TO DO STAR READINGS, earn 30$ the hour as I do...a cottage industry... to interpret charts, first thing you do is memorize the Sequence i.e. Aries, Taurus then Gemini and so on until you get to PISCES. Say them many times in order. In perfect order.

There is one OTHER PAGE on the BASICS of astrology that will be useful for that FOUNDATION.

Next memorize the triplicities of fire which are Aries Leo Sag, then the Triplicities of EARTH Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, in ORDER by the way. Next AIR triplicity is GEMINI, LIBRA and AQUARIUS. The TRIPLICITY of water is CANCER, SCORPIO and PISCES.  Draw the circle like one here, with the signs in proper order, FILL in the signs from scratch. You can use ORANGE OR RED color to add FIRE border on 1st, 5th, 9th houses. Use earth color for 2nd, 6th and 10th houses. AIR COLOR would be turquoise blue maybe.

Then, MEMORIZE the quadruplicities. Aries Cancer Libra Capricorn are CARDINAL SIGNS. They go at the four compass points. 1st house, 4th house 7th house, 10th house. They're called the ANGLES. They are all public houses. Memorize the fact this is the cardinal quadruplicity. Next, we call TAURUS, LEO, SCORPIO, AQUARIUS  the FIXED group. Mark it as such. FIXED SIGNS create MATTER, things that are palpable, lasting conditions. They are material signs and they are the DESIRE SIGNS. Taurus the first one, DESIRE FOR LAND, wealth, FOOD. LEO, second desire sign or fixed sign is LOVE, FUN, CREATIVITY. SCORPIO the third desire sign is MAGNETISM, GETTING STUFF FROM OTHERS on account of our charm, it's sex and passion, too. And it's the basic transaction between man and woman. (Aries/Libra) It is TAUR/SCORP which is I GIVE YOU MONEY you give me sex.  LAST FIXED SIGN is a little nobler, well a LOT. AQUARIUS wants pals, friends, groups, networking. ACTIVISM, CIVIC SERVICE, UTOPIA NOW.

Now, STUDY the 'common' signs, also called 'mutable. GEMINI, VIRGO, SAGITTARIUS AND PISCES are the mutable quadruplicity. These are the three gunas of life, GUNA being a sanksrit word meaning mode of energy. ARIES and all the cardinal signs are active or rajaistic. Taurus and all the fixed signs are entropy prone, fixed, tamasic. GEMINI like all common signs, is mutable which is sattvic. Reactive, adaptive, can go 'either way.' Memorize that sequence.You can make several circle drawings so that you get the distinctions we make. TAURUS is a fixed sign but next earth sign, VIRGO, is MUTABLE.  Twelve houses. Numbered one thru twelve.  

Did you DRAW it as a 12 slice pizza pieWell draw it again. In this second circle, now blank, we are going to analyze the nature of the twelve HOUSES. HOUSES are DISTINCT from signs, somewhat. But not entirely. You'll see what we mean. OK, so draw circle again. Fill in the sections of the pie, the houses if you want, with the GLYPHS FOR THE signs. You see them here. While we draw this, start to familiarize yourself, Know or recognize where the horizon or ascendant is, at 9 o'clock position. The ascendant or rising point rules ME MYSELF AND I. My look, my mode of being. What's near me, right where I am. The l0th house cusp is also called MC which is Latin for MEDIUM COELI or middle of sky, or midheaven. The descendant or 7th cusp is the OTHER PERSON, the public in general.. Important cusps. THEN know the rulerships. ARIES ruled by MARS. TAURUS ruled by BACCHUS AND VENUS GEMINI RULED BY MERCURY --and so on.

NOW MEMORIZE THE RULERSHIPS. Aries is ruled by MARS, TAURUS by VENUS and BACCHUS.  MEMORIZE the information in this graphic. You recognize PLUTO? a P. Saturn an H with a cross? Neptune, the TRIDENT? VENUS is a mirror. Mars is the male Phallus. Mercury has a little pair of wings on his helmet just like the God Mercury. URANUS is an H as HERSHEL discovered the planet.

NEXT we will interpret. This is kind of like envisualizing the changes that the basic energy goes through. Say MERCURY. It rules your mind, speech, writing, intelligence. We see MERCURY, where it came from, what house it rules. Then make the chess pieces leap.WHAT if GEMINI RISING person has MERCURY in PISCES. Well, it has leapt to the 10th house.  See how that is by perusing all these graphics.

