I know a gal taught yoga l0 yrs in her living room. Very little furniture, floors were carpeted.  Folks brought their yoga towels so no sweat aroma was in the carpets. She then rented a bldg, got all the celebs in town as her students, then bought the bldg. Then just recently, she sold the bldg for l0 times what she paid. Her book was a hit, she trained teachers, salaried them and opened yoga class in 2 other cities!  BIG CITIES. NYC, SF
AND L.A. That Woman is a millionaire from some dinky little living room class. Hey Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Bill Gates started in their garages! So did authoress of CEO, Sandra Kurtzig. She sold her corp for 444 million.

If Ideas are potential realities and Gods on earth (healthy, energetic people like us) --- always make ideas real, then hold this idea: you can create a business -- a world changing business, today! With nothing more than a telephone and maybe a website. The free kind, like we get at EARTHLINKand as they have a novel design with no wwws we can get them on craigs list! For reaching out to our target audience.
I can go right on CRAIGS LIST and tell folks, hey, a seminar on doing impot, export, mercantilism, come to THIS SITE HERE. and they click on it and go there and read, take the free seminar. (Note: I do things free but you won't.)

You will charge. Yep. You are ready to make a million doing this, and perhaps are ready to think along lines of creating some sort of EXPERIMENTAL WORKSHOP CLASSROOM (perhaps in your living room,) where you could teach something you know: Yoga, meditation and consciousness, holistic diet, some art form like screenwriting, playwriting, film-producing, guitar, sewing, design, quilting, Feng Shui, acting, new age cooking, PC-ing, or INTERNETTING, ANARCHY or dissidence, POLITICAL CRITICISM/ ACTIVISM. Or All of the above. The recession makes your daring easy to come by cuz the corporations are firing us en masse! So leap into teaching. Can't hurt! Can only make you money!

For me, the best and most valuable cottage industry would be something along the lines of Yoga and Healthfoods, herbal healing. You may not know this field well enough to teach, but visit your local healthfood store's bulletin board and you'll find someone who CAN and who'd be glad to do that if you facilitated a living room. It would be good for attracting clients to his business, so why wouldn't he give free seminars?

Or you might be the teacher. What do you know? Guitar? Cooking Thai food? It's a start. Meanwhile, start reading those wonderful "HEAL Diabetes WITH GARLIC, Cayenne" and "Me and the Shark a tale of how I used shark cartilege and e Ginger and cayenne and cured my Heart Problems" you know, Auryvedic Food is your Best Medicine type books they sell at the Healthfood store.

Then, concentrate on meeting new people in this HOLISTIC 'world' both at the healthfood store and at local yoga classes. Get them to teach chez toi.

You (and they) may not be more than a few feet ahead of your own students but teach your knowledge, even if it's from a book or two, in a SHARING session at your own home for a few years all the time keeping your eye peeled for an inexpensive storefront venue (1000$ a month rent tops,) and always trying to make pals with other New Age teachers whom you will invite to participate in creating an educational, charitable New Age Metaphysical UNIVERSITY (NAM-U) or Shambala Seminars, teaching your own students to be teachers, healers, participants in the NEW AGE.

You have to know your best audience in your area. It can be that your area has a college crowd, as you're all near a university or maybe you're an agricultural region with lower case barrio groups looking to move up in the world, or maybe you're in a Bohemian, artistic, urban area where there's a vibrant nightlife and summertime strollers. Maybe you have a suburban, yuppie, young family city neighborhood. Or maybe you're out in the suburbs with older people around. It really doesn't matter. In every one of these varied groups there's someone who wants to learn. That's your bottom line. CURIOUS MINDS.

To attract curious crowds, make your VENUE a shop for something related, massage, perfumes, aromatherapy, bulk healing herbs, scented candles, perfumes, Angels and crafts, artisanry, (mirrors, furniture, everything decorated with angels), and offer sugar-free HEALTHFOOD cookies for 3$ a dozen, both to take out or to consume on the spot with herbal teas or even high octane teas and coffees. That gets you the 'stop-in' and chat daytime or nightime stroller crowd. Be prepared to do tarot readings when people come in, too. Or charts, or make appointments for outcall massages. Train a college kid to do massage, pass his license test, then do the booking, credit cards and send the kid out and give him half.

