THE AMERICAN MOB,(Not the MAFIA.....No, The 'other white meet'.)

At the fiercely POLARIZED height of the Senator Joe McCarthy-House & Senate-led Red-Seeking hearings, Pete Seeger and Paul Robeson (two known and famous pro-union liberals) planned to give a Labor Day weekend concert in the 'burbs just outside the Bronx. New York City, nearby, was half liberals, so it would make some money.

But PAUL ROBESON had recently made a statement that the media had leapt on as unpatriotic in the FIFTIES with that COLD WAR thing going on: He'd said" "Black soldiers would  have a hard time killing Russians as we feel they sympathize with the working stiff.." Hearing this, amazingly enough, the American Legion and KuKluxKlan decided to put 300 men and boys there with brass knuckles to break heads, car windshields and prevent the concert. Wonder who sent them, huh? Some DC propaganda machine maybe? Hoover's thugs sent to sell the point that liberal activists will not be tolerated? It was a rare thing in America at any time. Hundreds of music lovers were injured, cars were destroyed with rocks. I read about the Peeksville Mob for the first time in "BEING RED" an autobio by 'Spartacus' author, novelist Howard Fast. Whatta life he had! Starvation and poverty as a young child with a dazed, working class widower father in the Lower East Side of NYC ....becoming the Top Socially relevant Charles Dickens type novelist and liberal activist in America during the thirties, then working for Voice of America during WWII, and then trapped and accused in the Commie busting RED HEARINGS in Washington. (He got jailed for refusing to give names).

Why would Howard Fast dedicate TEN pages in his autiobio to that single, Peeksville Mob event? I forced myself to read through it. At the end it just lay like a stone in my brain. Then I recalled reading another book on the 'mob' subject, ELIAS CANETTI's  "CROWDS AND POWER", That book won him the NOBEL Peace PRIZE but frankly it was a 300 page badly translated piece of work to read. However, it was about  that MOB mind, Mob Phenomena, then MOB RULE. How easy it is to make normal people absolutely murderous and crazy. All that good stuff.  Which PEEKSVILLE MOB was, incited by the GOV to squelch the very very powerful liberal movement in America!

Vaguely remembering  Canetti's prophecies about how easy it is to ignite a mob, and having researched KRISTALLNACHT, I weighed Howard FAST's reportage in instant replay. The Mob concept suddenly became riveting as I realized that in the depths of a recession, enough joblessness, you're going to have normal folks become testy stone throwers especially when they are 'played' by outside propaganda influences and get in that fever pitch of hate and blame. You have MOB MURDER, mob RULE....

Extrapolate what some group as vicious as BUSH/CHENEY could do with FUTUREWORLD when there's no more wheat and the natives are restless. Crank up a mob, kill some liberals, create terror, crowd control laws. Legislate against liberal activists. Hitler was able to kill one half million communists, just liberal activists and nobody in Germany ever said a word. How he did it was SPYING on them. With those antiquated tools of the day. IMAGINE BUSH or some future Suppressive with FUTURE technology. Or even ENEMY OF THE STATE type tech. Read:  WHITE ROSE SOCIETY

You can google "Howard Fast" the author's name, (50 novels in his lifetime, Frontiers became "CHEYENNE AUTUMN and SPARTACUS also made it into films.... So Google Peekskill & Pete Seeger, you'll find it.
has a play by play.

You'd think a MOB OF 300 liberal haters SETTING UP EARLY to wait for and attack liberal concertgoers and 'LYNCH' a negro opera star, (which they spoke about in screams,) Paul Robeson and beat up 'the white nigger' Pete Seeger....with his famous working class sympathies, a guy who was pro-people, pro-union right up to his halo, could not possibly inspire a mob with brass knuckles. Not in America!

Think again. MOBs have happened down through history. They will be making a big comeback, too if this CORPORATION SUCK doesn't stop and if we can't find a fix. In spite of the Gov doping us with microwaves, flouride in our water...and God knows what else to lobotomize us into passive, yawning, t.v swilling trivials, the loss of homes, jobs and hope may do it to the polite, American gentry.

When the fire gets hot and the pan sizzles, the spiders among us bugs will leap up and down and sting the bejeezus out of the rest of us. They will not be able to stop themselves. Just yesterday some loonie in L.A. went next door, found this 85 year old man, cut his head off, then ran another door up the street and stabbed that guy to death. What'rya gonna do when the rent comes due? Who ya gonna call?

When THIS RECESSION deepens a notch, things will polarize and the POWERS THAT BE will 'trip' that hate- mongering switch and polarize it anyway they want.  Charlton Heston, MOSES, King OF THE NRA, isn't here any more...we're a hair away from a gun repo and gunless unprotection.

I used to say if people got hungry enough, they'd come over the fence to roast your poodle. Don't count on the cops to stop that mob at your gate. The Peekskill deputies fully sympathized with the AMERICAN LEGION BULLIES and wouldn't break it up, just let people get hurt. Who will the DEPUTIES of 2012 side with? You and your Poodle? Dream on.

We need a fix before the famine, drought, price manipulatio of grain and the economy and all get out of hand. When I was a kid, Daddy worked and we could buy a house. Today, a daddy and mommy both work and can barely afford to rent.  We need honest  CEOS who COME AND GO  kind of like itinerant fruit pickers and work for wage minimum. Just some sharp kids with MBAs. That's one fix. Another is class action lawsuits against the ENRONs of this world, with the corporation totally put in the hands of those MBA' be run as a non-profit foundation, thence forward. And then,  the BIG STICKS: LEGISLATE, PROSECUTE, PUNISH, FINE and EXPROPRIATE.