How to Make a Million a Year starting from Zero & Keep the Profits

You have zero money, a lot of ideas and friends. Good, that's all you need to start your own million dollar business. MANY CONCEPTS and MANY CHUMS.  Really? I can hear you say. Zero money? Well, yeah cuz you can WRITE A PROSPECTUS *(directions below) and one in three people who reads it, invests. You need $200 for a used computer with some Desk-top publishing software to make flyers. A printer, 40$ for ink cartridges, 30$ for xeroxing and you need a 12$ staple gun. But that's all. DELL  has a new PC, MONITOR and PRINTER a set for around 500$, (GO ONLINE and pick SMALL BUSINESS, not private, better rates.) and DELL is beating all the deals at Circuit City etc, right now. You're going to work out of your home, so you don't need to rent a space. You may need a little equipment, depending on what business you plan to do. Catering for parties might require pots and pans, massage might require scented oils. Of maybe you want to rent a space for a shop or buy a truck, then you really need investors, found easily among relatives.

FIRST BRAINSTORM UP YOUR BEST IDEA for a biz, or your best THREE concepts. They have to feature a product or service that will be underpricing the general marketplace, like DRESSES for 19.95$ retail. or HANGING TOMATO POTS with self-watering feature, and not pottery, no, hard plastic which will ship easily, as we all want to have tomatoes hanging in the patio. Something utilitarian (in a big RECESSION! That's all that works, no frivolities fit the times.) LAST make certain it's something that fits your RESUME as you're going OUT for VENTURE CAPITAL.

WRITE A PROSPECTUS. This is a typed document, xeroxed, with a DEAL MEMO appended to it. (A kind of short legal contract.) You leave spaces for signatures, dates on that. But on the prospectus itself, we State AIMS OF BUSINESS, i.e. To create a profit making bakery/cafe, etc. THEN, describe YOUR BIO/ particulars, your RESUME. This will glowingly describe your abilities, experience.

Next, in the deal memo, state how many shares will be sold. This is not how many are required. Securities Commission allows up to 36 'shares in what is defined as a limited partnership.' As it's a small group, it's not regulated by Federal laws. So plan on 35. Divide amt. of cash you need to start biz by 35. Say it's 35 thousand dollars. Everybody contributes or invests a thousand. They each get a single share in your busines for that money. Decide what profits you should get for running it. Maybe 3/4s of the profits, or maybe just a salary and one share. Stockholders do not necessarily get ALL the profits. Stockholders are given the % you want to give. Say 50% of the PROFITS get divided 35 ways but PROFITS for how many years? Forever? l0 years? Five? You have to decide. Or do investors get payback forever? Make up your mind. Next decide the big thing: WHAT BIZ to start?


1. A SINGLE MINGLE. Biggest spenders on planet are the 18-40 singles. Create some kind of Singles SUCCESS IN LOVE SEMINAR or a POTLUCK PARTY Group with flyers and posters. Venue: Local cafe/church. Charge l0$ at door. $1000 a nite to $5,000. DO A LOVE & COURTSHIP GROUP are here, these TRAINING FILES are for you & PALS, now! Make a good living giving seminars, start with living room groups.

2. SELF HELP GROUPS: Create a "Loveaholics Anonymous" therapy group. Hold meetings at local church, weekly. Build it around a local psychologist. Produce her tapes, local radio show. Start the CHUMCLUSTER TO DO MERCANTILISM, Start the HOLISTIC STUDIES so all can be HEALERS, no licenses, no college education necessary.

3. SPECIAL INTEREST: Start Special interest group like 'Screenwriter's Circle'. Or cooking, or how to lay flagstone. Write articles ABOUT STARTING your own groups to stimulate others to do it.

4. NET TEKKIE: Take computer class at adult High then teach others how to NET SURF and they will buy a used PC from you. Buy used Pentium 3's with 500 megahertz and a good modem, they're daily discarded by corporations advancing into mega-gig machines. They dump the 3000 monitors for l00,000 contrast monitors. DAILY in CRAIGS LIST you see 'come take it away, free computer, printer, monitor.' Buy bigger, faster hard drives. Everyone is dumping older models. Sell them to newbies and teach private sessions for $25 an hour on getting on the internet, and all the downloading and emailing and ICQ stuff which everyone wants to do now.

5. NO BIZ LIKE SHOW BIZ : Start an Acting Co-op for grown-ups or kids. Scenes and improvs. Build it into a Little Theatre which attract Federal grants, local civic funding.

6. POWER-GIVER: Read up on herbs, shiatsu massage, iridology, power foods, specific-healing diets, and create a group where you share the info, and all become holistic healer. $800 K per yr. Most states don't require licensing if you're a NATURE HEALER.
 There are hundreds of files on this at the HOLISTIC ARCHIVE on "HERBS THAT HEAL", "HOW TO PREVENT AGING, "HOW TO RUN THIS HEALING CAREER under the radar of the A.M.A. and city licensing bureaus, etc. all at

7. THE GOOD WITCH: Learn Tarot reading, get Eden Gray book, Ryder Waite deck, get job at psychic hot line giving advice, entertain at parties. Do what I did to raise 4 kids solo; clients for private readings.

8. NOSTALGIA BUFFS: Find collectibles, American 20's pottery at garage sales, thrift stores, sell privately to collectors, dealers in big cities.

9. MYSTIC DECORATOR: Adjust decor of homes according to principles of Feng shui. Become a highly paid consultant. In L.A. this is HOT.

10. GROCERIES ARE US! Start a communal Food Co-Op, sell wholesale groceries, fast food stand most lucrative of all, but do it slightly holistic, new age.