Expand slowly into a New Age Vitamin store. Use the word NEW AGE on everything, NEW AGE massage, NEW AGE COOKIES, NEW AGE CLASSES. Such a business will allow seekers like you to earn a living dharmically, (righteously) teaching, banishing darkness from your clients' lives. This job will ultimately allow you to leave humdrum jobs you're forced to have now. If you own property, be cautious. I remember when a great Yogi friend of mine got sued for telling a girl to go on a 40 day beet diet. With people so litigious nowadays, you don't even want to advocate vegetarianism if you're sueable. Always phrase it, 'you might find it interesting to try a beet diet.'

I don't think you're ever going to become Ross Perot doing this business, so you don't have to worry about being sued for your bank account, car or home. Or, another way, create a UTAH corporation (see the article on BUYING THE FARMand how you can create a huge farm, free, as an anonymous corporation. Take your ten best friends, their families, it's going to be a jointly owned farm, near your city, where you and some other families can spend your own late life with all of your collective grandchildren visiting when you're too old to plant or sow. A lot there about the concept of the Utah anonymous corps!). With that,  nobody can sue you ever or if they do, they can't find this farm. Plus the IRS doesn't know the farm exists!

A LIVING ROOM UNIVERSITY could be done as a charitable Foundation. That would be up to your group. This is experimental teaching work, that aspires to prepare your clients for the spiritual path while they live 'in the world.'

A plus to this work is that it would give two people earnings:  the teacher who earns immediate money for his teaching efforts, and the STUDENT who is inhaling all this info and revelations and who starts doing massage or herbs as a career, and earns money himself and who quits working at McDonalds and then moves to some town or city where he or she becomes a center of the area's new holistic movement and does exactly what you're doing. Starts a SHAMBALA SEMINAR of their own!

So analyze what's outside your door. Do you have a University town there? That's where it would really work. But NAM-U would work just as well with young marrieds, who are looking for a moonlighting job. Or the stay at home mother who needs a cottage industry she can do while the kids nap. But what's wrong with elderly people who want these talents so they can sidestep costly doctors, or use their free time for painting, impressionism? You know, most EVERYBODY can use this product and that's usually the sign you can make some SERIOUS money!

NO CLASS SHOULD COST MORE THAN A MOVIE. We are dealing with people with limited incomes, geriatrics, students, young kids, barrio people. Three hour Classes at Los Angeles prototype school, The Learning Annex are 29$ minimum, very few are around 50$. 110$ an hour session should be our maximum. If there are 4 sessions to a class, it would be $40. The logic behind this is the following: we want to deliver a punch to society. That is our essential ambition, not to make money. We deliver a punch with muscle. To build Muscle takes oxygen but you can get that from a green leaf; you don't have to eat fat, carbs and sugars. We don't have to choke down huge CASH to survive.

MONEY DETAILS:If you run the school, you get a cut from all the teachers you let in. Teachers need some green energy, so we give them 70% of the take from a class. If a class has 20 students at 7$ receipts are 140$ for that hour. 70% of that means l00$ for the teacher. The teacher does not need a lot more for his hour or two of work as he lives holistically. If a class nets him 100$ maybe he'll be encouraged to do l0 classes a month to survive, & spread his flyers around more regularly. If he earns 400$ for a class, he doesn't have to work his buns off. He can give two classes a month and feel plush and get lazy. We don't want that. What's wrong with 7$ a ticket? After all, this is an informal class from a human being. This isn't brain surgery.

Next, if the school manager isn't the building owner then the bldg owner needs some of the green energy, 20$ goes to him if he's not taking rent. The classroom manager needs some and 20$ for that segment of his long day seems high as he's present at l0 classes a day, so he could net a lot of money when things are really humming.

The employee-manager spends time at the actual classroom location arranging details. These include typesetting, arranging printing of and distributing ads and catalogs, creating a phone voice mail box, answering call-ins, doing mail-outs, hanging huge banners and flags on the bldg, also decorating the space, or facilitating the seminars and also being a Lecture Agent. (THIS is where some big cash is hiding. We'll get back to that in a sec).

