How A REAL BOOKWORM can order really cheeeep used books  from  ABE BOOKS!

Please click on this URL ABES BOOKS and keep both this article and that site open. YOU AT ABES NOW? OK, Click on 'advanced search' button up at the top of ABE's main page as THERE  you get to stipulate 'vendors in USA only". (You don't want to pay freight from UK, France, Germany, it's way way high. New Zealand is like caviar prices.) Plus when you get a list of books & vendors together, you don't want hundreds of foreign vendors cluttering it up. So before a search, stipulate USA only.. THEN put in the author's name.

Just while we practice, PUT in the name of an author you love or a subject. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs. Carl Jung. Something or someone whom you really love knowing about. A LIST of about a dozen vendors with the author  will come up. Or the title if you put title in. Or both. Now, SEEK the AREA where it says book vendor's personal data -- his store name and stuff on that page where your BOOK HAS BEEN FOUND.


Steve Jobs: The Journey is the Reward (ISBN: 0673188647)
Jeffrey S Young; Steve Jobs
Bookseller: Marion Meyer Rare Books (not here, this is not it)
(East Hampton, NY, U.S.A.)  (this isn't it either)
Bookseller Rating: 4-star rating
        Price: US$ 1.00
[Convert Currency]
Quantity: 1     Shipping within U.S.A.:
US$ 6.50
[Rates & Speeds]        Add Book to Shopping Basket

Book Description: Scott, Foresman and Company,Glenview, IL,1988, 1988.
Hardcover, 440 pp, Near Fine in very good jacket. Bookseller Inventory #
ABE-149783816 (SOME of that is what you want to send the vendor. price, title
ISBN and inventory NUMBER.) DO A CUT PASTE into an email which you
SAVE AS A DRAFT. You aren't sending it yet. Save in case you get a crash!:

NOW, on the left side of screen abe books shows you "Bookseller & Payment Information"

CLICK THERE. YOU WILL then be carried by magic carpet a description of the book store that might give a clue to the name of the bookstore and the city

At this point OPEN A NEW WINDOW, DO GOOGLE SEARCH I just did one BOOKSTORE in ARLINGTON VIRGINIA and I found their website.

When you are on the dealer's  HOMEPAGE you will see "CONTACT" hit it, you get his email or his message system, Do cut paste/ put on your specs. HIS webdesigner's idea of a website has come up. HALF the vendors' homepages have  'contact' or 'email' somewhere on them.

Then there are the bookstores with shopping carts and robots. SHUN THEM. Some vendors do not have an e-mail visible. They are robotized and you do not want them and they don't want you. THEY don't want emailed orders, at all. THEY want you to use --UGH --shopping carts. . But their ROBOTS make you pay 4.99 a book for shipping! So shun them. HUMANS are much more fair. If I can get a human I will end up with S&H for a buck a book or less if paperback. I buy five at a time to bring S&H down.

WHEN you click on his email, generally your own mail client will crank up a letter form. If not, you crank one up.
STEVE JOBS, 1$ etc etc.
445 pgs, pub 1995, etc etc hardcover CUT OUT THE REST.

If he has email, always BCC to yourself and always put DEAR BOOKSTORE in the SUBJECT LINE.
The name, The exact name. Dear BOOKWORKS, DEAR TOWER OF BOOKS. Whatever it is, put it in the subject line with DEAR in front of it. If your email collates by subject, you can find all your dealers in a sec.
Now, STICK the vendor's address in your address book, ... info@MEYER BOOKS.COM

Or whatever...wait a minute. NO! You don't need to save the guy's addie to address book YET but you sure WILL if he answers favorably. (By the way that book happens to be more costly, so don't go looking for it. It's over a hundred bucks. It's a rare one.)

Now, --I WRITE THE SUBJECT LINE of my email. "Dear MEYERS BOOKS...always using the whole book store name, as later your email client machine will be able to summon up EMAILS BY COLLATING BY SUBJECT, SIZE, DATE OR ...SENDER! It will if you use netscape version 4.7 which you should keep on desktop as a browser for book ordering, due to this phenomenal collation ability. You can line up all vendors by subject line if you use thes ame salutation "DEAR MEYER BOOKS" or "DEAR NOBLE BOOKS, DEAR ORANGETREE BOOKS, etc, all alphabetized. All in the "DEAR" or D section of your EMAILs from this year.

Now, in the body of the EMAIL "Dear Meyers Books, I'm a senior who can read 4 books a week, have
no cable, just rabbit ear tv, no car to get to library, rattling around alone here, grandkids in other states, and well, , I need books and I will be a great lifelong client, my lifetime, not yours. Today, I would like to order a half dozen books, I pay by pay pal, or personal check. And I send garden seeds exotic California stuff take your pick at and you can wait to ship til check clears. (Hey this is all true, for me. Your story may be diff. I CANNOT DRIVE, am stuck at home, no cable, just rabbit ear tv. grandkids thousands of miles away, so many cats I can't travel to visit them, who'd take care of cats? " My story is not yours, but maybe you don't have a library near you.

