There is a new business you can do, two hours a day and get paid l00$ per hour. You don't need any skills. You can do this work having absolutely NO TALENTS at all! All you need to do is find people currently in the holistic industry -- in your town, (massage therapists, healers, new age cooks, landscapers, foodscapers) and create clients to pay them l00$ an hour for training sessions where they teach their tricks to people's maids, gardeners and cooks. You create a meeting between the holistic person and a potential client. You get l0$ of their l00$ an hour, or if you want, 20$.

Of course, you can learn new age cuisine, healing herbs, massage half decently yourself. Then you do the training. That way you earn the full 100$ an hour yourself.

The way this business is set up, the one time visit of your trainer is simple. You book the trainer, you get your cut. The wealthy client is glad to give 100$ to you. You are glad to give 90$ to the trainer.

I thought up this business back in the days when I used to give my maid Blanca an extra cash tip for giving me a really strong back massage. L.A. was hot and smoggy and I'd go blank noontime on hot days. Blanca really got that circulation going and I was up for another four hours typing, thank to her. I never forgot it. When I heard of rich women paying $150 for a massage I always thought how their own parlor maid would have been so glad to get a fiver or a ten spot for a brief massage. That developed into this idea.

Read the sample ad below....remembering that this ad targets super rich people. It is put at carriage trade grocery stores, on the bulletin board, or as flyers in beauty shops. Tell boutique owners and hair stylists that for every client they bring you, they get a free massage. And create a thousand flyers, with a pretty hand drawn border, they can be xeroxed, and put them in the mail box of every million dollar mansion in the posh side of town.

"BE THE FIRST TO MEET THE HOME CORPS! Create an efficiently run holistic household with the help of  New Age health experts. We come to your home, train your staff so that you can spend as many hours a day as you want in your own, private HEALTH SPA, in your very own HOME, forever after!

We will turn your household staff into diet, massage, organic gardening experts. One visit, one training session and your cook, maids, gardeners will triple their knowledge and abilities and be able to give you and your family the healthy Paradise of good eating that you need.

Your servants will learn techniques that will make your life a tension-free, health promoting Garden of Eden. We teach your 'beef and potato' Cook to make meals identical to the expensive spas of Europe with the recipes that famed holistic doctors recommend for your blood type.

Imaging having the mind blowingly Magical 'Mother of the Universe' massage taught to you by a new age healer so that you and your family members can shed all tensions, attain freshness, vitality, bliss whenever you wish, from your own Mexican maid. She'll be happy that she learned and you'll tip her every time you get a massage, so she'll be twice as happy.

New age nutritional experts will turn your staff into European cooking, salad making experts. Our Gurus will turn your home into a bliss-providing, five star cafe not for one day but for every day. Try THE HOME CORPS! (that is an illustrated ad for it, a real hoot, too,) We will raise the consciousness of your servants to the degree that you can enjoy the efficient, energizing, palatial, home atmosphere enjoyed previously only by royalty. Emperors, Kings and Sultans take this for granted. Now you can too!

And put your name there, as names have a certain power all their own, Anita Sands Hernandez,
and maybe some credits, Guru to the Gurus of Hollywood, and to the movie stars and rock stars, holistic healer, authoress, astrologer..... Phone Day, Nite, etc." Believe me, you'll get calls! And you'll be on your way to earning a hundred dollars an hour!

Next, as you spend an hour training each cook or gardener, what you do is note which are real gems .... the great human beings. Try to get the phone number of all these servants, parlor maids, cooks, gardeners. You don't offer them a job, you just very quietly, as you're getting this info, privately tell them, "if you ever need a job, want a job, or you get free, call me, I'll see what I can do. I'll remember you and try to help you find one."

This offer mustn't get back to the mistress that has employed you, so make it just a very casual aside. You as a human being have said 'I like you, if you ever need me, I'll help you. If you ever want a better job, I'd help you find one." That's all. A very human aside. As it is so kind of you, I'd doubt highly that the servant is going to say to the boss, 'I've been guaranteed a better job by that trainer you hired, so, screw you!'

Then, you might go into domestic personnel finding. "Licensed, bonded Servants" with a special fillip that makes them higher paid, organic cookery, massage, etc. Feel this out. Get back to me.