The school aspires to do many things: run seminars both at the school and at nearby resorts. It will teach yoga, healing, and run workshops like the LEARNING ANNEX does in my town. It will peddle (agent) seminars in other cities via a New Age Speakers' Bureau, offering seminars, (professional, holistic, transformational, informational or metaphysical) to audiences not only in your city but as many lecturers' agents do, across the USA so the manager will be busy.

The New Age Metaphysical University (NAM-U as Nam means truth in Sanskrit) seminars would train in New Age careers and skills that are closer to people's SOUL ABILITIES than the humdrum 9-5 job many people have today, or had, what with corporative downscaling more and more NAFTA PREVELANT!

Another spinoff future business might be a HOLISTIC WEB-site on the INTERNET which would bring New Age information to the fingertips of cybertekkies with PC's on an international level and attract them to coming to your town or your rural retreat for a holistic vacation. You will get local inns, bed and breakfasts to link to your site.

Besides seminars, a possible other offering to local parents --to bridge the gap between generations,--would be 'lay listeners.' Parents bring problem children to NAM-U for an hour long TALK, but not be talked to, but LISTENED to by surrogate parent figures, in regular sessions that approximate psychiatry, but done by 'lay people' for affordable sums. (l0$ an hour comes to mind). Involved is giving sentient 'feed-back' to the teen as well as creating a 3-way DIALOGUE (eventually) with the parent. Highly innovational, entirely legal, and with its affordability, much needed in this stressful world, this idea alone will give Nam-U much media attention which will fill classes from the get-go.

Last of all, in posh rich cities, there will be HOLISTIC DOMESTICS offered, also training to your extant staff, also ethnic personnel, job-finder services offered to recent imigrantes, students. Most upscale is the 'We train your staff to be holistic' service for l00$ an hour. You go to their house and train their gardener, cook, maid. Imagine this from the viewpoint of some billionaire matron. Cute New Age people come to your home, teach your cook to do vegie tofu, teach your maid to give decent massage, teach your gardener to grow corn, spinach and beets!

A New Age Metaphysical & Holistic University with national-level Speakers' Bureau will 'JUMPSTART' the NEW AGE across the country, positively sparking related Businesses like holistic healers, Spas, metaphysical book shops, healthfood stores, Work-Out gyms and New age food and vitamin products. For THAT REASON, those industries will give NAM-U Speakers' Bureau support, sponsorship and even venues perhaps even becoming agents for the classes when local school or Ashram personnel cannot do it.

SO WHAT AND HOW?: Pick a location on two major boulevards' crossing, some old bldg near the busline. Or, I know a lady living in the cutest Victorian home in a BIZ 3 zone, on the antique main street of her Ohio town. She's thinking of doing the whole nine yards there, café, classes. A huge hospital is building near them which means thousands of workers, hospital visitors will want a holistic lunch.

Any urban store front in an area that's gentrifying is good. Even a main boulevard. Tens of thousands of people will pass the window in a day and see an interesting bakery, café with a huge sign saying 'COFFEE/ ORGANIC COOKIES/ SANDWICHES in big letters. That gets them to get off the bus, or park the car and come in. LEMONADE, whatever is seasonal. EMPANADAS, TORTAS, whatever. But on a sign or banner below " NEW AGE SCHOOL HERE. GET INTO HOLISTIC HEALING, EARN 800k per Yr." "Yoga here", "Do your Kids Need a LAY LISTENER? " Or, "Are your kids such a pain you need a Mediator?--LISTENERS l0$ pr. hr." EASY PHONE NUMBER so people who drive by can call later. 555-1212.

At this urban site, you will also want to offer food, beverages, holistic studies, iridology, massage, Emotional Release Work Massage (Primal Scream or Tantrum Yoga), Past Live Readings, where you regress the CLIENT to his past life. (I can teach anyone how to do that in a one minute phonecall. You do not hypnotize them.) psychological enquiries, transformational processes,, including the 'listening sessions,' also New age cooking and other 'how-to' classes. Many of these can be in nearby living rooms, don't have to be on site.

