the various PARTS, the HONDA itself may at some point get  old. But my car NEVER GETS A CHANCE TO GET OLD because everything on it pops, goes screwy and I find somebody to fix it! Now, this isn't true on East Coast where Salt on roads corrodes the metal of the very structure of car, or at salty beaches with sea air and mists.

But in other climes, you can survive, a few hundred here, a few hundred there. You'd need big bucks to replace your body's failing parts all the time and the anesthesia of all those surgical operations would poison the one irreplaceable organ, the BRAIN. And the HMO's would bankrupt you. So the Happy Geriatric Honda metaphor doesn't hold, does it?

OUR job as body owners is to prevent the different parts burning up, shutting down, slamming off. HOW? It's easy. GET AN IRIDOLOGY READING. Everything shows up. As I drink coffee for fifty years, the part of my eye that rules PANCREAS has a big, black spot on it. As I butter my toast, the part of the IRIS that represents the brain has a cloud of fat on it, fat and salt ..called "ARCUS SENILUS" You can read your own eye with a magnifying mirror and a tiny keychain flashlight, and the online charts of the map of the eye. Just google IMAGES, putting in "arcus senilus' and iridology and look at those pictures.  Get a magnifier and tiny flashlight and start looking at the eyes of people around you. I looked into the eyes of the  posh children of a film star --each child had a major lymph rosary from dairy/ice cream.

My own Iridology reading clued me that I am headed into stroke territory, also a non-functioning pancreas. I have to cut out coffee, and switch to minimal amts of unsalted butter and stop salting  food. (My holistic eye-reader took a big photo of the iris of eye, blew it up and I can see the black spot over pancreas and the creamy white smear on top of the iris called 'arcus senilus'. Get your own photo, hang it on your wall, watch your food vices really fade into the background!)

The next thing we humans have to learn to do is search our family tree for genetic patterns. Grampa had strokes? That means salt and fat in the brain. Quit salt and animal fats and bear down on artery strengtheners like bioflavenoids found in citrus, guava, berries, cherries and bell peppers. See HOLISTIC INDEX PAGE which has PREVENTION diets for the major maladies.

If your JOINTS ache and you recall that they ached sumpin' terrible for poor Uncle CLARENCE?  Note the guy LIVED on mashed taters. Allergen foods CUT CHUNKS out of your immune system's protection. As many are allergic to bell peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, the entire NIGHTSHADE family, that wonderful bell pepper sitting in your fridge right now might not be a wise choice.

So allergen testing --Not done by a fawncy lab for hundreds, but done yourself, by scratch testing your arm...... or by reintroducing a single allergen,one at a time, after ALL allergens are out of diet, and seeing how your body reacts---- might be in order. There's a new system in California that determines your allergins and erases them. I have the name here somewhere. Do that. But get off food allergins no matter what if Uncle Clarence has joint problems!

I had a lotta grandparents go with strokes. My Dad has that tendency so I have to use my three year ripened oranges. Most markets have two year oranges. Having my first orange tree, I've noticed that first year they're little green balls, second year, they're big and orange but I don't pick them. I let them go an entire 'nother year so they're big orange and SWEET. As soon as fruit starts dropping on its own, then one can start picking the tree.

The farmer's problem would be he couldn't tell the diff between a two year and a three year orange without opening it! (I can't either so I only eat the orange that throws itself into my hand!) Or that's on the ground. Meaning I have to pick them up immediately ...that first day they fall. Farmers don't do that so citrus is aggravating to many people. It's a year short of being RIPE!/

But that ripe citrus is my stroke protection. I also grow guavas. These are exceptionally high in bioflavenoids to keep cell walls strong. Citrus collagen. PROVIDED you eat the pulp and don't just juice them. I do eat pulp.

So I'm hoping no cerebral aneurisms, no strokes, no veins or capillaries popping visits MY door.

Some of my grandparents had diabetic tendencies. Long ago I learned that those little dots on my heart line, lifeline were low blood sugar, a pre-diabetic condition. I read palms for a living. At the Renaissance Faire, I read 100 palms a day and quickly saw those dots. The worst case I ever saw was the FaireOwner (Phyllis)'s boyfriend. He heard me tell him that then confessed that he had pancreas problems and amazed, said "They once wanted to remove my pancreas it was so enflamed." I felt very validated in my own palm researches which had shown me that a bad pancreas leaves marks on the hand. Why shouldn't it? Greedy hands reaching for sugars, stimulants and carbs caused the problem. My Rx for a dysfunctional pancreas is always quit coffee, sugar, stimulants, carbs as much as you can.  Concentrate on greens and proteins 3x a day. High mineral vegies as minerals seem to repair the gland, that means seaweed in soup. Go to oriental store, get some.

I have an article on hypoglycemia, how it turns into diabetes, if you have diabetics in your family.

Cancer does not run in my family, but if it did, I'd be on broccoli daily, take all those seeds in the garden and make broccoli sprouts, even more active in anti-tumor factors. Pear juice is an anti carcinogenic treat. Currently my father is dying. He is the worst junk food eater on the planet. When I write my two half siblings emails saying stop giving him KFC, they accuse me of being Holistic Bitch.  I was over there watched him ravage his throat with hot black tea in the morning, assuage his burnt throat with white bread. Lunch was meat. Dinner was meat. Always liberal appliations of white bread. Desserts were whenever he could find them. He nuked food. He fried foods black in teflon pans with CUT surfaces so the poisons of the pans entered, he used aluminum skillets, saucepans. But he got to ninety three so I figure one branch of my family tree can eat kryptonite, just not cetain I'm of that branch!

My Dad was a stroke prone fellow. He lost muscular control required for swallowing thru a stroke, which led to an eroded throat. At the end  his tea was inhaled  into his lungs so they had to add some ghastly THICKENER to it so had to swallow fudge thick sludge when he wanted a drink but Yipes! He was NINETY TWO when he finally went! So I figure I can get to 100 with broccoli, boiled chicken and tofu, bible bread, my daily oriental soup with tofu and endless, California 3 year on the tree citrus!

See, I want to keep my HONDA young forever. I want to see what happens when a vehicle TRULY dies of old age, and not a blown gasket! I want to see what happens when I, the tofu queen, approach ninety. And don't hobble. And I can still read an ephemeris, and see the lines on a palm. I figure I'm in the only profession (fortunetelling,) where the more you look like Dorothy's Witch the better you do!

However, that may not be your story. You may own property too. If I owned property there's be real motive to stay young and healthy as the Soc. Security System reaches into your casket and takes back every cent they paid for your doctors, meds and senior care, taking it from your estate. SICK PARENTS LEAVE NOTHING TO THEIR SWEET CHILDREN!

NOTE: There are articles on what diet to pursue to prevent strokes, heart attack, cancer, diabetes here at this website. Search for them at the HOLISTIC INDEX.