START A ROBERT REDFORD, NEW HEROES GROUP ! Redford sends you the DVD and curriculem for free.  Group starting is easy. See my piece on GIVING LIVING ROOM GROUPS WITH DIFFERENT THEMES. Groups build synergy, conversence with new technologies, motivate, inspire, heal. Imagine attending a LEARN to do  THIRD WORLD TRADE group! That would be an  IMPORT/ EXPORT seminar, also teaching MERCANTILISM and it's a totally free TRAINING you can take online, no registering even. Complete instructions on HOW To create his first TRADE CIRCLE. Imagine a DESIGNERS' international SEMINAR called "WHAT MERCHANDISE IS HOT"  These classes are built to inspire artists and designers into forming their own commune and wholesaling merchandise internationally. Other themes for a group might be a frugal lifestyle group.  

Actor ROBERT REDFORD created the NEW HEROES group concept, did a multi- episode PBS TV SERIES on 'Starting a BUSINESS with THIRD WORLD VILLAGERS which ends up being more a 'create capitalism, prosperity technique. He calls his system " NEW HEROES". He invites people to GET THE free DVD/ & videos and show them at meetings. START your local frugal group as a the Robert REDFORD NEW HEROES group  dedicated to SOLVING all the problems of society. They send you a video and the whole DVD kit, free. Go see.  Great thing to own. CHILDREN's personalities would be changed after ONE VIEWING! They'd become merchant SAINTS! Now, I know you don't have time, you work 40 hours, drive car 10-20 hours to get to work. You flat fall out week-ends just when you have to run errands or have quality time with the kids but precisely that DEBT/ consumerism lifestyle is the problem.

Frazzled parents are lax parents, while not BAD PARENTS. BONE UP on the LACK OF PARENTING SKILLS the AMERICAN/ NORTHERN HEMISPHERE (to include Europe,) lifestyle. That lack of parenting skills is what I would call it.... The Technocrat world causes a sacrifice in child raising which is engendering the weirdness of kids today. COLUMBINE KIDS. All those schizy shooters in schools. Their weird tastes in music, (no longer sweet and artistic like beatles,) but harsh rap, street stuff. GOTH and Dragons and Dungeons. I don't know much about this but you may. Fill me in. But I have got kids who were so stressed over debt that they couldn't always parent correctly so I'm real up on this.

BECOME folks who discuss HAVOC IN THE CULTURAL MARKETPLACE book titles.  Get the books from ABE BOOKS using my SECRET METHOD to get them for a buck each. Become the verbal master of all the REALLY CONTROVERSIAL assertions about MODERN LIFE, and be backed up by statistics. Then give living room groups where you download what you know. YOU NEED to deputize your students to be stat analysts and SURF the net looking for factoics to bring to meeting. Conscript members from  local colleges with bulletin board ads "FUN PARTY/ SEMINAR FREE. TO GET DESIGNERS/ ARTISTS to do INTERNAT'L TRADE. Work with STARVING AFRICAN VILLAGERS, " etc. ... But start by getting the STATS on starvation, hunger, genocide, CIA intrustion causing CIVIL WAR in third world, Africa, Latin America. And last, related to our welfare at home, the incredible DUMBING DOWN of American students. You know, kids' decreasing acculturation/education, also decreasing motivation to do something really lively. There are new tests done by psych dept where they ask kids to push a button and apply electric shocks to test subjects to spot increasing alienation, stuff like that. So you need to find university psych dept mavins who know SOCIETY sociologists, statisticians. Invite them. Cops who know crime and become (yourselves,) cataloguers of SYMPTOMOLOGY to read a culture. How to read flaw and cause.

PROBLEMS OF THE TECHNOCRAT SOCIETY - This is a buzz word phrase for increasing capitalistic sway, debt, credit card debt, consumerism, need for mom/pop to work two jobs, no stay at home nurturing, everyone bling oriented, stats on how the economy has risen up like a boa and is swallowing mankind whole!

THE ENEMIES: lst chakra survival concerns, of course you can't use word lst chakra, unless you say 'hindus suggest that the aberrant, panicky human gets stuck in first chakra, and FREUD seeemed to validate that
concept, saying ANAL personality types are stuck on the lowest ctr. or mode of thinking.

Remember that your sources will give you stats. FREE. REALLY make this group interesting to SOCIAL WORKERS. FOSTER FAMILY SERVICES. UNIVERSITY PSYCH DEPT. CHILD REARING SPECIALISTS. EACH meeting has the stats from a new sector. A guest speaker. INCLUDE BRITAIN/EUROPE in statistics. As they're technocrat societies. I know that's hard, but you have to include all technocrat countries.

WHEN Your group is the foremost authority on the subject, become an ad hoc PUBLIC RELATIONS GROUP for the concept. That way you can get lucrative jobs as LOBBYISTS and/or PUBLIC RELATIONS PEOPLE. Out of a home office, you can bill a million a year doing that. But start with how society is being torn apart by the dollar, by fear, how parents DEVOUR their own children, brutalize them....and giving incidents of children really brtualized. like the high incidence nowadays of parents killing their own children locking them up, starving them. THEN you will get into the newspapers. EVERY reporter will visit, take notes write it up and the concepts will
enter into media YOUR GROUP will become the hottest lecture in town. You can charge 5$ every time you give it, fill an auditorium and create activism. I was attracted to activism when I went to a free ART SHOW, Guatemalan and Salvadoran native crafts. Well, it turned out to be pics of art and pots but also images of murdered villagers, CIA trained death squads. And then a speaker who was obviously a longtime anti-CIA activist, bearded Freud man, very authoritative and I FELL UNDER THE SPELL of the event and became an activist.

A FRUGAL group that became a political activist group? That never happened in history of world. UNLESS you count the FRENCH REVOLUTION where the starving peasants rose up and MURDERED THE ENTIRE

YOUR GROUP is a pressure valve to prevent that happening. IT IS NOT AN AGITATING group. What it can be is a party giving fun fellowship. Later a PR business. Very much an ACTIVIST GROUP that can go national. To learn how to give fun, fundraising parties, neighborhood festivals, read the PARTY INDEX.