NAM-U is a space for teachers to meet, arrange, advertise, schedule, rehearse, explore and HONE their teaching talents in before taking them on the road. NAM U is innovational, without borders and perched on the edge of the ghetto or barrio, offering classes to the clients, who've never been exposed to metaphysics before so we aren't preaching to sophisticated big city yuppies only. We are preparing to reach 'Everyman.' This will accelerate beneficial changes in a SECTOR of the community which was ignored when the consciousness-raising movement came around.

Your city has an untapped army of angels that are ready to reach into parts of the community in the barrio. When NAM-U teachers learn to teach with authority in depressed areas, they can teach anywhere. The USA is a wide-open new market. In LA, a very GURU-full city, competition is strong, so consider using LA teachers to launch holistic studies on the other 49 states in communities that have NEVER SEEN NEW AGE SEMINARS. Kundalini Yoga and EST type transformational processes (not invented yet but germinating in many of us) could be launched at NAM-U. There are limitless seminars to give: "Creation of Religious, Ecstatic Poetry, as in the tradition of India" or the Course on Miracles text, or Prosperity Seminars, New Age Music, Feng Shui or holistic health seminars, and KUNDALINI or Hatha YOGA.

Getting students and teachers OUT of non-dharmic jobs into TEACHING NEW AGE workshops is a good thing, and not teaching just an occasional workshop, but learning to do it several times a week providing communities with a regular schedule of varied, exotic workshops all with a New Age flavor, done in many venues, exploding out thru the city, state and country, facilitated by a LECTURE AGENT in each city who need have NO TALENTS AT ALL OTHER THAN ANSWERING his own home PHONE. Soon you'll have people in cities who graduated from NAM-U who could earn a living as Traveling Teachers. They'd do a seminar in Phoenix, then one in Ames Iowa.

And later, the teachers themselves will relocate all over USA. TRAVELING TEACHERS' LECTURE BUREAU would offer seminars, gatherings and classes THAT ACCELERATE THE NEW AGE in new locales. Such classes would be different from other holistic workshops or Learning Annex type groups that exist in some cities, in QUALITY AND QUANTITY. First, they would bring the MOST advanced, high-tech, NEW AGE solutions to healing the body and mind, avant garde solutions to standard diseases/ body or mind disfunctions and human problems. 2) they would do it in all the cities where there are now some yoga classes and healthfood stores, and teachers, then 3.) expand to other smaller cities through corporative sponsorship, i.e. local healthfood stores, yoga classes, etc. Best of all, 4.) soon many teachers will leave and relocate, creating homes/NAM-U's and even ashrams (communal living facilities) in cities that do NOT have a drop of the NEW AGE in 'em. You don't, as teachers, so much force the chicks from the nest as you inspire them to visit all the trees in the forest to try new fruits and nuts.

Your NAM-U headquarters supplies teachers, video/audio tapes, CD's and software, (8$ audio tapes, 3$ pamphlets, 30$ for the Course on Miracles books, videos, with extant dealers handling this.) Such products are provided to/distributed by the local on-site LECTURE AGENT (persons living in an ashram in another city) who organize the seminar in that city, who get l0%. of these sales, as well as a % of the seminars.

Your central SCHOOL will send this collection of bright, educated healers, psychologists, metaphysicians to lecture sites using one travel agent to get consolidated discount rates. These teachers show up in the ashram-city, equipped to give their WORKSHOP. For the local on-site agent, there's no need to rent offices, or print catalogues. Your central NAM-U that you start first.. will supply flyers.

The on-site agent is a seminar co-producer who earns 10% for finding the hotel-retreat, gym, book store or healthfood store space and has the venue lined up for the workshop. Perhaps extra helpers attend the event for free in exchange for work finding site. A church or School auditorium works for a one night lecture. A ballet classroom works for body work or yoga if everyone brings a beach towel. In the target city, there is no office.

