It's important to develop strategies to get our immune system into peak efficiency. Our goal is to get the body manufacturing plenty of white blood cells (lymphocytes) to fight bacteria, viruses and germs that will appear when the winter planet gets chilly and toxic and everyone else is sneezing in your face.

The body can only create these tiny, white 'soldier' lymphocytes when it is in balance, i.e. slightly alkaline and well oxygenated. How do we accomplish this magical military draft which will be in our favor? Good life habits is one way but another is through diet.

Use an alkaline diet full of alkaline reaction fruits and vegetables (all of them, except potatoes, really) and steer away from those acid reaction meats, eggs, heavy starches, sweets. And for entrees, get in the habit of alkaline QUINOA or MILLET. High Germanium barley. The Great grains! Put lots of GHEE *(melted, clarified butter)  on them to make them filling. Ask me for file on making ghee out of butter. You can make a pound at a time, store it in fridge, covered..

Sometimes, even the best laid plans go awry. The day after a big binge dinner, you may feel a dip in your vital powers, maybe the start of a sniffles, or a slightly swollen throat gland, or, if there are problem nerves in your teeth, nerves lying too close to the inlay, they will hurt so badly you'll think you have an infected tooth when it is really only a swollen nerve, If any of the above starts to happen, immediately do an Immune System Tune-up.

On that day, twice or three times use foods rich in Vitamin C and Bioflavenoids. This would be fruits, particularly berries, citrus, guava, cherries and red bell peppers. A citrus snack in the morning, fruit after lunch, a salad with red bells in the salad at night, or sauteed in olive oil, garlic, onion and jalapenos.

But the Ancient Witch has a secret. The most Vitamin C you can get without a special permit is from that treasured, reliable member of the English garden ---magical Rose Hips.

What a wonder these are and how simple to find! You can go into any garden in cold weather when the roses are no more and pick dozens of those red balls that grow on all the rose bushes. Nibble a few and watch a sore throat disappear in hours! Or, walk the neighborhood. Woofy and Pebbles need walking, put them on a leash and pick rose hips from all the neighbor's bushes. You'll do their plants a favor, they are more likely to have some more blooms appear on those leaves before the first chill. Also, the more time bushes spend without cherries ripening, the more time and energy they can dedicate to getting ready for next year's growth.

When searching for this magical rose fruit, remember, the redder, plumper the better. When they start to wither like raisins, their power is diminished though the seeds are then ready to plant for rose bushes. Store the fresh, highly perishable fruits in the fridge (I store mine in the egg rack). Wash and eat a few daily. They will not last more than a month that way, as the fridge dehydrates them. For longer times, put them in a jar in the fridge, very tight lid, and use a dessicant, found in a vitamin jar.

If you can get a pound or two of rosehips, make JAM. Cut all the meat from the seed pod with a sharp knife, boil with sugar and the outer skins of oranges, lemons, the way you make marmalade. Keep these jars in the freezer.

Have rose hip/citrus jam on toast all winter and you'll never get a cold as your immune system will never DIP. You may think ascorbic acid or common Vitamin C will do the job, but it is tough on stomach linings which will eventually affect your digestion!

It's easy to know when our immune system dips. We get lip herpes, cold sores, cankers. Any teeth that have a slightly bad nerve will get much more painful as bacteria is able to multiply there. Lymph glands get swollen, body feels chilled more than usual and hands and feet are cold.

ROSE HIPS will pull your Immune system out of a swandive. Hips are tasty, crunchy, sweet, slightly sour and bitter and the highest Vit C source on the planet. To eat raw, take a bite of the flesh, avoiding the central seed packet, chew it like gum, salivating it, swallowing the juices, then spitting out the chaff and skin. Go through four or five in a sitting. I eat them while typing or gardening. I then save the seeds, dry them thoroughly, plant them in pots with super humus. You get rose bushes!

Plant the seeds that lie in the center of the pod in your garden and you'll get beautiful rose bushes in completely new varieties, not true to the parent plant!

Other flu season toners: get the herbs Echinacea, Goldenseal at your healthfood store. Make a dark tea by opening 4 - 6 capsules into a pot of water at 'tea-making temperature' (between a 'bath and a boil', about 155 degrees.) Cover, let steep or brew. Never boil tea herbs!

If you can find wild indigo, Boneset, prickley ash bark, Thuja leaf. St John's, Lomatium, Hyssop, Lemon Balm at healthfood store herb rack, either in bulk or in capsule, add these to the tea mix.

Last of all, for immune system tone up there are the glandulars, actual animal gland extracts. "Thymus." Pregnolone and Progesterone. Specialty pharmacies offer them through mail order.

HINDU TRICKS TO DEAL WITH COLDS: Oregano seed tea at first symptom, which nobody has unless they grow oregano every year, so start doing this. The Indian aurevedic doctors have also used Ginger root tea for its carminative effect. (i.e. it makes you warm and glowing.) If you have an ulcer tendency, don't use mustard, black pepper or ginger in any form, however.

For strong tummies, then, there's YOGI TEA which uses ginger and buffers it with milk. Try this terrific recipe from YOGI BHAJAN of New Delhi and Los Angeles, Santa Fe and about 200 other cities worldwide. Ask me for his yoga school address near you.

