FORMING......COME TO OUR MEETINGS. We discuss NEW
                      AGE THINGS.SPIRITUAL LIVING ROOM GROUPS can be done PRO BONO, to benefit the community, or with some monetary PROFIT for the person who runs them.

THE IDEA is -- you START a living room networking feast, banquet, potluck, A SALON that is also a 
SPIRITUAL NEW AGE MIND GAMES  NITE . A POTLUCK of antipasto snacks is served, each dish brought by your guests. People bring their own wine and while you eat and drink, you play the MIND GAMES.

One night, you do a PROSPERITY THEMED party. Perhaps THE GROUP discusses  the Recession, maybe the possibility of linking with friends and relatives in chumcluster business to get around joblessness. You could do ROBERT REDFORDís NEW HEROES group, they used to send you the DVD set.

You might study the endless, free, metaphysical chapters at THE MASTER JULES SITE on the mind set of prosperity. You might review the free books given you by the famous COURSE IN MIRACLES, online, free training books are mailed to you. You do a chapter a night (meaning once a month, or once a week,) at the group. Read it aloud, ensemble. And good to GO!. You might study HOLISM, you might learn to be nature healers without any licenses or schooling, and the seminar is free at HOLISTIC INDEX and then the guests get the URLS and it becomes THE GROUP NITE FOR HOLISM tells you how, gives you a dozen different ways to do it too....Iíve played at groups in L.A. first with the Argentinian actor, Alejandro Rey, from the FLYING NUN TV SERIESUpon meeting Marlon Brando at a Japanese Restaurant with a group of a dozen of his friends, I taught them how to play, the variation where you do PAST LIVES future existences.. Marlon was astute, told me Iíd quit acting and have many children. (Did both, had four). I told him heíd start a new religion. He sorta kinda did.Iíve gone to groups with the radio shrink lady....what is her name. Dr. IRENE KASSORLA.  MAN she ran a tough group. SHE roasted you! Iíve played the famous TRUTH game as a LIVING ROOM GROUP and as group THERAPY, alsoÖ.thatís what I write about at that URL GROUP NITE ARTICLE that I just gave you in ABOVE PARAGRAPH. A GROUP IS FUN. People get totally addicted to attending and bring their FRIENDS. 

They can be done with LIBATIONS like BACH FLOWER REMEDIES or ARTEMESIA WATER. Make your own, blossoms picked by day, rinsed, soaked overnight in lemonade. Or with CHAKRA ENHANCING GEM STONES worn on the neck, over heart. On a chain.

The MONEY MAKING end involves merchandising something magical and useful. QUARTZ is supposed to be powerful, said Edgar Cayce, so how about selling a BIG 40 karat CHAKRA-ENHANCING POWER jewel, FROM INDIA,  on a silver hanger, ready to hang over heart chakra. BHAVANI wholesales them out of  INDIA --bag of fifty of them, fifty cents tops 85 cents each, with or without HANGERS, air-mailed to you.  BHAVANI sends you a bag of fifty or so.  Bhavani is a gem dealer I found in ROCK AND GEM magazine in their ads. Get a copy of that great magazine which teaches you how to find gems in the country side and smoothe them out in a rolling machine. Maybe you could do your own gem talismans. Read GEMS. You can find any jeweler in that magazine. they're all completely trustworthy and while there's no guarantee that jeweler will sell them to you at the same price forever after, you can buy a bag a month, sell the gems to boutiques, calling them HEART CRYSTALS....or sell to your guests at THE TRUTH GAME.... WHOLESALE them to dept stores, boutiques, RETAIL to your party guest clients... But as folks donít have chains at the group, give them some string, like a silver chain from Mexico, where they make fabulous silver in TAXCO. Or a jute or HEMP STRING BEAD NECKLACE from INDIA maybe. Then you create multi level, THE STUDENT goes on and starts his own group. You all sell gems/ pendants. get updownline. Now you sell all the students a chakra enhancing jewel, so astoundingly beautiful you can easily get 10$ .

What else is sold? THE BEVERAGE, an magical healing flower you soak in LEMONADE all day. Or droplets of BACH FLOWER REMEDIES. Wine would be just as good. Something that loosens up the JOY. The meal served (salad, bread, vegies, hummmos) costs 3$, something so affordable anyone can EAT at the meeting and invite pals and treat them.

But what Iím saying is, start such a  SPIRIT NITE group yourself with a JUICER there grinding out PEAR/ CELERY/ CARROT/ PARSLEY ELIXIR. Everybody gets to combine their own favorite flavors. You keep a little of everything there.  Donations will pay for the vegies/ fruits. Bach Flower Remedy beverages, with chakra enhancing jewels, some group yoga breathing, some prosperity and health prayersÖ.some 12 step work on food or tobacco. wine/ chocolate/ addiction therapy makes this group useful to your guests. And then if they can buy a  POWER GEM STONE to be hung over the heart chakra, you are giving people quite a lot. These huge quartz gems activate the thalamus is what I heard. Google EDGAR CAYCE on the Properties of Gems and quartz. All HINDU gurus say 40 karats and above on heart, brain or finger. Then after healthfood, yoga, wine, music, JEWELS your guests will discuss AMBITION, PROSPERITY, TRADE. Send your guests the URLS to the TRADE-IS-MONEY SEMINAR. Or study  NEW AGE SPIRITUAL ABILITIES, how to develop them.DISCUSS the books of TUESDAY LOBSANG RAMPA which are a training manual. All of this in your living room.  Do it once a month. The concept is, CONSCIOUSNESS spreads ---like the flu, incrementally. We can achieve the  hundredth monkey syndrome, (Evolution.) You can trigger it in your community. 

NEXT, to see just what gradient of MIND FOOD Iím talking about, I suggest reading  articles on THE RUTHLESS RULES of success, HOW TO ACHIEVE BLISS, How to get your hands on the dials of your MENTAL DASHBOARD, GET your hands on the HANDLES and GEARS that control the MIND SETTINGS. The Master Jules has many hand tips one might adopt so that the Ďmachineí functions better. The Vehicle. (Body/Mind.) 

This kind of group has been successful in L.A and NYC and will work in any small city. The potluck feasts become a chance for seekers to meet other seekers, waaaay better than BARS! For the teenie crowd, Iíd suggest giving the party Friday nites so the kids can all watch JOAN OF ARCADIA together first! That show has serious mojo. The group itself gets people stoned. THEN there is levitation practice. Group Prayer for people in the headlines. WHATTA GROUP! Youíre going to find that local newspapers will cover the group. You may find yourselves in PEOPLE MAGAZINE! You can certainly network for career success, have fun, make new friends, eat really well a few times a month and maybe even do a business together.