Al the agent needs is a phone. The 'agent' works out of his home. The teacher flies between these two points with his set of pamphlets, wheels and backpack. Later, seminars, lectures or worshops would be given in VENUES that want them, which ask the local agent for them. Imagine a posh, sunny resort hotels in a rural area, or a cruise ship where people really have the leisure to 'get into' these meditational studies. On-site manager selects the venues, private homes, corporative settings, churches and other informal lecture sites, including cafes and coffee shops. No location will involve CAPITAL INVESTMENT, buying or renting a building as most businesses must do. No need to pay employees: local facilitators have a vested interest in the field as they may run a yoga class, a healthfood store, a 'Work-Out' gym or Metaphysical book store. Often smaller lectures would be given in free or non-costly VENUES: Chiropractic offices, the backroom of a cafe, or in a bookshop. It is also possible to find unleased buildings that are centrally located, and use them for a single evening. On-site agent may find some bldg. being built which is carpeted & isn't rented to a tenant yet. It CAN be rented by the nite for small amts. There, one could create a series of evenings until owner rented it. Office requires very little investment: a phone, a voice mail service, stationery, fax & then you can start setting up teachers and workshops immediately. It's very minor investment as far as MOST businesses go, but there is three way profit if it works. The lecturer makes a living. The on-site agent makes a fee, and clients like spas, Hotels, cruise lines make their clients happy, and maybe gets some of the revenue. If everybody rolls up his sleeves, such a business could make money for New Agers and expand the breadth as well as number spiritual people in USA. This will enable teachers to give their full time to the New Age, not having to work day jobs. As the Metaphysical, Holistic sector is legitimized, political clout follows. When Congress next wants to vote vitamins out there will be a huge, informed, well-heeled popular movement to stop them.

As it is always a good idea to find services that can be highly paid for by the well off, another POSSIBLE business in every big city is the HOME CORPS. With a little OM with wings in the middle of the H and E. Imagine this ad in an upscale magazine and forgive the names I used, my L.A. pals. "Create an efficiently run HOLISTIC HOUSEHOLD WITH THE HELP OF GENUINE, NEW AGE HEALTH GURUS! OUR "HOME CORPS" EXPERTS spend a few hours in your home with your STAFF and turn them INTO DIET, MASSAGE EXPERTS. ONE VISIT AND YOUR COOK, MAIDS & GARDENERS WILL TRIPLE THEIR KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES. YOUR SERVANTS will LEARN TECHNIQUES guaranteed TO MAKE YOUR LIFE A TENSION-FREE, HEALTH-PROMOTING PARADISE.


ADVERTISING- HOME MADE advertising copy done by you on your PC or by pro typesetters and printers at discount rate, can be used on flyers, posters and in magazine/news ads --in many cities at once and it can be done with the same ad copy, or 'flyer technology', (type-setting, logos, ad-art) which saves money. Also, dream of having a cable, then local, then national t.v. show that can promote your Bureau's existence and events. Meanwhile, do cheap publicity putting ads on all the local, community bulletin boards. A NAM-U Speakers Bureau should consider other new ways of advertising. A 3 minute video on Cable Guide across the USA saying "would you like a gifted holistic healer to speak to your church?" or NEW AGE SEMINAR Posters on phone poles that promise Utopia, with text written in a zippy, peppy, hyperbolic way. Nothing quiet. Very splashy and 'sure of itself.'like "NEW AGE LECTURE on MAGICAL Herbs, Diet and Food-combining methods that Reverse aging," and phone number.

AMA won't bust any of these holistic businesses as long as you don't promote herbs on the danger list, or promise HEALING of specific diseases. The AMA won't let holistics use the word 'HEAL' or 'cure' in reference to disease if the cure is herbal, vitamin or holistic. But one works around that.

Also, every holistic health seminar carries a Caveat or warning, 'only follow this regimen if your doctor OK's it.' As for SUING NAM-U, what does the owner own? ZIP. So call me about this. LA, where I live, has so many wild technologies. Beside the teachers and students of 3HO, Yogi Bhajan's group, in L.A. where I am, there's the Natural Resources Directory (a yellow pages for the New Age). Los Angeles has many directories with thousands of New Age healers in them, for mind, body, spirit, Philosophers, lecturers. WHOLELIFE TIMES, WHOLE PERSON, AWARENESS, PERSPECTIVES, FREE SPIRIT MAG etc.