11. BAZAAR FOLKLORICO: Find 50 artists to share rent on an Artisanry Shop/gallery. Find a big old house zoned for biz district. Several artists share space in each room. Big Tourist attraction week-ends. Have musicians.

12. CHEZ MOI TEA SHOP: Open a Tea Room, sandwich shop, waffles or scones, combine with above gallery, decor, duds, books, psychic readings, massage.

13. DOCTOR STRANGELOVE: Learn hypnosis from library book; do past life regressions. Hypnotize people into will power for dieting, substance abuse or a trance giving them the ability to become suddenly allergic to nasty mates or sweethearts and want to get OUT.

14. MERMAID TECH: Love seashells, lapidary, geologics, crystals? Buy a drill, make jewelry, mount specimens on wooden blocks.

15. PET CAMP- Pet owners have you come feed animals, or they bring you Buster for a week, or every morning, for playtime and walking, or you take the pets to the BARK PARK. You'll need a big garden. A lot of water bowls. Don't laugh these businesses can make a hundred grand a year.

16. YUMMY TUMMY MUMMY: Learn to cook New Age, exotic or Macrobiotic, teach at Learning Annex, teach cooking classes, cater parties (50$ a head is going price), supply bakeries.

17. THE NEW SCHOOL: Create a Learning Annex in different home venues, Seminars, lectures, psych, career, cooking, computers, how-to. Retired artisans teach home-tech trades.

18. Create a RECYCLER newspaper, free classified ads to all, sell paper for l$. PAID ads by merchants but classifies are free to everyone. Make a Million$ first yr.

19. SUMMER SPLASH: With Help of College English Dept, create summer RENAISSANCE FAIRE: artisans, theatres, food, actors, games. Six weekends every summer.

20. THE MOVEABLE FEAST: Make tofu/tempeh/ vegie meatloaf Healthfood sandwiches for healthfood store, also to carry to offices in a basket at lunchtime. Saturday Sundays you work the local open air FARMERS' MARKETS. Make jams, cheeses.

21. MAKE LIKE MONET: Learn to OIL-Paint easy NAIVE painting like Rousseau or Grandma Moses, or easy loose-stroke, messy impressionism like Gauguin, van Gogh. You can sell canvases for 200$ & up.

22. CHERRY VINTAGE AUTOS, Buy 1940-50 wrecks, work on motors, paint, sell in big cities 5k ea. Use Ebay but Craigs free. Much better.

23. MARTHA STEWART: Buy old, white enamled furniture at garage sales, sand in places til it looks like summer cottage stuff.

24. SWAP MEET: Rent the schoolyard on Saturdays/ Sundays, create a swap meet w. collectibles, artisans, jewelers, food and drink booths. Charge exhibitors and charge the public who comes IN a small amount, too.

25. RUG RAT: Paint Canvas squares into rugs, varnish.

26. POMPEII PAINTERS: Paint house interiors with unusual antique finishes. Check out Jocasta Innes books at finer bookstores for ideas, tech.

27. CEMENT HEADS: Build an artistic fountain, flagstone or POT business by pouring stones, bricks, pots mixed with peat to give it an artistic, rustic look. Google up cement + peat as that is recipe.

KEEPING THE PROFITS- Next is how to keep the profits from this business? This is very easy. See? You're at the end of the article and we're going to tell you a complicated Capital Gains Secret that will save you a million on taxes. Here it is: Keep re-investing in the business. That's all. Take your profits and make the business grow with employees, services, venues, publicity, product, equipment, but never at the expense of your investors. You do this with money left after you pay investors at least l4% per annum each on his investment. Then, there are no profits. Everything you put into this biz is deductible.

And Uncle Sam? I think I can hear one of you saying. You, way in the back there. You sir I heard you think it: "I GOTTA PAY MY TAXES, it's patriotic." So, mister, If you're worried about Sam, volunteer exact sums of cash earned and pay income taxes on personal income to the government. Sure, then the gov can go on working for the missile companies who pay all politicians' campaign, so that War can continue where G.I.'s have to shoot civilians in starving countries. Be a Nazi. It's your karma. Meanwhile the gov uses your tax checks to pay its debt to the privately owned Federal Reserve representing the privately owned world banks in payment.  That is paper taht Sam should have been printing himself, not borrowing, which is the most addictive 7% solution on the planet. Being in hock to some financial entity. New World DISORDER.  And then, you can feel OK about giving bankers more caviar and Lear jet money. They close Harrods to shop, stay at the Ritz, order ten desserts, keep mistresses with our tax dollars.

The rest of you? I think you can be certain that your dear, heavily addicted Uncle Sam would want you to build a business that is designed to take you, your family and community into the 3rd millenium, and build it into something substantial that will employ and feed a lot of people, and keep them off welfare, right? So if you feel guilty, after you pay the rent, food, utilities and that occasional car repair, if there are any profits mail them directly to the Federal Reserve. Look on the back of the cancelled check. That's the black hole where Income Tax goes so it does zip for civilization, unlike your new business which can actually do some good for some real people.

So if you're tempted, at least get together with a few of your favorite relatives and friends, hand them a print-out of this article, decide what business it could be. Come up with some new ideas for businesses based on your own know-how. Decide how many hours you can afford to give a week to the new biz project. And an astrologer to the last, I suggest you do your planning -meetings during POWER HOURS so you attract maximum interest, and can keep up your momentum, and really fire up the whole gang's pistons and enthusiastically start this New Age Millenium business. You'll be doing the world, your city and your heirs for the next ten generations ---a big favor!