So I cut and paste in that small petition, next to my title list which I compose One by one. After a search of HIS STACKS. HOW? GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL page that lists ten dealers with your title.

See under MEYER BOOKS where it says "[More Books from this Seller]? CLICK ON IT. Into box, put  that Carl Jung title "ANALYTICAL" if you recall it or just CARL JUNG as AUTHOR in the right space, see if they have any at a reasonable rate, Cut and paste the book description it if they do.

Carl Jung "Analytical Therapy"
(Inventory # G0394708628I5N00 hardcover
4$ well, that's too costly for me.

To make reading my emails easier, I have Clipped out a lot of extraneous info; You do a search on a title you'll see endless stuff, shape the books in.etc. HERE is what you leave in: HARD COVER or PAPER BACK the price, author, title, ISBN and Inventory #

Now pick another five BOOKS

 Pastime  (ISBN: 0816153485)
Parker, Robert B.
        Price: US$ 1.74
 # 000544
         Hush Money (Spenser Mystery Ser.) (ISBN: 0399144587)
Parker, Robert
: US$ 3.00
Inventory # 000871

         Playmates (ISBN: 0425120015)
Parker, Robert B.
        Price: US$ 1.74
 # 001194


Exile ends in Glory:
Merton, Thomas paperback
        Price: US$ 3.90
 # 003743

Write in at the end, "MERTON PAPERBACK THAT COSTLY? Could you give me a deal?Otherwise leave it off."  This is no robot, it's a human and probably store owner. SEND THAT email OFF to the vendor and always BCC it to yourself. WHAT YOU PUT IN THE SUBJCT LINE is real important as your EMAIL client hopefully can collate by SUBJEcT LINE at will. What this means is that soon you'll have a dozen letters that read, in subject line :


WHY you need that is that

a) HIS LETTER can be found later quite easily, just collate for 'D's' then the store name is alphabetized. You see hundreds of letters Starting Dear Alan Jones books, Dear Bebe Bernstein Books h DEAR HARVEST books DEAR YOYO go to DEAR MEYERS.

b.) SECOND REASON: Months from now, you can get all your vendors letters lined up in a row by collating. The SUBJECT lines will be alphabetically collated, at least in NETSCAPE BROWSER VERSION 4.7 which I downloaded and use for all email, lists. I may browse with newer browsers (they surf the net way better) but THIS is the KING OF FREE EMAIL CLIENTS! And when you can collate by any feature, date, subject, sender, size, you can't get any more organized than that!

OK. Now, Wait a day or so. If the dude answers 'I only take orders on my website," have a form letter you shoot back "I'm a senior. Desperately need books, have only a rabbit ear TV, no car to get tolibrary and Im Unschooled in this internet stuff. I was taught email, zilch else. No one ever taught me to do shopping carts. I fill out forms, hit the wrong button and lose all the form info or crash out and/or JAM out and need to reboot.  Also those pages are like looking down at a map of Tokyo. a maze, beyond this senior's powers. I was taught email by a grandchild  (this implies your grand kids are already adults) and that's all I know how to do. I do read four books a week and I'd be a good lifelong client, my life by the way, not yours---".  AND ALWAYS REPEAT THE ORDER FOR THE SIX BOOKS. WRITTEN out, cut paste. all six.

Now, let's PRETEND he sighs wearily, answers and says FINE.

NOW, I tell him in front, "I would like to order cheapest shipping method, media mail (no 60c tracking fee), and if you need to know where I am to calculate this sum.  I'm in zone 91335, so you can calc postage to me. If you can just charge me what the PO charges you, and wrap in  grocery paper wi. tape, no box, no costly padded envelopes  I'll be happy as I DO NOT COLLECT perfect, vintage BOOKS.... Then I'll order more. If not, I note that the Merton book costs way less at Universal Atheneum  1$ and SEASHELL has it for 79c". (OF course I don't buy there as they have ROBOTS ONLY but this vendor doesn't know about your shopping cart quirk. I hate them as I DO CRASH OUT losing a half hour of form fillout!) Then, ask the vendor, if you charge so much more , why would anyone come to your shop? "

TRADE BEADS ARE NEXT. My gift to cement my affection with that dealer. So Year in year out, I send exotic garden seeds, Oddball seeds, lovely weird, rare, garden exotica, as a GIFT to all vendors so they'll remember me and charge me just PO prices for shipping. and I sign it, this way:

Signed, frugal granny who wrote website on cheap:

USUALLY then  he answers me, 'yes you can order a half dozen." But be watchful, there can be another DIVERGENCE IN THE way YOU TWO think. He may say 3.99 S&H for first book 2.99 thereafter. or he may say 3$ first book 1$ postage thereafter  In former case, I write him back and say I can't go that high on S&H. Other vendors ship books for a dollar each when I get a dozen. Why can't you? And I sell that point with:

~^~^~^~^~^~^~~^~^~^A POME ~^~^~^~^~~^~^~
I make my own freezer meals.
I make the cat eat rice
Haven't had real beef in yrs.
A burger'd be so nice

I haven't eaten out not once
in two or three decades
unless I take a sandwich
and find some leafy glade

My family is embarassed as
Mom rents a total SHACK.
They once came over for turkey
but the rats never came back!

I choose between a walk to store
and reading Potok and Descartes.
So I beg and implore you book man,
FORGET the HIGH shipping PART!

It's true. My kids visit L.A. they won't come eat here. Too many cats is the problem, not the cottage itself. Though it has a super shabby look. True. Anyway, If you cut & paste some stored text, (I keep it in emails subject line TEXT ORDERS, ) the whole deal is done real quick. You can do four orders in 15 minutes when you're good, with searches to find the 5 books. YEP! You live in LOS ANGELES, I give computer lessons on all the important skills, books are just one of them. Come over & watch me. I'm right here in the VALLEY to the north of L.A. Zone 91335. And while you're here, I trade baby fruit trees for potting soil bags. I trade crocosimia bulbs from south africa, art deco, tall as your eye. I trade sago palm seeds, cycads. Madagascar Jasmine seeds or vines,etc. I do not trade cats. I get real attached to them!

THIS JUST IN: BOOK VENDOR TOLD ME: there is a search engine site
that compares prices of books in over 30 sites to find the cheapest one.
She said "I am not affiliated with this site, but I use it to buy books for kids' classes. also my other pet site."

Everytime someone raves about a book or I see an author on Charlie Rose, I make a jotting. Find out what books you need. Run them through Abe's search engine by author, title, keyword, or ISBN, and the site will tell you how much they cost at various places.

This can also be done for any book you are interested in buying, textbook or not. Spread the word about the site! Buy cheap! Then, sell only the junk books at your own garage sales, and the select most readable, most wise which will be left to your grandchildren! Always affirm to your kids that the books have been weeded thru so only primo stuff remains and remind them that you want these books for the grandkids! That you gave away the junk and what's left must be read by the youngsters!

To reiterate: only pick dollar books. Non fiction by David Horowitz which is 15$ elsewhere can be a buck at the right store. You do this method, you quickly learn that the big chains will not deal with a wild card person who rides in on an EMAIL.
They want you to use their shopping carts with those big shipping costs.

I just ordered a few books   today, from someone whom I used before.  He remembered me and the SEEDS I SENT HIM. By the way, I stash addies of former vendors who'd deal with me. I can throw the word books into an EMAIL and 50 names come up But say I'm looking for a specific title. Today it was Alan Furst his novels, a total. wow. The guy was incendiary early in his career, the first twenty years.  There were four hundred books listed --200 vendors had FURSTS listed. In the top dozen I see "GOT BOOKS" (name of store,)  who have played ball with me many times before had it at $1.50. I cut paste that reference in his page, the title price. etc., into my email. Then I go into the "GOT BOOKS search engine residing at ABES. FIND MORE FURSTS all at a buck --even hardcovers, see he has a GRISHAM I want. I email my order suggesting that as they're all paperbacks, he can send them unboxed, just paper, media mail for no more than 3$ S&H.

Mozilla Firefox browser and GOOGLE CHROME are both excellent. They STORE my requested authors in  memory. All I do is hit A and I get Alan Furst, Aldous Huxley, Albert Moravia, a half dozen A's. I hit B and I get BABA RAM DAS, and every B just lined up there that i ever sought and i can pick my faves it's automatic cuz Mozilla does that. Usually by the time that I get to 'L' I have ordered way too many books. Today I found Mailer's fictionalized bio on Hitler! Hard to find and a buck? At any price. it's 6-12$ elsewhere and GOT BOOKS HAD IT.  So my point is, prices can vary and some vendors don't check Abes for competitors' going rate. So remind them. HAGGLE.

Always send a BCC of your order to your own email. When any vendor answers, save his address and name. Last tip: the day that books come, I send an assortment of packages of my own garden's seeds and thank them, tell them books arrived, here are some garden vegies, flowers. (NOTE: I recommend we all have Trade Beads.

by  Anita Sands Hernandez





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