Just for a hit of New Age Energy, try a class in Kundalini at 3HO (Healthy Happy Holy Organization) which is maybe in your town, or nearby and you don't even know it. They're everywhere but your teachers don't have to be 3HO to be worth agenting. L.A. would send its healers to every city. What is also probable is that many of these gurus would eventually relocate in these cities. NAM U would be carrying the SPORES of the New Age to the boon docks. And why stop at Jersey City? Why not Sweetwater Tennessee, Berne Switzerland, Hamburg Germany? And why not link all your agents, classes, speakers not only by an association but by INTERNET? A class in Jersey City could be attended by students in Europe as it is taught.

Imagine these SEMINARS: "How to Write/research and sell Articles about Holistic Healing" "How You Can Become a Holistic Healer and make $800,000 per year (on this website, by the way! So take it!) Without going to college." Popular 18-40 year old themes like "LoveAholics Anonymous" or "Success in Love Seminar." Imagine those words on a BIG POSTER on a phone pole with an easy to remember phone mail box number.

Another idea, flyers slipped into every holistic magazines at every healthfood store, or small wall racks at healthfood stores and metaphysical book stores, filled with flyers as LEARNING ANNEX uses. Healthfood stores flourish if NAM-U flourishes as our coalition educates consumers, creates more purchased HFS products, MORE CLIENTS. So, Healthfood Stores will let a lucite rack be pinned to their walls.

 POTENTIAL CLASSES:I. HEALING CAREERS. 'Training the Trainer' type classes. Career empowerment. "How to do Shiatzu Massage and earn l00$ an hr." "ROLFING" or "LEARNING PRIMAL SCREAM, DEEP TISSUE EMOTIONAL RELEASE WORK MASSAGE".

II. JOB PREPARATION/LICENSING - There would be classes that help students pass the massage license test. Teach people how to make money outside of the 40 hr. work week doing alienated labor for big corporations which is fading anyway in the recession.

III. MENTAL EMPOWERMENT CLASSES: "NEGOTIATING IN RELATIONSHIPS" "NEGOTIATING IN BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS." "HOW TO THINK YOUR WAY RICH." "Prosperity Consciousness" "How to Get the Most out of Yourself". Groups that do EST /FORUM -ike work *WERNER ERHARD, GOOGLE THAT NAME UP!). Negotiation with relationships. "RELATIONSHIP TECH" or "LOVE TECH" "How to Win in Any Discussion."

IV. HOUSEWIFE CLASSES; holistic New Age food preparation, exercise, yoga and start COTTAGE INDUSTRIES. "HOW TO HAVE A BABY" and 'THE DO IT YOURSELF CHIROPRACTOR" with 12 standard body straightener positions or kriyas. "How to Make Money at Home with Your Stove." "How to Massage your whole family." "How to design web-sites at home".

V. TWELVE-STEP WORK, ADDICTION AND DENIAL but done noveau. As in a  SUCCESS IN LOVE group (click on the word, you'll see what I mean, shoot thru cyberspace to read it....but what it really "LoveAholics Anonymous" to help women and men stop choosing toxic relationships and instead choose men who'll make husbands/fathers.The 18-40 demographic on love groups makes them super profitable. So many girls will come! Or real addictions: "How to Quit Caffeine" or "How to Quit Alcohol/ Cigarettes/ Chocolate." No, scratch that last! How to Get out of an Addictive Relationship". "Dealing with toxic parents/family/ children." "How to Conquer Insommnia". 'HOW TO GET FREE OF SLEEPING PILLS' " Denial in relationship" "STOP MAKING destructive relationships". "Over-Eating problems." And my favorite, "How to deal with a Suppressive Monster" also on this website at which you can click on. It's near the middle of front, index page.

VI. HEALING SPECIFIC MALADIES- VISION IMPROVEMENT, The Bates Method. Usually the Bates Method used by Aldous Huxley. "THROW AWAY YOUR GLASSES." or "Midwivery/At Home Deliveries" Or, "The HOLISTIC BABY" " Holistic Weight Loss" "HIV: GO POS TO NEG in ten weeks". "How to Cure Cancer w.Herbs, vegetarianism". "Reversing Diabetes"; "Fatigue Syndrome." "How to Cure mental problems in kids."

