The perfect post to occupy if you want to be an HEROIC AGENT for Change is.....OMBUDSMAN!

The COMMON MAN, i.e. you and me -- has very few EFFECTIVE ombudsmen --to see to our protection as well as our needs and rights. There actually should be a THIRD PARTY which should be ALL OF US pitted against both the GOP AND DEMOCRATS, against all the bought politicians who goosestep to the bagpipe of every resource war that comes down the pike.

IF The People were the third party, guess who'd win elections? 250 million of us against a thousand of them? SLAM DUNK! We're the bigger group and our welfare is at stake, not theirs. In their minds, it's "I'm alright Jack, screw you." Politicians don't see to the common man.

Even your children suspect that the government has become a charade, an untrustworthy instrument of torture and suppression, (not just at GITMO with Arabs) but of us.

The gov has plainly become an institution that has mastered lying, number juggling, manipulation, dissembling and endless taxation. Washington ignores all of us while pretending to see to our welfare. That makes those thousand politicians a bunch of blood sucking hypocritical greedy thieves who use our precious dollars to genocide third world cave swelling people and steal their oil instead of for giving our kids college educations.

You don't want to drive a car that takes another man's blood. We need an opposite force to protect us from the thousand politicians. We need a SCRAPPY GUY IN ARMOR with a big mouth, a big sword, who makes a lot of noise and can give us change!

Elections haven't worked to give change. Every four years, it's just more of the same ole dirty carpet unrolling. IT would be  weep-worthy hopeless if we didn't note that ONE smartie pants guy pursued another avenue and has done SPECTACULARLY well and created real change! He has created dozens of great laws, often right in the faces of corporations (who then made him a martyr trying to destroy him,) unwittingly making him a famous hero. And he spent a lot of calories restricting the very government that was doing the bidding of those corporations in exchange for campaign donations. This hero has done more than any politician alive or dead by a factor of twenty, even the most liberal politicians...and he did it without being in government. Just lighting a firecracker under government's keester!

That man is Ralph Nader. Yes, the spoiler who gave us (UGH!) GEORGE W. BUSH by being a third candidate of substance in a field. And he's gearing up to do it again, and this time I'm going to listen to his rhetoric, not vote for him but listen and learn. Nader has no chance of getting elected but he proves one thing, there is a BETTER AVENUE out there for the "I'm Mad as Hell Howard Beal types" than POLITICS, journalism, newscasting, better even than the presidency itself.


So we see a glimmer of  another process, other than the voters,  electoral college, campaigns, lobbyists buying laws, that whole, WASTEFUL, silly WHITE ELEPHANT relic of a process that should be discarded as a RIDICULOUS hollow RITUAL. Hillary's campaign cost 31 million bucks so far. Intolerable waste.That money could have built 31 ALTERNATIVE SCHOOLS in the slums which would eradicate the crime problem in those 31 communities.

Doesn't it seem that one, tiny self-created agency like Nader's little BUREAU peopled with volunteers-- a group that knows how to make loud noise, rattle the bars on the cage, nab reporter's ears, LOBBY for ideas without
influence peddling just DO PUBLIC RELATIONS on a dramatic scale that captures hearts and minds, that prosletizes for some safe, sane, proven, nouvelle GREEN way of life ---can do a lot more for mankind than all these drippy liars we let in the door?

Check out ONE MAN's work confronting the demons in modern life. Ralph Nader's Record of Accomplishments, where he was Instrumental in the passing of legislation:

National Automobile and Highway Traffic Safety Act (1965)
Clean Water Act (1968)
Clean Air Act (1970)
Co-Op Bank Bill (1978)
Law establishing Environmental Protection Agency (1970)
Consumer Product Safety Act
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Mine Health and Safety Act
Whistleblower Protection Act
Medical Devices safety
Nuclear power safety
Mobile home safety
Consumer credit disclosure law
Pension protection law
Funeral home cost disclosure law
Tire safety & grading disclosure law
Wholesome Meat Act
Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act
Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act
Wholesome Poultry Product Act
Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) 1970
Safe Water Drinking Act
Freedom of Information Act
National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act

Founded or sponsored the following organizations:

