1.) TRY THE PSYCHIC ALIENS. They're everywhere. Send mind projection to them. Article about this at my website and article is called "I SAW THEM". Because I did, I saw them. AFTER you make friends, then make it clear what the problem is and get their help. Don't start out too needy. Be stalwart. Offer to help THEM. They might have needs or interests.

2.) GO ON A TOTAL RAW FOODS FAST. ANY body condition can be flushed/ or
melted out with enough pure food. Fast until you're real Light in the jock strap. When you've LOST twenty pounds of toxic blubber and your mouth no longer tastes like dirt and your armpits are no longer secreting advanced yuk, start meditating on curing that body part. Ask GOD for technique to get the tumor out. When you're Spaced enuf from a fruit diet-- God will answer! Read 'fasting' file. Between 'meals', swig grapefruit, orange, lemon juice just to clean everything to the nth degree. Every salad should have coriander or cilantro to leach heavy metals from tissue.

3.) MALEFIC TUMOR? Cancer spores in it? Eat broccoli daily. Cancer is allergic to broccoli, especially broccoli rappini.  Bitter broccoli. Also, use seeds to Make broccoli seed sprouts. Eat your vegies and sprouts into huge salads with garlic real garlic pressed into olive oil. (My broccoli is flowering, soon seeds follow. Hard to find broc seeds except organic farmers.)  Between meals, genuine, super ripe lemons, that hung on tree TWO YEARS, not just one. Oranges same thing. Someone has to own the tree and swear these are the citrus that FELL OFF they were THAT RIPE. Make these citrus ingredients into a big slush. Leave the pulp in it, don't strain. Seeds not useful. GRAPES are another healing food. In this case, you chew seeds, swallow them! Just remember to get smog and pesticide spray off them w. wash.

4.) Get direct hands on massage free from people who care, who love, send love thru their hands or HIRE people who love money and can fake cosmic love when they get enough money, so they can  massage the sick area.

5.) Find local, hot sulphur baths, bathe daily. The HOT SPRINGS effect. Minerals can be purchased to make 'fake' hot sulphur baths. Start with Epson Salts.

6.) Do a heat pack. Wear a garlic, mustard, cayenne, ginger and castor oil  poultice on the tumor and mix DMSO with it, so the other ingredients are carried into, will  penetrate body. CLEAN SKIN totally hygienic. CLEAN HANDS before you mix these items. As anything else can get carried in also. DMSO is vet's shin rub. Any horse store has it.Advice you use Sterile lamb's wool or super clean cotton is better, as lambswool is not sterile, use a plastic wrap or bag to keep it contained, off clothing, then a lot of tape.Use castor oil on a huge wad of gauze or lambswool, cover with plastic bags, put fabric over that, then an electric heat pad on the area, the swelling or tumor,  Do it for as long as you can each day. HOURS. Watching TV maybe. Use BLOOD ROOT POULTICE.

7.) RADIATE THE SICK PART. Swear profanely at the sickness, swelling or the tumor region at intervals. Have friends come over to do the same. Invite the illness out of your body, in a no nonsense, profane manner.SCATHING it with this powerful kind of verbal radiation. Where is it, the hip bone? The lungs?  Tummy? Hate for it to be near anything you NEED if you're using this method. It's worse than radiation! Get a CHI LAMP and DO BENEFICIAL RADIATION. Or do it with your hands. You and your healer must share a salty drink to get your yang potency up. Celery juice with tomato juice, soy sauce, hot sauce and high mineral sea-salt. Salt just to the point of deliciousness. OR chicken broth with that sea-salt. Now, the healer focuses his hands on sick part, and lets the PURE PURPLE or VIOLET LIGHT of the universe flow thru his body into the sick person. He affirms, I call upon the violet healing light of the angels to enter my friend and heal her aura. The illness manifests on the aura as a ripped hole, so the aura must be mended, flooded with violet light.

8.) VERBALLY affirm. "This part of me is getting well." Speak to the glands. "Liver, you are cleaning my body better these days. Thank you."

9.) Swim with the dolphins. They will do their magic on it. They can see sick parts on people. It is said.

10.) Go to a Catholic Church and ask Mother Mary to help you get rid of it one day. Another day go back to church, find some Saint like St. Anthony or St. Joseph in a corner. Ask Him for help. Catholic saints demand you give money, food, clothing or blankets to the poor --so do it. Who needs blankets?

11.) Ask your dreams at night, to tell you stuff. Before you go to sleep ask all the above people, Mary, the dolphins, aliens, Saints plus your dead granny who loved you, people like that, --to come to you in your dreams, tell you what else to do.

12.) Don't get too excited over it. You can always get another body. You've done it hundreds of times before! What's the big deal?