EVENTUALLY such a peripatetic group of teachers could grow into: a New Age book Store, Healthfood store, Massage Ctr, with a mega-lucrative OUTCALL MASSAGE PHONE SERVICE. (Name it HOLISTIC ROLFING/ ACUPRESSURE so you don't get guys calling asking, 'do you have a busty girl?' Eventually you'll have a Mountain or Beach or Lake Spa and Farm, Rural Retreat with Rent a Food Hall for weddings. You'll have a bulk Healing herb Mail Order store, Fresh goat cheeses from your farm, RUN FREE EGGS, MAIL ORDER GURUS on video tape, a CABLE T.V. HOLISTIC HOUR MAGAZINE, HOLISTIC CABLE CHANNEL, ON LINE GURUS BY MODEM, a 1-900-HOLISTIC phone line, a community resource for employment, like a job personnel bureau, a newsletter that would contain ADVERTISING for mail order seminar tapes or Spa programs with an order sheet inside. This would go out to a mailing list held in a CENTRAL DATA BANK. This data file would also contain lists of all client organizations or private client/individuals, all possible venues, all on site personnel or support techs, and of course the names of the many talented teacher/lecturer/healers who would hopefully collect & contribute all the data.

OTHER IDEAS- Down the line, imagine your own healthfood resort and rural retreat or urban clinic which could run farms 50 miles away to grow produce for your own restaurant. Imagine wonderful old age homes for hippie OLDSTERS with goats and goat cheese manufacturing going on! Apple cider presses! Range free EGGS, Organic tofu presses. Don't you just hate urban old age homes? 7k a month doesn't make sense. Imagine a geriatric community with a great restaurant, a Grocery Cooperative, a communal book store/gallery/cafe bakery, making cheese, laying eggs, pressing tofu. I want to go to THAT OLD AGE HOME! What a way to LIVE, not die!

Imagine "CAFE NEW AGE "The SHAMBALA TEA ROOM and you can click on that, and see the idea sketched out. Or imagine a MONASTERY in the nearby countryside which would also have a large room for seminars/ films/videos or celebrations like weddings, with many table/chairs so halls need not be rented for ritzy, city celebrations. I can see the waiters now, yellow togas! Prayer beads so while you're considering the pie or ice cream, they're doing bead mala rosaries, very patiently.

PROFIT & PERSONNEL AMALGAMATION IN THE FUTURE. It helps to make several salaries under one roof, so where roofs are involved, let there be multiple businesses as they attract one crowd which then is exposed to another game. Say people seeking tea & pastries stay for the Lecture Bureau or classroom where they learn NOT to eat pastries.

You can make your NAM U center a model of how a food co-operative or cafe can spawn this group of Consciousness-quickening businesses under one roof with a sharing of costs. There's the NEW AGE SINGLES PARTY market. I've seen a LA SINGLES party at a large cafe in Redondo, overlooking ocean at sunset, with a live jazz combo. The venue and snacks were free as cafe got the bar tab and could afford to be generous.

The LA Singles founder, Jill, made $5,000 for that one party charging l0$-15$ a head. Let NAM-U create NEW AGE SINGLES. Your Parties have holistic lecturers featured, doing a 45 min. talk. MEMBERS get a lower price, l0$. Public pays 2$ more. Imagine 'Vegetarian Singles,' ---much needed as vegies don't want to meet meat-eaters/ smokers, etc.Click on that word, you will go to the HOW TO GIVE SINGLES parties page.

For a long time many students of New age methodologies have wanted to find ways to moonlite to the tune of MORE PROFITS, a second biz, a second biz card, but are stuck in non-spiritual businesses because we haven't found a way to make the spiritually rewarding one pay off! NAM-U will faciliate all the jerky kids in your family becoming sophisticated, and all your STUDENTS BECOMING wealthy New Age TEACHERS, even if they live in the sticks.

This school will facilitate its participants, whether staff or teachers growing emotionally, learning New Age disciplines and getting the benefit from them, PLUS making some real cash. Seminars become lucrative when there is an 'agent' who helps teachers get their ads/flyers made. Helping the teacher organize in an easier and cheaper way occurs as one prints new flyers all the time. VOLUME.