American Antitrust Institute
Appleseed Foundation
Arizona Center for Law in the Public Interest
Aviation Consumer Action Project
Buyers Up
Capitol Hill News Service Center for Concerned Engineering
Center for Auto Safety
Center for Insurance Research
Center for Justice and Democracy
Center for Science in the Public Interest
Center for the study of Responsive Law - 1969
Center for Women Policy Studies
Citizen Action Group
Citizen Advocacy Center
Citizen Utility Boards
Citizen Works
Clean Water Action Project
Clearinghouse for Professional Responsibility
Congress Project
Congress Watch
Congressional Accountability Project
Connecticut Citizen Action Group
Consumer Project on Technology
Corporate Accountability Research Group
Critical Mass Energy Project
Democracy Rising
Disability Rights Center
Equal Justice Foundation
Essential Information
FANS (Fight to Advance the Nation's Sports)
Fisherman's Clear Water Action Group
Foundation for Taxpayers and Consumer Rights
Freedom of Information Clearinghouse
Global Trade Watch
Government Purchasing Project
Health Research Group
Litigation Group
Multinational Monitor
National Citizen's Coalition for Nursing Home Reform
National Coalition for Universities in the Public Interest
National Insurance Consumer Organization
Ohio Public Interest Action Group
Organization for Competitive Markets
Professional Drivers (PROD)
Professionals for Auto Safety
Public Citizen
Pension Rights Center
Princeton Project 55
PROD - truck safety
Public Citizen's Visitor's Center
Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGS)
Resource Consumption Alliance (conserve trees) 1004
Retired Professionals Action Group
Shafeek Nader Trust for the Community Interest
Tax Reform Research Group
Telecommunications Research and Action Center

That guy BEATS ANY POLITICO IN ANY TIME, in any COUNTRY, EVEN GANDHI. He has moved MOUNTAINS. I'm not beating a drum for him, I'm not even voting for him as it's wasting a vote. I'm saying that you or your child doing what he did, being a noisy, INFORMED ADVOCATE from a volunteer group of PR specialists, could do the same number of miracles. THE NEXT NEEDED MIRACLES. To perceive what these miracles were would be the trick. Ralph knew exactly what changes he wanted made. If you or your family did a Ralph Nader, were a self-appointed noisemaker like Ralph was would be more effective than a truckload of KINGS! OBAMA will not do as much as ONE of these items above in his next 8 years. He votes the standard politico line, every time. Cute, great talker but he's one of them.

BTW, NADER's PHOENICIAN --being Lebanese. Oldest, canniest traders on the planet. These folks were sailing around in 4,000 BC. snapping up tin to carry to places with copper so that Humans could mix the two and have the BRONZE AGE. And trading every goody they could buy. Import Export. Not dumb. They know how things work, how they're wired. His fascinating bio is here:

Have your children read the bio and they'll see that the REAL HERO is not Terminator or IronMan or Indiana JONES!!! So print out a photo of him, hang it on your wall to remind your sons and daughters that being a hero is within reach.  Have your children read that bio. (above) and they'll see that it's EASY to be the world's greatest hero! You just have to know where it is and how to get there. You don't have to sink down in the tedious mire of elections. You can just be feisty and GREAT! Michael Moore has a streak of this. Noam Chomsky too but he's too expensive to read and too hard to read and none of them got their hands on the actual dashboard of change like ole RALPH!

ALL of his BOOKS are a buck each at ABEBOOKS.COM:

  Who's Poisoning America: Corporate polluters and their victims in the chemical age (ISBN: 0871562766) Ralph Nader

Winning the Insurance Game: The Complete Consumer's Guide to Saving Money (Winning the Insurance Game) (ISBN: 1877961175)
Ralph Nader; Wesley J. Smith

The Frugal Shopper Checklist Book: What You Need to Know to Win in the Marketplace. (ISBN: 093675835X)
Ralph Nader

 Crashing the Party: Taking on the Corporate Government in an Age of Surrender (ISBN: 0312284330)
Ralph Nader

The Big Boys (ISBN: 0394533380)
Ralph Nader

Collision Course: The Truth About Airline Safety (ISBN: 0830642714)
Ralph Nader

 Getting the Best From Your Doctor: a Nuts and Bolts Guide to Consumer Health (ISBN: 0962125954)
Wesley J. / Nader, Ralph Smith

 Home Book: A Guide to Safety, Security and Savings in the Home : Selected Readings (ISBN: 0936758260)
Ralph Nader

No Contest : Corporate Lawyers and the Perversion of Justice in America (ISBN: 0679429727)
Ralph Nader

 Taming the giant corporation (ISBN: 0393087530)
Ralph Nader