YOGI TEA: Boil 1/2 gallon water with 6 cinnamon sticks, crushed, l5 cardomon pods, whacked with hammer until broken up, a dozen whole cloves, a thumb of ginger, peeled, sliced; a dozen black pepper corms. Simmer spices 10 minutes, low heat, then add 1 tsp blk tea, 1 cup milk, 1/4 cup honey, simmer 1 minute then serve. When cool, store extra in huge glass jar in fridge, heat as required. DYNAMITE. Best tea you ever drank!

Other heavy duty SNIFFLES/ COLDS HERB TEAS can be made of echinacea, goldenseal, osha, spilanthes, yerba santa, horseradish, elder, watercress, wild indigo. Take this mixture while sitting in bed, watching television and just feel the germs and viruses die screaming! For red, swollen eyes, make an actual eye wash of 'eyebright' herb or add some of it to your tea mixture, too. For PROBLEM SINUS: Fill sink with hottest water on planet, lean over, put towel over head so steam is trapped. Tickle sinuses with onion slivers, yes a virtual toothpick cut out of side of onion, inhale the juice and aroma, sniff good and strong. Onion juice is germicidal, kills the bacteria in sinus. It is also an expectorant so creates the mucosa secreting, loosening those wads of pus and then the sneezes? Whammy! Out the whole infection comes. Second trick, eat papayas and oranges all day, no other food. Dust with cayenne pepper for fun. By nightfall, the entire infection loosens and falls out like a pingpong ball. Gives new meaning to the words "in one, fell swoop!"

FOR PROBLEM TEETH- No more hot liquids in mouth, body temp or cold, even when you brush teeth. Lay cloves against the gumline if a tooth hurts, i.e. it is infected. Use a flat piece of orange peel to hold it there. Set a heating pad against the cheek, AND, do all the above things to get immune system up and running and usually a tooth infection will back off.. Drink water all night, every time you wake, after a good mouth rinse and spit into chamber pot or bowl under bed. The fasting period produces a dirty mouth so we don't take water THROUGH that mouth! Use the IPSAB tasty herbal GUM treatment, comes in a bottle ....HERITAGE products,  Virginia Beach, VA, 23458. Drop a slosh on toothbrush, brush gums, it stops the gumline infection immediately! Made of Prickly Ash Bark.


1.) Don't close yourself in heated homes. Leave entry points for fresh air or, several times a day, air out the entire home, then shutter it again, re-heat the air. Be very watchful of carbon dioxide build-up from home furnaces. Learn to be sensitive to that feeling that your cheeks are coming off the front of your face, and a mirror reflection will tell you, cheeks are red, which mean turn off the furnace. It's not vented enough. Have a carbon dioxide monitor, like a smoke detector, available at any hardware store. Nothing will ruin your immune sys into the basement like toxic gases! Use a HOT OIL radiator, move it from room to room. HIGHLY efficient. Electric coils HEAT the oil inside it.

2.) THE BEST OXYGENATOR IS SLEEP. It is the fastest way to erase those dark circles which mean oxygen lack. (Heart insufficiency or heart murmur patients are easy to read by holistic doctors, because they have unusual dark circles under their eyes.) Use soporific herbal teas to increase your sleep an hour or two. Valerian, skullcap, vervaine, hops, passionflower brewed into tea, sipped an hour before normal bedtime will put you down earlier. Calcium, Magnesium and niacin in small amounts with the tea aid it in working. Healthfood stores are full of wonderful herbs to relax and induce sleep and these can be opened and brewed into tisane for quick assimilation.

3.) VITAMINS: Vit E is a good system oxygenator but it must be taken with food that has oils in it to be absorbed. Get some CoEnzyme Q-10, Vit 15, and Green Magma, spirulina, algae pills but only if you take methyl b-12 as spirulina blocks b-12 absorption. N-Acetyl-Cysteine is a precursor of glutathione which BODY can make. Get the NAC at healthfood store, up to 1500 mgs a day.

4.) FOODS: Many foods actually have high oxygen in them. Highest is leaves! Drink freshly made Green juices, a good mixture being collards, parsley/cress in a celery base, with carrot or apple to sweeten. High oxygen food in meals would be juicy salads made of watercress, spinach, raw, dark green growing things. High oxygen proteins would be bean sprouts and avocado in a romaine/ spinach salad with sunflower seeds, pignolas / pumpkin seeds, avocado on top and a raw dressing, i.e. lemon juice, olive oil, fresh raw onion & garlic,  good virus killers! And toasted sesame seeds ground in mortar with a tad of sea salt, instead of straight salt and maybe a spritz of soy sauce. Although, I do love my buttermilk ranch dressing, home made with real buttermilk. (here's the recipe) But the important thing is learning to make a huge huge mono meal of salad. Darkest greens only. I use some sprouted grain bread with it, or hot corn tortillas, toasted a little on the open flame of stove cuz i'm a carboholic

Last, avoid anti-biotics. Whatever part is infected will only cure if a.) it's a bacteria, as these don't touch viruses, and b.) the infection will return, guaranteed as you never gave your immune system a chance to learn the bacteria's name, and c.) they make holes in entire body, kill cells, drive out friendly bacteria, ruin your digestion which throws you way way down into having a tenth rate immune system. I read irises and 90 year old people who never took anti-biotics have irises like silk. Youngsters raised on them have irises like burlap. There are literally HOLES in the entire body.

So, build the immune system and it will pay you back with longevity. No more will you be at the whim of fate and the latest super flu virus. Learning to activate the immune system at an instant's notice will put the 'dials and handles' for achieving a healthy body back in your hands.