ON one level, the central facilitator or lecture agent is doing very little work for a l0% or 15% fee, but the many gurus teaching and the volume of classes will generate considerable money for the classroom or lecture BUREAU --- so much so that it becomes a strong, self-sustaining entity.

The office would be simple; one employee doing a 5 day week with a computer, telephone and mail meter, in one's home which is already rent-covered. This COULD be done out of your home or an employee's home. There are several businesses to run: NAM-U, the Speaker's Bureau and Holistic Domestic Agency.

Ideally NAM-U should be a non-profit, tax exempt educational foundation. It should grant find. Fees paid to Bureau by students should be deductible on taxes as the NAM-U Lecture Bureau. It's easy to create a tax exempt, non-profit educational foundation. Any accountant or bookkeeper can do the paper work for 80$. A corporation costs another 80$in California right now. You register it with the Secretary of State. Then you salary yourself as a corporative employee. It could be that most of your students aren't in a tax bracket to worry about deductions but it's a nice fillip when you are hustling students, to say… 'your fees will be deductible for you.' Probably some pro-bono work is required of your school if you go for this status. No problem. Go to local prisons and teach a few classes. Done deal.

Any grant money that the school generates should be used for the pro-bonum empowerment or consciousness raising for prisons, reform schools and Parks & Recreation after school Programs for teens. But that's later down the line. For the moment, only ONE employee is required in Main office to track and interview teachers (gurus), to handle book work, administration, produce ads, art work, typsetting flyers and do accounting services. If an outside financier is used, he should get a share of profits. To attract one, write a prospectus. Ask me for a file on this simple and very practical little art form.

So, try this out by gentle, easy stages. I'm not suggesting you create it today and run it all yourself. Start it with a single classroom in your living room, one night a month. Make it grow at a slow, organic rate, slow but sure growing as the numbers of people attracted grow, but in your mind, always make it a group thing. In fact, send an email copy of this very file to a few pals. Say, "Hey, why don't we moonlight at this, see if we can get some big money one day doing this? LEARNING ANNEX and LEARNING TREE in LA make millions a year. They're HUGE. It's a dharmic business (meaning good for people.) It would be fun."

Then slowly, get your group of friends together over cake and tea and discuss the project maybe not for right now, but for SOON, to implement as you walk down the years together. No hurry. When the elements jell, then you'll do it. If they don't, you won't. But remember, there are gifts that such an enterprise gives. A DELIGHTFUL and meaningful OLD AGE.

Eventually, your central core of teachers will have a lot of surplus cash from this enterprise and retire to a community farm together, with villas side by side for each family. There they will create a wonderful county retreat where you'll spend your old age bouncing your city grandchildren on the community KNEE, milking goats and keeping bees, and adding new talents and new things you teach. People will come from faraway city for just a week-end event there. People will rent your food hall to get married there and pay 5000$ for the catered wedding so build a big food hall and central kitchen. "Build the field, they will come."

The great thing about this business is that you already have what could start it. A phone. A PC. A friend or two with knowledge or pretty merchandise or baking talents. You have that dream of huge income and world travel, the money earned in a work that sets your soul on fire! (--- So that you can quit the damn 9 to 5 that makes your soul doze.)

Hey, what a coincidence. YOU HAVE ALL THAT right now! You may have that cute house zoned for Biz 3. Or does your AUNT MABEL? You may know a little about something esoteric, yourself. Or maybe MABEL does. She knits, she crochets, those are highly paid handicrafts! Read THE KNITTING BUG. She also makes enchiladas, she grows organic spinach on her miracle compost. Your uncle plasters, he can do faux wall finishes. Someone up the street does yoga. Someone you know is a psychologist, can train lay listeners. Make a list right now of what resources you've got along these lines.

If wealth, happiness and beauty count for anything, they could come from your making this list and calling those people to your house for a little dinner party soon.

P.S. Include that dim witted teenager, those nephews and nieces as they're the ones who will run this thing when you get too old. Plus they'll get a Life Education out of the years you build this business and may not be so dim witted when they graduate!