NOW we interpret. Mercury is DETRIMENTED IN PISCES, not strong. It is strong in its own signs, VIRGO and GEMINI, not in the opposed signs, SAG OR PISCES. But this MERCURY maybe is conjunct NEPTUNE, so it has weird amounts of E.S.P. It envisualizes well, sees auras or something.  Only experience can teach you how unusual Merc/Uran in PISCES is. Start to compose a logical fund of thoughts about this placement. It helps to note what news happens on a Merc/Uran day, a lot of those as now Uran is in PIS.

MARS is strong in ARIES, exalted in SCORPIO weak in the opposite signs, Libra Taurus which are VENUS signs. So you have to learn the exaltations and falls, too.

For this, get a textbook at the Mystical bookshop or online by going to ABEBOOKS and putting in the TITLE WORD "astrology", nothing else. That will bring up dollar star books all over usa. Don't bother putting in the author. Writers I like, Heindel, Isabel Hickey, Evangeline Adams, Grant Lewi. And MAURICE WEYMSS, but he's too hard to find. Try it, I feel it's impossible. If you can visit used book shops, peruse astrology shelf and buy it if you see it. Maybe google to see if WEYMSS info is online. I may drop his info online one day. Type it up and post it I mean. Yeah right.

NEXT, MEMORIZE THE KEYWORDS of the twelve signs.
ARIES- FIERY ACTION, soldiers, weapons, action, events that make a man heroic, make him a leader.
TAURUS -FIXED EARTH, owning land, stuff, what makes money come to us..
GEMINI- Mutable air, studies, thinking, writing. Early speech, learning, siblings.
CANCER- water, Cardinal emotions, home, mother, kitchen.FAMILY.
LEO - FIRE FIXED. LOVE, Creative, artistic manifestation, children. FUN! Celebrations.
VIRGO- Mutable earth. Trouble shooting life, prudent work to survive.
LIBRA - Air Cardinal Two minds sharing a partnership, intimacy. Legal marriage
SCORPIO - Water, fixed, desire, sin and rebirth, Transaction of sex and money
Sagittarius - Fire, Mutable, Higher thought, Law, Teachers, Academia, What you learned and teach.
Capricorn Earth, Cardinal Power, authority, career, status, father, Public Reputation.
Aquarius- Air, Fixed, Knowledge, Reform, change. Upgrades,  Utopian Humanitarian destroy old to fix.
PISCES - Water, mutable, spiritual presence, astral plane. Our spirit guides.

NEXT MEMORIZE THE ASPECTS, For instance A semisquare is a 45 or 135 degree aspect. Anything 10 mutables aspects something 45 deg. away in the next sign forward which would be 25 deg cardinals. An easy memorization formula, once you learn ASPECTS.

NEXT AND LAST, get everybody's chart done at ASTRO.COM Go there, scroll down a bit, at bottom of the first screen, and you see a BROWN BOX with five choices in it and you see the words "MORE FREE HOROSCOPES?" by the graphic-people's feet? CLICK THERE. NOW, see a little bit lower and on the far right where it says "EXTENDED HOROSCOPE" in a little red/green gold box? Click on that. Fill in your relative's time/ date/ city. You don't have to subtract an hour for daylight savings time, they do it. Now, get a graphic? A GIF FILE. Save to directory. You can DRAW that horoscope on paper with the data. Save by clicking on chart twice, then right click on new version to save.GOOGLE historical people of interest, get their Birth chart.  If you do Gandhi or Clinton or Roosevelt + natal chart or horoscope you may hit informational paydirt. From studying the lives of unusual people (not always actors, as all of them share 'pretty, gregarious, noisy, ego-maniacal 'model' talents and that's not much. Find unusual people, correlating what you know of their lives, talents, battles to their natal horoscope, you'll learn much that way! Saints, murderers, sex addicts (Clinton had ven/mar/nep conj in LIBRA all rising, Venus his ruler with mar/nep on it (a love addict,) and first house means it was 'in your face,' ergo well known.)

LEARN that, and it will just be the FOUNDATION. There are refinements:
 water signs have these quaities,
                        pisces, scorpio and cancerl

The speediest way to learn stars after you accomplished this MEMORIZATION FOUNDATION is to get the "DAILIES, hourlies" from me. THE STARPOWER MAP OF THE MONTH PAGE. It comes every nite, 7 days  And study the free book given by the MAGI SOCIETY.

        signed Anita Sands Hernandez astrology at earthlink dot net is where you write if you have questions about this.

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